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“PODCAST” ‘Directed Energy Weapons, Targeted Individuals And “No-Touch” Torture’ With Scott Snitzer

Scott Snitzer YouTube Channel 

On today’s podcast show 07/03/23 researcher Scott Snitzer is back to co-host the podcast and if you missed any of Scott’s incredible presentations then click here.

I  appreciate you having me on your broadcast again, Adam. 

And thanks for  linking my You Tube channel to this show and my previous interviews on your podcast.

For those of you listening that believe that you are targeted individuals, I strongly encourage you to check out my You Tube channel because it is all about self-help with zero victim mindset as all activism that is meant to help TIs has always been a waste of time as our system of jurisprudence falls under Maritime law in which the average person is considered dead or lost at sea and well-The entire system is openly corrupt and close to all people in the positions of power that could help targeted invidividuals are basically not allowed TO do it-The targeting programs are an open secret.

So check out my You Tube channel and if you like it, please share my info with anyone else whom you think might benefit from my info-I do not claim to have all of the answers as no one does, but I do have a lot of good info plus I always leave links to sources which should make your lives much easier depending on your particular situation.

With all that being said, 

Adam, I just listened to your recent Nightwatch podcast in which you mentioned Dr. James Giordano, who is infamous for talking about modern nano warfare including chemical, biological, and nano particulates, and going on about how essential and needed the brain sciences are in terms of their operational use in warfare intelligence and national security-So I wonder how many people are aware just how insane Dr. Giordano is-Because he basically speaks of violating people’s free will under the justification of national security, just as torture programs such as MK Ultra were done under the guise of interrogating spies, or how Transhumanist justify the dehumanization of people so that they can cure disease and give people abilities which they could otherwise only dream of.

After 9/11,in the United States aone,  there have been a lot of restrictions put into place which are meant to justify taking away people’s liberties under the pretense of national security, which is no different than how those behind the illegal Covid mandates and lockdowns used the lie of protecting people’s health while destroying their health and lives as people lost their busiensses, families were broken apart, there were record suicides and substance abuse from the mandates-Then there’s the record-high increase in real mental problems such as Complex PTSD.

And there’s all of the Covid vaccine injuries and deaths all in the name of trying to protect the citizenry froma non-existent virus just as degnerate liars such as Dr. James Giordano pretend that is OK to violate the sanctity of someone’s private thoughts with neuro technology in order to keep the world safe and free.

And when an insider like this speaks of mind-controlling and mind-reading technologies in development, this means that they have been around for a long time and that he is being allowed to discuss these neuro weapons.

The only reason why Giordano is lecturing on neuro warfare is because he is being allowed to speak about these things.

I caught some bits and pieces of one of his lecture in a video I heard yesterday, and at least twice, I heard Giodano speak of targeting individuals to test or use these mind-controlling technologies on, and this was his idea of “humor,” because an insider such as Giordano takes part in the wireless control and analysis of people’s minds and Giordano is also a proponent of Transhumanism.

As I’ve said a many times in my own videos and in a couple of interviews with you, Adam-My thoughts were remotely being read and my emotions were being controlled as far back as the early 1990’s, and I have zero doubt that this tech was in use long before this.

Without going on too much on remote neural monitoring, a few weeks ago in some of my videos, I covered how in the 1790’s James Tilly Matthews, a peace activist from the Napolenic wars was confined to London’s notorious Bedlam asylum in 1797 for believing that his mind was under the control of the “Air Loom” – a terrifying machine whose mesmeric rays and mysterious gases were brainwashing politicians and plunging Europe into revolution, terror, and war.

The air loom was an influencing machine that could control the mind and body of its intended target from a distance just as remote neural monitoring and synthetic telepathy can do the same using cell towers and satellites. 

Matthews was committed to Beldam for the rest of his life even though he was proven not to be insane.

In 1876 a Siberian man was hospitalized due to a psychotic episode-Victor Kandisnky later becamse a psychiatrist and in the 1880’s he wrote his first book on “mental automatism” Kandinsky wrote that during the acute phase of his illness he experienced the common symptoms of “mental automatism”: imagined telepathy, reading and broadcasting thought, enforced speaking, and enforced motor movements. He described his disturbances in visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile perception. 

His mood would vary from mania to depression, with depression predominant and often including thoughts of suicide.-This mirrors what many targeted individuals have spoken and written about which sounds very close to the

radiofrequency mind controlling technologies 

such as synthetic telepathy or remote neural monitoring which are two sides of the same coin, and require the use of biosensors found in nano-sized smart dust which are capable of wirelessly extracting EEG data from the human brain at a distance with no physical contact or electrodes required-satellites (or cell phone towers) are what enables our thoughts and bio readouts to be fed to a computer at the speed of light as info is relayed back to our brain.


Smartdust is a system of tiny microelectromechanical systems, such as sensors, robots or other devices that can detect light, vibration, magnetism, temperature and chemicals.

One more example of how old mind-influencing tech is: In 1919, Victor Tausk, a student of Sigmund Freud published a paper on the origin of a delusion common to a wide array of schizophrenic patients, namely that an alien device, malignant and remote, which had influenced their thoughts and their behavior. This device was referred to as the Influencing Machine and the paper was called “On the Origin of the “Influencing Machine” in Schizophrenia”

Yet I just covered the bare basics of three 

people from the 1790’s, 1870’s and early 1900’s

who described what sounds like ways in which people can have images, thoughts and bodily sensations projected onto them using wireless tech that was far ahead of any inventions that we are aware of from their time period.

According to the research that we have access to online, MK Ultra funded wireless mind control research began in the 1960’s under Jose Delgado and supposedly the NSA has been using remote neural monitoring on targets (and the whole population) beginning in the 1980’s so my question is, how old is the ability to use electromagentism to read and control minds and bodies?  

Let me make it abundantly clear: Mental or physical illness of any kind is not normal or natural to the human condition-With a species-appropriate diet, access to clean water, air and some kind of supportive familial and other social network, we are supposed to thrive-The powers that should not be have been using the psychiatric label to drug and control people as well as something called “punitive psychiatry” in which the authorities try to use a label of mental illness to put an “enemy of the state” away from the rest of society so that they can not influence others into waking up-Something to that effect.

But this presentation is about directed energy weapons, so I’ll dig right into the topic.

For those of you who are getting assaulted by directed energy weapons and want to get relief as soon as possible, please hold off buying anything until you have done a decent amount of research into shielding because when you go online, there is no shortage of opportunistic retailers who capitalize on those who are currently suffering and those who want to reduce their risk of getting cancer and other diseases caused by electro magnetic radiation.

The Q-Wave pendant is one example of how targeted individuals can shell out hundreds of dollars and get ripped off because someone is taking advantage of their desperation and lack of knowledge. 

As with any other business, retailers who sell DEW and EMF shielding products will put far more items out there than any one person realistically needs, and in many cases, if you purchase a bulk roll of silver fabric you can make most of your own protective items and save the money that you would have spent on a manufactured item.

Another thing which you want to be aware of is the toxcity (such as the metal lead) and flammability of certain shielding materials and how some types of shielding need to be grounded for which you can do your own research on by going to online forums or just consulting an electrician-Later in this presentation I will go into some of the ways in which you should ground your shielding materials, for your peace of mind, do your own research first.

You can go to online forums and ask questions on people’s opinions on grounding amd dirty electricity.

I am a very thorough researcher and I went through many sources of info online on DEWs and shielding, but I am not a professional, and I strongly encourage anyone listening to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

I have no financial conflicts of interest, nor do I have any kind of agenda.  I only wish to help people because when I was born I was cursed with a conscience. 

For online resources for targeted indiviudals, many of the websites, blogs and other resources for shielding are literally from the same government agencies which are behind the targeting programs, and then there’s the fact that most of what we know about directed energy weapons, remote neural monitoring and voice to skull (for example) have been filtered down from the upper echelons of the governments, corporations and many supposed insiders from ex-NSA, ex-FBI, ex-CIA scientists such as Robert Duncan.

There is no such thing a a legitimate high-level whistle blower let alone an online truther who has “inside secrets.”

There are many very well-researched people who have put out a lot of free shielding (and other helpful info for targets) information online-I have several of these sources linked in the show notes including CounterTruth.Com and TheDewDropin.

I am going to cover a lot of terrirotry in this presentation, but I strongly encourage those of you listening to really look over the websites and forums that I have linked in the show notes.

Even though I have gone through many websites in my research to cover DEWs and related topics, I got a good amount of my info from the two following websites all which I have linked in the show notes:

http://www.countertruth.com/the-crimes.html probably one of the best websites for targeted individuals and for truthers to see past some of the disinformation from the online truther “community,” 

The DEWdropin.Com

As I go over all of this, please keep in mind that some of the shielding info will help you reduce the bio effects of electro magnetic radiation, not “just” being attacked by DEWS.

Now for the meat and potatoes of this presentation: 

What are directed energy weapons?

Directed energy weapons (DEWs) are defined as electromagnetic systems capable of converting chemical or electrical energy to radiated energy and focusing it on a target without the use of a projectile as in kinetic weapons such as missles. 

DEWS  transfer energy to damage the enemy’s equipment, facilities or to harm or kill enemy personell as DE weapons can be non-lethal or lethal.

What is meant by “lethal” and “non-lethal” directed energy weapons?

Nonlethal weapons (NLW) have also been called non-injurious, disabling measures, immobilizers, discriminate force, less-than-lethal, soft kill weapons, limited effects technology, and low collateral damage weaponry, etc-These are euphemisms designed to make these torture devices almost sound harmless-Thus is the power of language.

The term, ” non-lethal,” is misleading since the energy emitted from all of these weapons can kill when appropriately amplified.

Nonlethal weapons are weapons systems that are explicitly designed and primarily employed so as to incapacitate personnel or material while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury to personnel, and undesired damage to property and the environment.

Over time the bio effects of non-lethal weapons can include heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

DE weapons use electromagnetic energies such as microwaves, radiofrequencies, lasers, and sound energy.

These effects have been categorised as physical, physiological and psychological.

Conventional munitions, such as rockets, bullets, and artillery rounds destroy targets through the transfer of kinetic energy. 

In contrast, DEWs use electromagnetic energy to produce the same destructive effect.  

Evidence shows that DEWs will soon replace traditional (i.e. chemical-powered) weapons on the battlefield.

Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) versus Kinetic energy weapons (KEWs)

At the most fundamental level, directed energy weapons (DEWs) share the concept of delivering a large amount of stored energy from the weapon to the target to produce structural and incendiary damage effects. 

Kinetic energy weapons (KEWs) deliver this effect at subsonic or supersonic speeds while directed energy weapons (DEWs) do so at the speed of light.

DEWs have advantages over projectile-type weapons that include, but are not limited to:

They have pinpoint accuracy

They offer a low cost per use and maintenance.

They have a virtually unlimited magazine capacity.

They are simple to track, aim and shoot with sophisticated sensors.

They are less lethal if tuned properly.

They can engage multiple targets.

They limit collateral damage.

Their energy travels at the speed of light.

Their energy can pass through walls at distances of hundreds of meters or even miles.

They are silent and offer plausible deniability of their use.

And because directed-energy weapons are generally silent and in some cases invisible. 

This is probably the number one reason why these devices are used on the civlian population-

This and the plausible deniability that go along with the use of these weapons as their victims can not prove that their own military and law enforcement as torturing them with directed energy. 

Work on the creation of microwave weapons is being carried out in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Sweden and other countries. ‘

Nations such as Austria, Great Britain, The USA and Sweden are working on makign microwave weapons light weight and compact which allow them to be used as a tactical weapon for offensive and defensive purposes. 

The development of personal portable weapons of this kind is also underway-And as truthers, we all know that when the military state that research and development is underway to create portable microwave weapons, this means that they may have been around for decades.

I have read of accounts of targeted individuals claiming that neighboring apartments and houses had compact DEWs which they have been assaulting them with including these energy weapons hidden in vans or cars parked in front of the TIs house, or inside of a neighbor’s air conditioner that was in the line of sight with the person’s house.

As far as I know, not all directed energy weapons can function optimally in all weather conditions-But it is common sense that those who deploy these weapons account for all weather conditions as well as any objects in the line of sight to the target such as trees, fences or shrubbery.

Those operating these energy weapons can send the signal to harm a person from any source, which is transmitting a signal or wave. This can be intercepted,redirected, reconfigured, and intensified. 

I do not have proof positive of the following statement, but I have read of and know targeted individuals who experience “paranormal” incidents in which their lights can flicker on and off, or appliances can be turned on and off:

They can also input information into any wave or signal TV, radio, computer, and Internet and with the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) they can make any electrical device either stop working or blow it up in a vast area.

Types of DE weapons: 

RF, microwave, LASER, infrasound, Ultrasound

Directed Energy use has many, many forms, including radar, communications, survey, non-lethal and lethal weapons, non-penetrating and penetrating imaging, silent sound, subliminal communications (used in Iraq and similar to advertising used by large consumer stores), thought redirection and manipulation, surveillance, Remote Monitoring, and the list goes on. 

Pulsed Microwaves and high-power microwave emitters are the most dangerous form of electronic harassment and are quite easy to implement against a person. 

MICROWAVE RADIATION EMITTERS Directed energy microwave weapons convert energy from a power source – a wall plug in a lab or the engine on a military vehicle – into radiated electromagnetic energy and focus it on a target. high-power microwaves to impacts on people through the Frey effect. 

These different technologies cause various effects of pain and can incapacitate the victim. 

Victims report very serious symptoms such as on, off control of pain in any nerve of the body, total control of body functions such as manipulation of breathing and heart beats, including heart stoppage and severe pain. 

Many victims report dream manipulation, sleep deprivation, or induced sleep at inappropriate time, memory input and control, subliminal control, visual hallucinations, holograms, hearing distortions, sense of touch distortions, microwave burns, involuntary muscle movement, voice and speech input, and the control of emotions.

A well known example of a crowd control microwave weapon is the Active Denial System, which is a millimetre wave source that heats the water in a human target’s skin and thus causes incapacitating pain.

Plasma DEWs

Plasma weapons fire a beam, bolt, or stream of plasma, which is an excited state of matter consisting of atomic electrons & nuclei and free electrons if ionized, or other particles if pinched.


Lasers offer the extremely accurate speed-of-light transmission of an invisible energy beam over very long ranges. 

They have an almost unlimited magazine capacity, limit collateral damage, and cost less per shot than conventional weapons.

The two basic modes of operation are pulsed and continuous wave (CW). Chemical lasers such as the COIL are CW. 

Solid-state lasers are usually pulsed. These pulses can be so close together that the beam appears to be continuous. The laser works by burning away layers of its target. The only difference between common lasers, such as a laser pointer or the laser in a DVD player, and a laser used to shoot down rockets, is power.

Depending on how they are adjusted, lasers can produce a variety of effects. 

They can temporarily or permanently blind a person, or cause afterimaging. Upon hitting a person, they can produce a combination of a bright flash, loud noise (flash-bang), and kinetic force. 

They can cause minor or severe skin burns in less than a second.

Laser attacks to the eyes can cause burns, corneal lesions, cataracts, and retinal lesions. 

Sonic weapons: Sonic weapons or ultrasonic weapons, use sound as means to injure, kill or incapacitate a target. 

Its use and research are limited to use by military and police personnel.

Acoustic weapons across the 3 ranges of infrasound, audible, and ultrasound continue to be researched and developed to increase distance of operation and fine tuning of effects–which as the current arsenal displays, include effects beyond damage to hearing alone and include bodily tissue and organ damage and trauma, bodily incapacitation, overheating, spasms, hemorrhages

Infrasound is an inaudbile set of frequencies and vibrations below the frequency band audible to the human ear, which typically ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz and can be used to affect brainwaves, mental concentration states, and human psychology.

Infrasound waves are dangerous because its sound waves are below our range of hearing. You cannot hear infrasound. 

However, the body can feel infrasound due to its strong vibrations (also know as “oscillations”). 

For example, you could be bombarded with infrasound waves, feel the effects of it slamming into your body, yet hear literally nothing. 

Needless to say, no one standing near you at that time would hear anything either.

But infrasound’s danger does not end there. 

Infrasound waves hug the ground and can travel for long distances without losing strength. And they are unstoppable.  

Persons caught in the pathway of these powerful stealth soundwaves are defenseless.  

Just mild exposure to infrasound can put you out of commission for hours or even days.

Depending on the pitch, infrasound can cause physical pressure, fear, disorientation, negative physical and mental symptoms, explode matter, incapacitate, and kill. 

While ultrasound and high frequency radiation have been found to be harmful, it appears the massive amount of research done on low frequency infrasound by the military proves that the effects of ELFs and infrasound on humans is particularly severe.

Ultra-sonic signal tones 

Sound that occurs beyond human hearing (about 20 kHz) is considered ultrasound. Animals such as dogs, cats, dolphins, and bats can hear ultrasound. Some whales and dolphins use ultrasound to detect their prey and as a weapon to stun them. 

It is said to be less effective as a weapon because it doesn’t retain its frequency when it couples with matter such as a human body.

Ultrasonic weapons produce a variety of effects depending on the power level and frequency. Many are the same as those produced by infrasound, plus heating and burning. 

They include: tickling in the mouth/nose area, discomfort, heating of the skin, nausea, abdominal pains, and vomiting. 

At higher decibels it causes burns and heating of body up to lethal temperatures. 

Another very painful effect is bone resonation, which could cause a person’s bones to literally explode.

Ultrasound is known to cause headaches and nausea. It also cannot be felt or heard.

Long Range Acoustic Device

The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), also called the Sound of Force Protection.

The weapon emits a tightly-focused beam of audible sound to an individual or group at up to 1 kilometer. 

A focused beam, which can be transmitted directly into an individual’s ear, would be inaudible to others in the area. 

While the exact frequency is unknown, it has a power level of up to 150 decibels.

Its intended uses include, area denial and crowd control. According to its manufacturer, it is to be used for behavior modification and psychological operations. 

Reportedly, at high power levels it can cause loss of equilibrium, migraines, nausea and vomiting. 

It is now in use by both the police and the military, and as we have seen over the last couple of decades of how the police are becoming increasingly militarized as far as getting equipement which once was only in use by the armed forces.

Before I go on, I strongly recommend a search engine called Freespoke.com because in using it, I found a lot of good results on targeted individuals that no other search engine has given me and this means something as the crimes against TIs are heavily covered up and the most well-known sources of info online for targets are invariably controlled opposition-Not always but most of the time.

Havana Syndrome

Havana syndrome was first identified in 2016 by reports from governmental personnel working at the U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba — it is a cluster of subjective symptoms and objective signs that include feelings of pressure in the head, vertigo and an array of cognitive effects such as loss of vigilance, problems concentrating, difficulty with learning and remembering, and impairments of “executive function,” which is defined as planning and enacting various activities of daily living.

These reported symptoms have been corroborated by clinical findings that include dysfunction in the inner ear balance organs, and neuropsychologcal features that are similar to mild traumatic brain injury.

However, none of the individuals affected reported such prior or recent injury. This prompted questions about what may be responsible for these signs and symptoms. Despite some initial speculation that various environmental events — such as crickets, industrial noise and artifacts of sounds produced by various electronic equipment in the affected individuals’ apartments — each and all of these speculations were disproven.

Moreover, conjecture that these signs and symptoms may represent some form of psychogenic illness — in other words, a type of mass hysteria — were also disproven in light of evidence regarding the time sequence and occurrence of events.

Where have Americans been hit by Havana Syndrome?

Multiple cases affecting American and Canadian officials occurred in areas outside Havana. Additional possible cases have occurred in China, Russia, the United Kingdom, , Colombia, , Poland, Georgia, and Austria, with possible U.S. cases in Miami and two in Washington, DC, 

The National Academies of Sciences, in a report last year, concluded that the symptoms were likely caused by directed microwave energy.

From the website CounterTruth 

The recent so-called “Sonic” attacks on US embassy personnel in Cuba and China are examples of this increasing threat. 

The use of the term Sonic is probably just a smokescreen term being used when it’s actually much more likely, easy and effective to use radio signals rather than sonic or sound waves. 

Use of “sonic” sound waves scares people less than the idea of radio signals or electromagnetics being directed at you.

If you do some online searches on Havana Syndrome you will find that nearly all of the search results point to it being mass hysteria, reactions to chemicals, the diplomats hearing cicadas and crickets, or that Havana Syndrome defies the laws of physics, or that it is a mystery that will never be solved.

Not too long ago, the internet was abuzz with all articles that the embassy staff had been hit with some kind of directed energy weapons, and many of the medical complaints given by these government workers match what targeted individuals who are hit by DEWs often speak of, so there has been top-down damage control on the attacks on the embassy staff which by the way was most likely done by the United States government with the full cooperation of the Cuban government-In the soulless eyes of those who seek full power in this reality, everyone is expendable and this includes those who work in the puppet governments of the world.

Very specific radio frequencies can affect or direct biological processes in an organism. Fact.  

These affects on bioelectric processes can either heal or kill an organism and it can all be done through the power of Directed Energy (radio frequencies). 

Most people think only of the human body as being a biochemical system and they overlook the fact that the body is a bioelectric system, as well.  

The influences of electromagnetic energy upon biology can be profound.

Just as the human genome (genetic blueprint of our biological structure) has been mapped, our biological energy frequencies are being mapped, as well.

In addition to microwaves and lasers, are they also using radiowaves to hit parts of the body or brain to directly hit the specific neural pathways associated with pain and as they are getting some kind of non-stop body area network (RNM) readouts they (logically) know the exact damage being done to the body and mind and the upper limits or threshold of both physical and emotional pain for each individual?

As I’ve said many a time now, those behind the targeting programs know us far better than we know ourselves because they have full access to our innermost thoughts, beliefs and desires.

And I do not believe, I know that those who created these weapons have no need to “test” them on ususpecting civilians because there is a limit in the number of ways that the human body and mind respond to torture; We live in a Satanic world in which the inmates are running the asylum-DEWS are used on targeted individuals for the pure sadistic pleasure and not to test weapons for use on foreign battlefields because the citizenry of this world have always been the enemy of those in power.


Direct evidence of DEWs being used on civilians is elusive because the electronic attacks are invisible, silent and difficult to detect — it’s the perfect crime.  

As I mentioned earlier, they operate under plausible deniability.  

Before I forget, if you are a targeted individual and you ever need to see a doctor or go to the ER or to some kind of urgent care for treatment, never tell them that you think that you were hit by some kind of directed energy weapons as they most likely would not believe you and if they did, they would probably report you to some authorities for a psych evaluation which leads me to say that if any of you see a therapist or other mental health practcioner, never tell them that you are getting voice to skull or that you are being gang stalked or any other things directly related to targeting because many of these “proffesionals” are part of the beast system and would label you as a “paranoid Schizophrenic” and depending on where you live, they might order some kind of psych evaluation on you.

If you see a professional with whom you talk to about your issues, just be creative as far as what you talk about without ever speaking about your targeting-I know how wrong this is and it boils my blood but you have to make some adjustments in order to better deal with the madness which all truly decent people have been forced to contend with.

There is something in the U.S. called “the baker act” which gives some states the right to detain a person suspsected of mental illness to be placed under psychiatric observation against their will.

Should you buy a meter to detect where your DE attacks are coming from?

Instruments used for detecting directed energy, such as broadband spectrum analyzers, can cost more than the annual income of most Americans and the expertise required to operate this instrumentation does not come overnight.  

Not to mention, we are most probably dealing with military-grade weapons technology that can be pulsed and cloaked.  

I will go into this a bit more later.

If you do not get electric shocks, burns, heart problems, dizziness and other in your face attacks that are from DEWs, it is at least possible that you have been getting some kind of remote body manipulation for a very long time-A lot of what we have thought were ordinary everyday ailments could have easily been induced by this radio frequency technology.

I also guarantee that there are many people who do not get gangstalked, brighting, street theater, directed conversation and other harassment tactics are hit by directed energy weapons-How many people have gone their doctors or the emergency room with the same complaints that targeted individuals or activists often have from being hit with DEWs?  

Think about the government workers in Cuba and many other embassies around the world who have been the targets of directed energy weapons attacks.

Does the government/military contractors give these devices to civilians to harass their fellow citizens or is this part of the misdirection to keep targets as confused as possible?

I have read of and heard many accounts by targets who are positive that neighbors in apartments have used a magnetron (microwave gun) on them through the floor or wall and to be honest, it is not too hard to make one of these weapons on your own.

Since microwave and other weapons are now supposedly far more compact than earlier weapons, it is feasible that civilans have these in their houses as these people will do exactly as they are ordered to do.

Parties involved with government programs are bound to secrecy by Non-Disclosure Agreements with the threat of serious legal prosecution and most probably Blackmail via compromising personal information that is private and intimate in nature.

It is also a fact that those behind the targeting campaigns want people to accuse their neighbors of stalking them or using DEWs on them in order to try to make the TI look “mentally ill,” and/or “dangerous.”

It comes down to the person who is being targeted to have proof-positive that their neigbors are using energy weapons on them, and as we are monitored non-stop, this would be next to impossible to do, plus in the states, you can not waste your time speaking with the police and FBI as they are part of the targeting.

In the nine-years in which I have researched targeted individuals online, I have come across far too many credible accounts of those who have had their neighbors recruited into these networks and in the United States alone, its common sense (for TIs) that local, state, county and (especially) federal agencies take part in their targeting-this IS the Stasi on steroids.

You want to make the “job” of these psychopaths as difficult as humanly possible-Make them regeret screwing with you-but do it legally.

Aside from legal self-defense, I never encourage violence but if you are being hit with DEWs and/or are getting stalked this is an a mlitary-grade assault on your life and you must take it seriously has hell.

With the laws of physics as far as what will block or weaken ELFs or microwaves, and what will ground and what will deflect or absorb radiowaves or microwaves, there should be a general consensus or agreement from everyone who gives out advice on shielding, but there is a difference of opinion among independent researchers (because some are govt-sponsored disinfo agents)  as far as what works and what does not for targeted people, such as some claim that wearing a lead-lined hat or cap stops their tinnitus and voice to skull, whereas others state that this gives them no relief.

Directed Energy can affect motor, metabolic and inflammation responses.  So yes, it can can either heal or kill.  

The real power of Directed Energy can be seen through its potential to dictate biological processes, redirect human thought processes, and Decipher human thoughts through the capture and subsequent processing of electrical frequencies of the brain (via antennae and software). 

Whether or not you are a targeted individual or a truther, or both, you should know the symptoms of when you are being hit with directed energy weapons and to make it clear, some of these symptoms can be caused by a dozens of other things but if you have a cluster or characteristic occuring together that are unique to being hit with DEWs, then you have to look into some kind of shielding and without being paranoid, have a good look around your apartment or house because its common for ex-military, ex-police and civilians to take part or even control how someone in a neighborhood is targeted-Have no illusions, more civilians than you might want to think become recruits of the G stalking/DEW networks.

Here is an abbeviated list of the documented physical and mental effects from being hit by DEWS

Many of these symptoms mirror those of a myriad of other organic disorders — consult with a physician to rule out any organic manifestations.

– Headache;

– Head pressure;

– Memory loss;

– Vision problems (macular, retinal and corneal damage);

– High-pitch tone in ear – you are being scanned;

​- Red and burning ears;

– Curling and cramping of the toes or fingers;

– Joint pain;

– Panic attacks;

– Pins-and-needles sensations;

– Itching without a cause;

– Vibration or Buzzing sensations;

– Noise sensitivity;

– Induced aggression (like sham rage in cats);

– Acute, quick onset depressive episodes;

– Urge to urinate;

— Nausea;

– Sleep disruption;

– Fatigue (very sudden onset);

– Chest pain;

– Racing heart rate (palpitation);

– Muscle pain;    

– Influence and manipulation of natural thought direction;

– Voice to skull (V2K);

Alzheimer-like dementia …

Sattelites and DEW attacks

When one researches how targeted individuals are monitored and have their minds and bodies controlled and read, invariably you will see a bevy of information on how satellites being used to pinpoint exactly where the target of a directed energy weapon will be in space and time-But is this mostly being done using drones and from the ground level, and this does tie into how we are tracked with remote neural monitoring with nano sensors and smart dust and our own unique bio resonance as we are electrochemical beings?

It is not entirely impossible that satellites are yet another of many hoaxes-but for the sake of trying to be objective, we are assuming that satellite technology as we are told is mostly based in truth.

According to Mark Rich from ‘The Hidden Evil’

Satellites can be used for surveillance or for directing and guiding weapons attacks. 

According to the DSB, satellites will be used to accomplish the persistent global surveillance of targeted individuals who have been tagged.

When you have through-the-wall radar, thermal imaging, spy cameras, an army of civilian “spies,” and other ground-based surveillance methods, there is zero need to use a satellite on a civilian.

Persons of interest can be monitored, in their homes, 24 hours a day via SIGINT technology.  It is essentially a euphemistic “ankle-bracelet monitor” that can’t be seen.

From my own experience, these military-level surveilling and mind-controlling technologies can “hack” any person’s mind at any time, nearly any place-And those behind this ubiquitous “big brother” surveillance have some kind of 3-D image of all of the ground-level terrain, including both the inside and outside of buildings-I do not state this lightly and I might be incorrect, but I have lived this crap since at leaset the early 1990’s and these tracking technologies are far more advanced than we have been told.

I am 99% positive that “satellite terrorism” is another  example of the rampant online fear-based disinformation perpetuated by the agents in the online TI community to keep targeted individuals looking for answers in the wrong direction (so to speak).  

There are zero high-level whistle blowers-All we have to go by on what satellites can do is what this system allows us to know-No more.  No less.

Why are DEWs used on any civilians to begin with?

It boils down to is this – Gang stalking is the testing field for future military experimentation and a field that brings these concepts and ideas to fruition.     


The goal is to influence emotions and thought in another human.   This would be the ultimate battle – creating submissive humans.   The goal – it would be to control another person…to control the mind.

Community based agents – neighbors – co workers – are all hired and put in place to deliver and determine how much more torturing is needed to get the job done.  

There absolutely needs to be guinea pigs and test subjects – and these are most definitely the casualties.  These are the targeted individuals.

I absolultely disagree with the paragraph that I just quoted.  

Because although the human body is nigh-infinitely complex-But when it comes own to something as simple as how much pain is required to cause someone to collapse or run away-There is a limit to every person’s threshold of pain.

We only have government/military/industrial trade publications and news releases to go by as far as what DEWs are planned for the future and what their current state of research and development is.

Back to the “need to test” these weapons on people to see how effective they are, as I just said, there is a limit to how the mind and body react to wireless torture, so the main reasons why DEWs are used on targeted individuals is for pure sadism, to justify the military and law enforcement budgets, and to make examples of a minority of people to keep the rest in line.

It is highly probable that as people are hit with pain-inducing radio waves, sonic weapons or microwave beams, that their brains are being mapped in response to this assault as its been stated by targets online that their brains are mapped when they are gang stalked and when they are hit with DEWs.

But as with the Covid and one-world government agendas, DEWs are ultimately tied into Transhumanism.  

Make no mistake; The powers that should not be are trying to break everyone’s spirit.

Not to go very far off the topic of directed energy weapons but it should be made clear that not all people who are targeted by their governments/corporations/communities get the exact same harassment protocols, which means that there may very well be millions of people being targeted across the world, but it is so well managed, and so compartmentalized (on a need to know basis) that most likely, a large percentage of people from the following groups are on some kind of domestic terrorist watch list and are actively being hit with DEWs, synthetic dreams, and assaults to their body from extremely low radiowaves as well as being under some form of remote neural monitoring.

Victims/targets of wireless government assault include: Intellectuals, lower level whistle blowers, activists, writers, journalists, nurses, retirees, artists, truthers, lawyers with a conscience, veterans, and anyone else who doesn’t fit with the creed, cadre, faith, philosophies or politics of those behind the targeting programs-

And my disagreement with part of this quote is that I think most TIs are “targets of opportunity” and/or they pissed off someone in the police, the military, politics, big corporations, celebrities, or someone who knows someone in these fields, can have someone put on the list to become a targeted individual, and again, not everyone gets the gangstalking, directed conversation, mimicry, smear campaign and brighting (for example).

In the states these people are often put on the KST or the known or suspected terrorist list maintained by the FBI

It is my contention and that a smaller percent of   targeted people are chosen to be targeted shortly after birth or perhaps even at birth as in some kind of generational targeting, and for those of you who believe in reincarnation, it is at least possible that this somehow plays a part in some people’s targeting.

It is my belief that at least some of the bizarre things experienced by targeted individuals goes beyond the powers and technologies of the governments of this world.

By this statement I do not mean extraterrestrials but a possible intradimensional incursion as Sharon Daphna has spoken of on chem trails, or its possible that artificial intelligence has been in our realm for a very long time and it has been inventing itself by using the human race-This sounds remotely plausible, but it could be pure science fiction speculation.

From Countertruth.com:

On the web you will find many juicy theories of who is behind the targeting crimes, ranging from satanists to corporations, banks, global secret societies, Israeli intelligence, powerful elite families, and the Illuminati.  

This is pure nonsense and deception and is simply misdirection meant to pique interest and lead the reader further away from the truth of who the real culprits are.  

There is no evidence to suggest that these entities interests are directly tied to organized surveillance or electronic harassment campaigns.)  

By keeping it simple and looking at motive, technology, financing, resources, power and infrastructure, everything points to only one entity capable of implementing such a sophisticated campaign and that sits squarely with a government body. 

It’s smoke, mirrors and shadows.  Several government and NGO programs, such as TIPS, Weed & Seed, Citizen Corps, Infragard and Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU) show intent to permeate our communities. 

With all of this taken into consideration, along with circumstantial evidence, the offenders of these surveillance crimes arise from the the network of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Intelligence Agencies, Security Contractors, law enforcement intelligence units & military personnel, “Community Watch Groups” & NGO’s, “Surveillance Role Players” and anyone charged with a crime who has made a plea deal to become a “community Informant.”  

This is all held together under the guise of National Security, Occupational Safety and Community Watch.  


Instead of being run by just the FBI, executive orders have made it easier for any and all agencies to partake in the spoils.

The reasons for which someone is added to a target list may dictate which agency or entity is most likely to be instrumental in their surveillance.  

A whistle-blower could probably expect more “state” and law enforcement sponsored involvement while an ex-con should expect more “community watch” group harassment.

  Some targets appear to be black-listed in a way that they receive harassment from the full gamut.  

The electronic harassment component is most probably carried out through government-based channels with, perhaps, some contractor involvement.

End of the quote from Countertruth.Com 

Since you are listening to Adam’s podcast, every single one of you refuse to live a lie-But just in case anyone finds it difficult to believe that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies, nearly all politicians, the media, the mega corporations, religious institutions and civilians from every walk of life have been voluntarily engaging in the physical and emotional torture of their countrymen since the very founding of the nation in which you reside-if you think that “it couldn’t happen here,” it has and does.

Here are some of the many reasons why the governments of this world have no regard for human life.  

Historical proof:

Between 1932 and 1933, a possible 4 million Ukrainians were intentionally starved to death by the Soviet state.

“Pol Pot” (The Khmer Rouge) orchestrated the killings of around 3 million people, through death camps that were filled by evacuating cities. 

An estimated sixty-five million Chinese murdered under Mao

Although often designated a conquest, the elimination of 55 million indigenous Americans by European forces was systematic and racial, allowing scholars to classify it as a genocide.

Between 1894 and 1922, the Ottomans initiated four genocides; two massacres of Armenians, one of Assyrians, and lastly one of the Greeks living in present-day Turkey. The death tolls of the Armenians totaled around or over a million, equal to 90 percent of their population in the empire.  with possible Jewish involvement

The torture and murder of non-Jews during and after world war II as in operation Hellstorm

 the 1994 Rwandan Genocide alarmed and dismayed the watching world during a three-month period, until it finally ceased halfway through July. More than half a million innocents were targeted by Hutu militias, 

Civilians in East Germany whos lifes were deconstructed from the dark by the Stasi and their fellow Germans

And I named just some of the examples of how democratic and communist nations alike torture and murder their citizens.

Look at how the Covid vaccine has been methodically crippling and murdering people.

I mention this not to be negative, but so that all of can think and reason in a way in which we are not lying to ourselves-For me, realizing that the United States is openly corrupt has made my life easier because when I see and hear about corruption and evil, I am not disappointed-I’m sickened by the weakness of so many but I am not surprised that people are so indifferent and ruthlessly twisted and cowardly.

Remember that both the mainstream and alternative media as well as movies, magazines, news papers, talk radio and all levels of the educational system keep close to all of the world’s populace happily blue-pilled and oblivious to just how corrupt and evil those who rule our world truly are.

Let us go to an ugly example of how innocent people have been attacked by directed energy weapons such as at Canberra who were peacefully protesting against vaccine mandates in 2022.

Due to the flame lit inside the global community by the Canadian Truckers rally,  a very large crowd gathered at the Canberra Parliament on February 12th, 2022 to protest government-imposed mandates.

It appears as though in order to control these peaceful protestors, DEWs were used by the Australian Federal Police on them.

Numerous people on social media claimed that they suffered microwave radiation injuries, even through their clothes.

From Everydayconcerned.Net by Ramola D. 

‘Directed Energy Weapons Used at the Feb 12 Canberra Protest Make People Sick | Police Questioned in Parliament Refuse to Elaborate’

“Canberra protesters, including women and children, appear to have been badly burned by directed microwave energy weapons, with blisters on their faces, arms, and torsos.

It is clear from the reports of people present at the protest that many different effects have been suffered, suggesting the use of microwave weapons and aerosol chemical weapons as well.

People have reported ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, feeling generally unwell, nausea, and headaches. 

Many people have suffered burns of different kinds, and one man claimed that he woke up with intense headaches the day of the protest.

Such effects can be created by many means: 

ELFs–Extremely Low Frequencies pulsed remotely into one’s bedroom, as hundreds of thousands have reported worldwide for years, and been wrongfully dismissed by Government-protective media as “Mentally Ill” “Targeted Individuals”–and also by High Powered Microwave Weapons, which are known from NATO and European Parliament documents to be deployed on the populace.

There are videos which appear to confirm that Canberra police set up DEWs, which could be directed microwave emitters or Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD), as some protesters have reported feeling nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and other symptoms associated with acoustic crowd control weaponry.

These particular DEWs reportedly used concentrated microwave radiation to inflict painful burns on the skin from far distances.

The state of the art use of Microwave Weapons is such that pulsed microwaves can now be shot forth from portable “Manpads” and from emitters placed on antennas, as well as from handheld cellphone-style devices.

With all of the dark topics that I just covered, I will now go into how we can protect ourselves from directed energy weapons-And seeing how innocent civilians are routinely added to the ever-growing lists of “known or suspected terorrists” across this world, as truthers, there is a very remote possibility that one day you might need to protect yourself against directed energy weapons-Chances are that you will never have to worry about them, but in this world, it pays to know what your enemy is capable of.


Before I get into shielding from DEWs and radiation, I have a link for ways to protect yourself from noise pollution as this can do a serious number on cardiovascular system, cause hearing loss, aggression and fatigue and screws up your ability to get sleep.

25+ Easy and Practical Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution at Home or Offices.

When it comes down to taking care of your health, you want to cover as many angles as you realistically (and financially) can.

Shielding comes with a warning: The more you shield, the more advanced and intense the attacks can become.  

As well, technology evolves, so what may work as shielding today may not work tomorrow.

If you are being attacked by directed energy weapons and you live in an apartment or hotel/motel structure, your first act of defense is to move to a detached structure home or RV, as a location with the least number of angles of possible atack is the best.

Or if you can find a home with less houses near you, that’s a much better choice.  The further you are away from the nearest structure, the better.

All the shielding in the world will not help a victim if they do not secure their property.  

Access to your property will undermine any progress you make protecting yourself, so look into getting hardwired security cameras, blocking all points of entry except your front door-There are probably thousands of articles, websites and videos which show you how to burglar proof your apartment or house-I know that these government stalkers can supposedly pick any lock, but if you shop around and can afford it, there are locks that are extremely difficult to pick.

So since we’re talking about defending your home, you must be aware that the sources of directed energy weapons include: Land-based, satellite, aircraft, done and ionospheric relay (GWEN and HAARP systems).

Land-based assaults can come from equipment located in neighboring houses or other structures, cars, and trailers or theses weapons can be hidden near the target.

It has been speculated that DEWs can be hidden in something as ordinary as a neighbor’s air conditioner, a home appliance, utility device (smart meters), stereo speaker or amplifier.

Hidden signal emitters are small electronic devices no larger than a cell phone.

But even though civlians are routinely being attacked by microwaves or lasers, all that is required to cause someone pain is to use an extremely low frequency (ELF) radio broadcast that has been modulated into waveforms that copy the sensation of pain, sound or an actual function of the body.

Its like an EEG recording of a pain or physiological process that is transmitted to the target and received by their unique operating frequency (or bioresonance).  

So if they wanted to give you severe pain in your legs, they could just broadcast radio wave signals that your brain interprets as pain in the legs caused by a microwave beam when in fact, the radio signals are being received and processed by your brain such as how a cell phone picks up radio signals.

Mu metal with a silver fabric underlining it can help against this type of attack.

A material that is effective at shielding one form of energy may be totally ineffectual at shielding another form of energy.  

This dilemma can be diminished with the stacking (or layering) of different shielding materials.  

Here is some advice on layering and grounding shielding materials.

If you are going to use multiple layers of metallic shielding fabrics do not use nickel or copper against your skin as not only are they very toxic, but they can cause breakouts on your skin and severe burns.

Silver fabric is the most effective and most comforable cloth that you want to wear around your apartment or house and you want to wear a couple of layers of it.

Keep in mind that the organizations behind the gang stalking are aware of every single thing that targets do to protect themselves-this includes information given out in blogs, websites, forums, videos, podcasts, ect-But you do not want to focus on this.  

Do your best and move on with your life.

If you are going to protect yourself with silver fabric while you sleep, you want the fabric to be grounded and you want silver fabric on your wall, on top of you and below you while you sleep. 

For the wall mount wherever the silver fabric touches the wal surface or exposed wood-Place black electrical tape before attaching the fabric and grounding it.

You will also need to check your outlet for a safe grounded outlet before grounding.  

But I strongly recommend that before you consider purchasing materials which you will protect yourself with, if they require any kind of grounding you want to know exactly how to safely do it and once you do, you’ll be good to go.


You want to place your grounded materials and areas on a timer-so that when you sleep it all kicks in and is place for a good night’s sleep

Everything in the paragraphs which I just read and much more is found on Carla’s Dew Drop In website-Even if you are not getting hit with directed energy weapons, you may know someone who is and I urge you to refer Carla’s website to them, and to check it out yourself, as she and the creator of the Counter Truth website have done some very intense research on protecting yourself from DEWs and other assaults related to the targeted individual programs.

I will be leaving many links to websites such as Lessemf.Com from which you can buy all kinds of protective clothing and other ways to shield yourself from DEWs and electromagnetic radiation in general but as I just read, we are dealing with military-level assaults and those behind your targeting want you to spend your money on things which will not help you.

To keep things simple, the following materials should stop most DEW attacks and these four materials include , silver fabric that’s greater than 50% silver, mu-metal that’s heat-hydrogen annealed, 1/4″ steel plate and 1/8″ lead sheet.

Do not waste your time trying to use Aluminum to shield youself because despite what you read about Aluminum and aluminum foil being a protector from having space invaders read your mind –  this is garbage.  

The most important thing to remember is – The best materials to date can be grounded and since Aluminum does not ground and it is nonmagnetic…it is sort of a waste of money.   Sort of a lukewarm item and does not protect you from microwave burns – Demodulation or V2K signals.  So why bother?

Shielding comes with a caveat: The more you shield, the more advanced and intense the attacks can become.  As well, technology evolves, so what may work as shielding today may not work tomorrow.

From Shannon Rowan’s book, ‘Wifi Refugee,’ “There are many products on the market that claim to reduce, eliminate or porteect from EMF radiation.  

Some of them employ crystals or totems to be worn on the body, or use symbols drawn on stickeres to place on wireless-radiating devices. 

Other claims to produce healing frequencies such as the Schumann resonance to comabt and override the harmful ones…I have tried Shungite rocks in water and have used a Schumann-frequency emitting devices and did not find that any of this helped.  If they did help at all it was on a subtle energy level that I did not find strong enough to make a notabl difference.  If pendants and charms or anything else requires belief for the products to function, I advise you not to waste your money and this applies to the Q-Wave pendant which has some very questionable properties and some horrible reviews including from targeted individuals.

Shannon was speaking in terms of blocking EMFs but not directed energy weapons.  

If you want to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation please check out her book ‘WiFi Refugee.’

The following shielding advice comes from TheDewDropin.com: 

You will need protective clothing and gear.   

I cannot express how important this is.   

Many targeted individuals don’t want to get the clothing because they feel it is a waste of money.   

I never felt it was a waste for one minute – my attacks have been going on for 4 years.   

In the beginning – before I covered my self for protection – my gang stalkers used a handheld radar gun on my head and I ended up in the hospital with unexplained brain lesions and a stroke.   

Believe me – clothing is a  necessary investment.   

On protecting yourself as you sleep:

You can buy mosquito nets made from aluminum or silver and creating a safe and comfortable sleeping enclosure that protects you from EMF and RF exposure because they disrupt brain wave patterns and I am sure that most targeted individuals are aware of remote neural monitoring and synthetic dreams and if its possible to shield your brain and body from these neural assaults while you sleep, then invest in a good aluminum or silver sleeping canopy and make sure that the size of the mesh is much smaller than the radio waves otherwise you will not be able to block them out effectively-

Think of the dots on the glass door of a microwave oven which are smaller than the wavelengths of the microwaves bouncing around in it-And you should toss out your microwave oven if you have one as they destroy all food cooked within them-everything is weaponized in this insane world-Just make sure that your metal fabric mosquito net sleep enclosure is breathable. 

And if you do make yourself a safety zone for sleeping with metallic threat mosquito net, I’m pretty sure that you would have to ground it-

Please do your own research on what to ground because I am not an electrician.  A simple online search will clear things up for you.

You do not want to just focus on protecting yourself from the attacks from energy weapons, but from EMFs in general and keep in mind that some or possibly most of the attacks which cause you pain are radio waves being beamed into your brain at the specific frequency required to elicit pain anywhere in your body.

So look into EMF/RF shielding film for your windows because if your walls are blocking most of the radiation coming in, the windows are allowing a lot of radio waves inside of your living space-You want to seal off as many leaks as possible, and before I forget, do not do your shielding project until you have reduced as much of the electric and magnetic fields in your house as possible.

Get an ethernet and hardwire your computer so that you have no “energy leaks” in your living space and of course all of the magnetic and electric fields coming through your walls-Get rid of all cordless or DECT phones-If for some reason you have a smart meter, you can opt out-look into how to to this.

Everything that I am going on about might sound like a serious pain in the ass, but once you get into a basic routine on how to deal with this assault on your life, you will adjust as human beings are supremely good at adapting-If you so wish to adapt to ugly circumstances.

If you are mainly concerned about reducing EMFs in your apartment or house, then get an EMF meter to measure excess radiation-BUT as far as the targeting goes, do not get a meter because the equipment that most people can afford is mostly useless when considering the broad varieties & frequencies of directed energy that you could potentially witness.   

If you are getting attacked by directed energy weapons, you will never be able to prove who is behind it as we are all monitored non-stop and no one behind these assaults will ever admit that they are committing felonies; Just as with the gang stalking tactics, the directed energy weapons attacks fall under “plausible deniability” in which is the ability to deny any involvement in illegal or unethical activities, because there is no clear evidence to prove involvement.

I will be covering some of the many products you can purchase online which claim to protect the buyer from DEWs, and if you are being targted by your government and their contractors, when it comes to buying a  you want to buy a meter to detect where your DEW attacks are coming from, seriously consider the following advice from the website Countertruth.Com:

“Don’t bother!  Firstly, the equipment that most people can afford is mostly useless when considering the broad varieties & frequencies of directed energy that you could potentially witness.  

All of those neat little spy gadgets you find online are narrow bandwidth and therefore mostly worthless unless, somehow, you get lucky when the directed energy miraculously falls into the spectum of frequencies that the device can actually measure! 

Equipment that could be used to detect a broad & dynamic spectrum of energy delivery is prohibitively expensive and can even reach into six figures worth of money. 


On top of the costs, there will be knowledge required to effectively utilize such equipment, and this doesn’t come overnight! Even those neat little hidden camera detectors are mostly useless against the technology being used by the intelligence community. 

Again, don’t waste time with trying to “measure” the energy — the attacking source can change mediums or modulate out of frequency and even if you could detect an attack, it won’t hold much credibility as “evidence.”​

We are dealing with a mind boggling array of energy potentials here in the forms of electromagnetic, acoustic or particle devices that emit radio wave, micro wave, millimeter wave, ultrasound, infrasound, ionizing radiation, laser or plasma energy.  

On the other hand, Carla of the DewDropin website strongly recommends buying a Gauss meter from which you can determine where your attacks are coming from so that you can move your shielding as needed.  

 For those who want to reduce the effects of radiation in their apartment or house, I left a link in the show notes to the article ‘9 Best EMF Meters and Detectors of 2023,’ 

With the Trifield meter or other meters you will be able to measure the radiation from cell Phones, tablets, smart meters, Wifi, TV radiation, EMF radiation inside of vehicles and anything else that emits EMF radiation.

And to reiterate: This is to reduce your exposure to EMFs, not to find out where your directed energy attacks are coming from-The meters which measure this are very expensive and they are using many different types of DEWs on any one targeted individual.

Also, as Shannon Rowan and other researhers have stated, everyone is electro hypersensitive but a small percent of the population are the “canaries in the coalmine) and also keep in mind that we all have multiple chemical sensitivities, and like EHS, upon being exposed to synthetic chemicals, we can have a severe reaction to them-I speculate that some of this may be due to problems in our detoxifcation pathways.

If you are considering making a Faraday cage, please do a lot of comparison online as far as the plans, materials and not only how you should ground them but if it will be effective to ground it say if the ground that the wire goes into is filled with dirty electricity.

Faraday cages can attenuate electromagnetic energy.  Steel sheet metal grounded by electrical wire and 50% Silver fabric can form the main base of the structure.  

Mu-metal and SiliconSteel can be added at critical areas (head region) to attenuate low frequencies, which are your biggest enemy. 

Finally, envelop the structure with silver fabric, such as 50% Silver Argenmesh.  

This is super important in protection –  Silver bulk fabric – to sleep under and to ground if you hang it on the wall or ceiling.   Sleeping under grounded silver will cloak you and hide your location.    

You can also purchase copper or nickel fabric for floor and wall covering…but do not sleep under copper or nickel – it is not designed to be placed on the skin.

Lead sheet or PolyTungsten sheet is not required but it is added protection against high frequency ionizing energy (and acoustic energy). 


Copper plate is too expensive and bulky, and of less quality than Silver fabric and sheet metal combinations.

Farday fabric can be found all over the web, but I’ve left an Amazon.com link so that you can read up on it a bit.

Faraday Fabric uses a copper and nickel composition to shield radio signals from low MHz all the way up to 40GHz. 

This is the same fabric that is used by military and law enforcement forensics investigators to block all wireless signals, including cell phone, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. It is also used by civilians for EMP protection, personal data and identity protection, signal isolation in secure facilities, RF isolation for hardware and software testing, harmful EMF radiation reduction, anti-credit card skimming, digital privacy, and more.

The fabric can be easily cut, sewn, or taped to surfaces for creating DIY faraday cages or RF shielding enclosures. The fabric kit includes TitanRF Faraday Tape, which can be used to tape together layers of TitanRF Faraday Fabric. Once the faraday enclosure is constructed, you can use our faraday testing apps to confirm your design is properly shielding (see image above).

Whatever fabric that you purchase for shielding keep in mind that if they are made with metals such as copper and nickel that they are conductive and flammable so keep these materials away from outlets, plugs, cables and any sources of electricity to reduce the chance of fire.

If the traitors in the police and the military are using Faraday fabric to shield themselves, it must work.

Here are some other products which you might consider using to protect yourself from directed energy: 

Ripstop Silver fabric – (recently and currently unavailable)   Ripstop is pure silver coated onto other nylon. The fabric is only sold on Amazon.com.   

Staticot Stainless Steel Fabric and Grounding material. It runs between 12 and 19 dollars a linear foot. – you have to ground this with a grounding clip and make sure it is safely grounded in your home. This fabric is sold on  www.lessemf.com

I have linked  Updates On Protective Clothing and Fabric To Save The Day in the show notes.  

Please take the time to go over both the Dewdropin and CounterTruth websites as they offer the most to the point advice for targeted individuals that I have found in my nine-years of online research. 


From Countertruth.com


I recommend this above ALL other things.  I know this material is prohibitively costly, but it will provide you with the relief you’re seeking if you use it correctly, and it will save you time and disappointment as you cycle through other costly materials that don’t provide the relief you seek. 

I tell you this to save you all the time and money that I wasted on other materials, namely ceramics and rubber. 

I found about Aegis Guard a few months ago and mentioned it in some of my videos:

AegisGuard Series radiation shields safely deflect (reflect) unwanted RF and EMF radiation upon contact with shielded surfaces by safely scattering (breaking apart) the frequencies and fields they carry at opposite angles from their originating sources.


Aegis guard sells Radiation Shields which are safe, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free RF and EMF shielding additives for all hand and machine washed clothing, including underwear, outerwear, uniforms, curtains, smart and electrochromic clothes and virtually all natural and most man-made washable fabrics. 

Consistently proven more effective than other personal radiation shielding products, they eliminate the health risks associated with metal and other conductive materials grounding to the body. 

Clothing rinsed with AegisGuard™ LL protect covered parts of the body from both high and low frequencies until the garment is rewashed with detergent and water, or completely saturated with water.

Aegis Guard also sells a RF-blocking paint mix, and a fragrance-free hypoallergenic spray-on radiation shield.

There are two main schools of thought on using wool and leather to protect from EMF and DEWs: Shannon Rowan has noted that natural fabrics such as wool and leather are more effective in helping her feel better in the presence of EMFs than using metal-fabric shielding and wool hats in particular have really helped her by reducing headaches.

And there are those who have researched EMR protection and swear that wool and leather do nothing to reduce the harm caused by EMFs.

From my observations, some shielding materials work well with some targeted individuals while other state that they are useless-Such as some people who get relief from tinittus wearing lead caps while other feel no difference.

So it makes sense that not everyone is getting hit by DEWS the exact same way and keep in mind that when you do online to do research into how targeted individuals can protect themselves from DEW and other assaults you will find an almost endless rabbit hole of misinformaiton and disinformation from government-sponsored fake and former targets-

This is a military-grade assault on civilians using dozens of targeting tactics such as street theater, directed conversation, same time exit/entry, information warfare and perception warfare and DE weapons.

If you are looking for ways to protect yourself and/or any loved ones from DEWS and radiation in general, please take the time to thoroughly go over the websites from CounterTruth and The Dew Drop In.

Before you purchase any pre-manufactured clothing, just do a lot of comparison shopping-Never buy anything on impulse.  

Try to come from a place of strategic response, not from a kneejerk fight or flight reactive response.

With all that being said, I’m going to go a little bit into diet and supplements because if you are not getting the vital nutrients that you need to repair and rebuild your body, any stresses, be they from DEWs, psychological or stress from chemical toxins and metals-If you do not have enough healthy fat and protein, and enough vitamins and minerals, its not a matter of “maybe”-

It is a fact that you will go through great suffering and your body will break down very fast-I never intentionally try to scare people, but those behind your targeting only wish you suffering and premature death, and this presentation as well as my You Tube channel is my way of helping targets, but there are times when we can not mince words or walk on eggshells, and although all targets are walking dollar signs to the governmental agencies, contrators and security firms involved, they are trying to put all of us into an early grave so as I say, tell these bitch ass cowardly traitors to go fuck themselves and take the best care of yourself as you realistically can. 

You want to reduce your exposure of radiation while cleaning up your diet while adding in good supplements while reducing your exposure to synthetic chemicals (including OTC and RX meds), while reducing the amount of noise that you are exposed to, while cutting off as many negative external influences are you can from TV to newspapers to toxic people-I am oversimplifying this a bit but its doable.

The carnivore diet is the ultimate elimination diet and when you cut out all milk products it is the most anti-inflammatory.

I do not expect most of you listening to cut out most or all of the carbohydrates from your diet so I will be going over some of the foods and supplements that you can take which will help you better deal with any pain you get from your directed energy weapons attacks as well as some of the other illnesses or medical conditions that you may have.

So if you’re not going to go full no-carb, I strongly suggest that you cut out every single grain that you currently eat as in all corn, wheat, rye, oats, rice, white and sweet potatoes, millet, quiona and amaranth to name some of them.

Cut out all refined sugars, and for cooking or baking do not use any seed oils such as soy, peanut, canola or safflower as they are oxidized fats high in omega 6’s-Use Ghee, tallow, or lard.  If you must, use a high quality olive oil that’s organic and cold-pressed.

I do not have the time to give nutrition good coverage in this presentation, so I suggest that those of you listen check out any one of the thousands of videos and podcasts that go into depth on how the standard western diet high in refined industrial foods is the leading causes of illness and death;If you are trying to become healthier, wearing silver fabric clothes and using other materials will not cut it if your body is not healthy and strong to begin with.

Before you purchase any supplements make sure that they will be OK with any medical condition you are on, and if they will be safe to take with any medications you are taking, OTC or RX. 

For example, if you’re taking an SSRI do not take St. John’s Wort or Valerian root.

If you are on a blood-thinning medication, do not take any isolated amino acids as they will increase the effects of the medication.

Look into N-Acetyl Cysteine and try 1800 milligrams on an empty stomach 1/2 hour before you eat.  This helps your liver and kidney detox, boosts your mood and gives you a lot of energy.  NAC boosts glutathione which is an anti-oxidant the body is supposed to produce on its own from what we eat but most of us are low in it as our diets are terrible.

Also try Acetyl L-Carnitine which boosts mood and gives you a lot of energy and if you are a man it increases your body’s access to testesterone-Women can safely take it too.

Look into taking vitamin C made from non-GM corn.

A methylated B-complex will give you a lot of energy while helping you think and feel better-If for some reason you have a little anxiety while taking it, then go to a B-vitamin that has regular folic acid instead of folate-but more people than not require methlated folate and B-12 which in the simplest of terms helps the body detox and a diet high in plant foods is usually very low in folate and B12, and yes, all of these things make a big difference in our health.

Its not all about EMF mitigation and shielding.

Vitamin D3 is a hormone but most people are not getting enough sunlight to naturally produce it so look into 5,000 IUs a day.

You can get a good amount of iodine from sea kelp-Look for an organic one.  I personally take Lugol’s iodine and if you do try this type of iodine, slowly increase your dose as you will have a crap detox reaction which is normal but annoying as hell.

If you have any thyroid condition, do not take iodoine until you speak with your brainwashed greedy doctor.

Turmeric is an incredible anti-inflammatory herb but if you are sensitive to oxalates you may not want ot take it until you so some more research on it-Curcumin is the theraputic compound in Turmeric that you want a high level of and again, if you are on a blood-thinner, do not take Turmeric.

If you have trouble sleeping consider gettng organic unsweetened tart cherry juice as it contains naturally high levels of melatonin.
OR before bed, you can take  L-Theanine, or the homeopathics cafea cruda or Hyland’s Calms Forte.

I have not taken MSM in months but when I did, the pain relief that I got was nothing short of incredible.  It is a powerful sulfur-based compound that is safe to take and is both a pain reliever and helps you detox.

I have left a link down below to PCRx.

As I said at the start of this presentation, I have no financial stakes in anything that I present as in no conflict of interest. 

I seriously suggest that all of you do some basic research on plant defenses and toxins because phytic acid, oxalates and tannins screw up your body’s ability to absorb minerals, so say you eat some kale or spinach with your steak or any other meat-Guess what?  The plant food will block or absorb the minerals from the steak and down the line you will develop medical issues from just the lack of zinc and other minerals such as iron or magnesium.

If you eat wheat or other grains and you get a leaky gut from this, then foreign proteins are going into your bloodstream which cause you-guessed it, inflammation which is also caused by the assaults your body receives from directed energy weapons and just high levels of EMR in general.

This is how serious a low or no-carb diet is: People with emotional issues such as panic attacks, depression, bi-polar, and even psychosis have in many cases literally been cured because their bodies are no longer on an insulin rollercoaster and our bodies were designed to work with ketones-There is no such thing as an “essential carb.”  

Again, if you are concerned about your health and weathering this evil-ass world, then you are going to want to look into a way to clean up your diet a bit-I myself used to be addicted to crap foods for the dopamine hit and its a short-lived illusion of happiness and just another escape. 

I have linked all of the supplements down in the show notes-I put the info out there and hope that all of you decide to take more of your fate into your own hands as way to give the middle finger to this world that seeks to break us all.

Speaking of which, consider taking a mineral supplement such as Concentrace minerals.

You want to look into taking a broad spectrum digestive enzyme because when you consume plant foods, your digestive system has to work very hard to break down the indigestible cellulose and insoluble fiber absorbs nutrients-There is zero scientific proof that we require dietary fiber for gut motility-Its another modern medical myth designed to keep people sick and dependent on the system.

Look into using magnesium oil which you put on your skin and its far better absorbed than taking a capsule of it.

Look into getting a high quality countertop gravity filter and a non-fluoridated toothpaste too.

Summary and conclusion

In researching shielding for directed energy weapons attacks, I found several points of view on what kind of shielding works and what does not-And as I said before, there are a lot of disinformation agents and greedy shills online who will say whatever it takes to make a profit and there are well-meaning people out there with a good heart who parrot the disinformation agents be they from videos, podcasts, blogs or forums.

I want to thank all of you who tuned into this presentation on DEWs for caring enough about yourselves to keep looking for new ways to better deal with our increasingly mad world.

As I and many other have said, taking full charge of your body and mind will give you a sense of power and control over your life which no activism could ever begin to achieve. 

Keep in mind that we are not in the literal apocalypse, or the “end times,” and the powers that should not be want to keep you feeling as helpless as possible to better control you.

So tell them to F themselves by creating as much freedom as you possibly can in this open air assylum.


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