April 20, 2024

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“PODCAST” Fake Government, Media Manipulation, Fear Mongering & How To Navigate The System

Howdy, members… Join Adam & Corey for the last podcast of 2019 as we wrap up for the year & prepare for 2020. 

On today’s show we cover some great subjects & also go over some of the previous podcast shows. 

Some of the subjects covered in this latest podcast are below. 

Fires and Fireworks

How can truthers change the system & if we can’t then what do we do? 

Friends or enemies & how to navigate through our lives but stay grounded. 

Contracts and tv propaganda,

Pornography, young minds & modern culture.

School Systems & indoctrination of children. 

Transgender agenda & Tattoos. 

Bite the hand that feeds.

Where does money come from? 




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