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Author and researcher, Shannon Rowan joins me today on the podcast 06/12/23 to catch up on all the latest and to check in on how her books are being received.

We chat about the COVID jab crime scene we are now witnessing on a far greater scale and take a look at the massive fear campaign behind it.

We also discuss how many people are so hopelessly dependent and addicted to mobile devices and smart technology that they no longer are present or seem to have disappeared. 

Australian listeners can now grab a hard copy or kindle version of Shannon’s new book Shots Fired: Vaccine Weapons, Medical Tyranny, and the War Against Humanity HERE & the United States HERE 


click on the book image to find out more information 

Also Support Shannon’s work by grabbing her book WiFi Refugee: Plight of the Modern-day Canary Kindle Edition for OZ. Paperback 

WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary

From Shannon Rowan, author of WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary, and co-author ofWelcome to the Masquerade; Prelude to the Coming Reset, comes a hard-hitting, in-depth exposé on vaccine and allopathic medical history; Germ Theory and the true origins of disease; the viral paradigm and fraudulent “science”; statistics manipulation and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and government health regulatory bodies; the rise of medical tyranny and medical apartheid; and the continued devastating impacts of the new experimental mRNA drugs (aka: Covid-19 “vaccines”) on human health, including human genetic-modification, unprecedented numbers of debilitating illnesses, injuries and deaths—all constituting violations of the Nuremberg code and unrelenting crimes against humanity, perpetrated by those who stand to profit the most from an oppressed, locked-down, technology-dependent, drugged citizenry; namely World Economic Forum globalists and Big Pharma and Big Tech industrialists.

Rowan reveals poisonous substances in earlier vaccines and uncovers deadly nano-tech ingredients contained in the latest arsenal of vaccine weapons; deployed against humanity ever since Jenner’s first cow medicines were forced on the public.

The author also exposes hidden transhumanist agendas at play behind the EUA (emergency use authorization) of mRNA injections, and other ways humanity is being targeted for destruction including through sophisticated mind-control techniques. She also explores what it means to be human, while helping readers to figure out how to survive the many shots fired; from childhood mandated jabs to the latest upgrade to vaccine weapons, and how to preserve and safeguard what remains of our human-kindness, hopefully for many future generations to come.

You can directly support Shannon and here work by grabbing a book or a Kindle version.

WiFi Refugee: Plight of the Modern-day Canary Kindle Edition for OZ

Paperback Edition OZ 

WiFi Refugee: Plight of the Modern-day Canary for USA 

You can find Shannon’s website here 

You can email Shannon if you have any questions about her books or work at [email protected]

Support Shannon’s Work WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary


  1. Every now and then you have a guest on who covers a lot of subject matter while hitting on the most pressing and important points that should be covered which Shannon and you did in this podcast.

    I have heard many people whose judgement that I trust (most of them have been online truthers) state how someone they knew got sick shortly after the Covid vaccine and sometimes died-And it is very common to hear about people who had cancer and/or other illneses in full remission and who saw these disease come back shortly after getting the shot and/or the Covid boosters.

    This never was meant to be an insant mass-die off thing because the hospitals would be overwhelmed and you would not only hear ambulances 24/7, but you would see them everywhere-The Covid shots have been speeding up the depopulation agenda and I do believe that they also affect the ability of people to reproduce but as usual there are many separate things which make people sick and cause them to die prematurely, but as Shannon also said, big pharma wants as many customers as possible.

    For the video that I\’m about to record on my channel, I will mention and link this interview.

    It really is ironic that The Crazz Files has not been getting the criminally high amount of donations that these openly compromised fake truther podcasts, websites, and video channels have been getting but we live in a reality in which people crave drama/exitemement, fear, anger and sadly, I think that most people want to be told HOW to think as opposed to someone encouraging them to think for themselves which you do, Adam, and I have been doing on my own channel.

    Thank you for consistently honest and to the point content.

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