February 25, 2024

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“PODCAST” Fighting Back Against The Nightmare Of Organized Gang Stalking With Scott Snitzer


On today’s podcast 15/06/23 I am joined once again by researcher, Scott Snitzer to continue breaking down his incredible research into targeted individuals and organised gang stalking.

Thank you so much for having me back on your show, Adam-Because you let your guests speak their mind and your podcast covers topics which very few real truther platforms have the integrity and courage to cover, and the silent crime of targeted individuals is one of those topics that needs as much widespread coverage as possible because in doing their research, much of what targets find online is disinformation, misinformation, and just plain bad advice, so as with my previous interviews with you, I’m going to give as much straightfoward info as possible to hopefully make the lives of targets a lot better.

I do not pull punches in my videos because when it comes to what people who are targeted go through, there are no excuses to play games-and some of the things which I’ve said in my videos have upset some viewers because some people just do not want to hear the truth and I will not lie to my viewers or myself.

This quote sums up what I’m saying:

“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the trtuh-Worry about who will be misled, deceived and suffer if you do not speak the truth.”  

If a conference call, website, blog, forum or message board or a podcast geared for targeted individuals ONLY bitches and moans and does not give you ANY concrete and practical ways to better understand and deal with your targeting, then why are you wasting your time with this person or group?

You want to make sense of what’s happening to you as you want to hear what other targets are going through, but after listening to video after video on targeting and finding NOTHING which makes your life even a little bit better, why are you hurting yourself and wasting your time?

I say this because I myslef spent a few thousands hours of looking for answers about the targeting online and most of what I found was not very useful.

And please keep this in mind: Whether the video or podcast your are watching or listening to is about targeted individuals or truther topics in general, if it has a lot of upsetting information in it as well as dramatic music or the speaker goes over the top with the fear crap, not maybe, but 100% you are throwing fuel on the fire of your fear, frustration and depression under the illusion of feeling empowered and informed.

And all of this is by design.

There are plenty of very real targeted individuals with videos but most of these are  well-meaning people spouting misinformaiton and oftentimes showing bad judgement and I promise you that this is causing harm at the unconscious level to those who watch these videos-And this also applies to articles, blogs, and social media written for TIs: There is a lot of bad advice out there that has literally been written by those involved in the targeting and there is some really good advice but you have to do some serious digging and you will get more honest search results for targeting topics using Freespoke.com than Google-You’ll still find agent websites but you’ll also find some very honest websites, forums and blogs for targets using Freespoke.

The enemy has always controlled all sides of any topic so as all of the mainstream liberal and conservative media are fully controlled, most of the online alternative media is staffed by actors-Some are actually amazing researchers but they follow strict talking points and scripts.

Organized stalking-electronic harassment (ganstalking/covert harassment/organized harassment) is a systematic form of harassment and control done by a group of people in an organized fashion using time-tested psychological harassment tactics and/or directed energy weapons to emotionally and/or physically torture a human being using what has been called “no-touch torture” since the targeted individual is rarely touched physically.

It is a relentless and sadistic program designed to break down a human being’s mind and body so that if and when they become physically or emotionally ill or if they harm another person (who’s been harassing them) there are zero provable connections between the target and the government, corporations and civilians actively involved in the daily torture of the targeted individual.

I am positive that the targeting programs have nothing to do with population control or extra judicial punishment as criminals are recruited to partake in the program-I do believe that human experimentation is a small part of it but realistically, there are a finite number of ways that the body and mind can be assaulted and react to assaults.

I think that its becoming more common for people to be thrown into these programs for revenge, but I am also positive that many TIs are “targets of opportunity,” and the tactics are adjusted from person to person depending on their finances, their support system and social connections, their individual stress tolerance levels, if they have any medical conditions and so on-In my opinion those behind these programs know all that they need to about a prospective target although the govt agents responsible supposedly observe the person for years before their targeting goes live-Again, it differs from person to person.

Its also obvious that many targets are empaths and its at least possible that some have psychic abilities.

For me, as I’ve said in past interviews, I was getting targeting in the early 1990’s but as time passed and my dad got dementia, they amped it up and after he died it increased even more but never anything obvious around my mother but as she got sick the pressure went up and after she died nine-and-a-half-years ago the gates of hell opened up and they went into overdrive wih my targeting.

Quick note: After 9/11 the in my face targeting went insane but it was nothing that I could have told my parents without sounding nuts-Someone in the government had put me on a terrorist watchlist because my gang stalking from civilians and police really began to go nuts-When the actor known as President George Bush was in Buffalo NY I was followed across the city but a car with the license “law” as in the lazy ass police.

Make no mistake, the inmates are running the asylum at the taxpayer’s expense.

Back to what organized stalking is: 

Organized stalking and electronic harassment as far as the research shows is done in both English and non-English speaking nations and it is a combination of

Transhumanism, entertainment, sadism, human trafficking and it is a communist tactic to help bring down a nation from the inside by turning civilians against each other while encouraging a spy or “snitch” culture.

The targeting programs utilize the mlitary, police, intelligence agencies, military contractors, secuirty firms, the media, religious organizations, and at least tens of millions of civlian “spies” and harassers across the world-I do not know if the targeting is primarly a Zionist or Jesuit creation and how much of it falls under Satanism, just as I am not sure how long these programs have been going on in the five I’s nations but in my own case, I had obvious targeting tactics being done to me as early as the 1990’s in which I now know that people around me and myself were having our thoughts and behaviors manipulated and I state this will close to full objectivity having a talent for some patter recognition.

Not all targeted individuals get obvious hits with directed energy weapons but I am 100% positive that some do but these attacks are probably designed to mimic a physical illness so that the person can not make the connection that they are being hit with military-grade radiofrequency weapons which can induce pain, numbness, vision problems-just anything that the human body can do voluntarily or involuntarily so too can these remote technologies.

And its a fact that at the speed of light in real time radio frequencies from ground-based towers and other methods of carrying waves can beam specific subliminal thoughts, ideas, images and emotions into the mind of anyone and RFID chips are ancient history-Its more likely that we are all filled with smart dust or that our invididual body frequency is some kind of antenna but those in the government and the military contractors who work with and for them have been using what we are told is called “remote neural monitoring” possibly since the 1980’s, but I think that these technologies go back centuries.

So because it is impossible to pursue justice in this openly evil system, my revenge has been giving people the best advice I could via my You Tube channel and my now deleted Talkshoe conference calls before that.

From my years of reseach on nearly all things related to targeting, there is a lot of disinformation and misinformation presented to targets and as I’ll be mentioning later on, the wrong information about how to deal with targeting results in someone who is (understandably) often desperate and wants help, to make impulsive choices which can have a lot of negative effects on their life and even their finances; For example, for shielding purposes the Q Wave pendant has been pushed on targets and the thing costs hundreds of dollars with zero science to back it up and that money could be better spent on other things for the target-Or telling someone to try to document their targeting when it never has and never will lead to the arrest, conviction and sentencing of anyone involved in these programs because this is East Germany’s Stasi on steroids and like the rest of the corruption in this world the gangstalking and DEW programs are too deeply embedded and interwoeven into the fabric of modern society.

Please check out my earlier interviews with Adam because its all good stuff and my only agenda is to help people while saving them the time and grief that I went through learning about these programs-If I can make a few bucks off of this, cool-But I started my Talkshoe call and You Tube channel to show people what they should and should not focus on dealing with their targeting.

I have nothing to do with useless activism or appealing to the same criminal government that’s behind the targeting and I believe that all external savior programming is just another way to control trusting people looking for help.

Some of the reasons why the targeting programs will never be exposed

Obviously, if you want to document your targeting to hopefully bring evidence to the same authorities that are fully aware of these programs and participate in them, that is your right, but you will be sorely disappointed and you will lose time and money that you will never get back;This sounds harsh but I state these things because I care and want to save good people grief.

The mainstream media can not and will never expose how for at least thirty-years across the world millions of innocent civilians have been emotionally and physically tortured by their governments and fellow citizens in plain sight-Do a little bit of research on how little information about the Stasi’s tactics and how they specifically ruined lives has been published;Why are there no “tell-all” autobiographies by those who tortured their fellow citizens and surivors of the Stasi destroying their life?  

If it were to be made public that the militaries, the police agencies and intelligence agencies of the world were torturing and murdering civliains with directed energy weapons and radio waves you would have your revolution to topple this evil system just as people would lose their minds were they to ever find out that many of what they thought were their own decisions were the result of radiowaves or microwaves beaming instructions into their unconscious mind as this is a violation of free will.

Without bashing anyone, for well over ten-years many leaders and other well-known personailties in the online TI community have made promises of class-action lawsuits, billboards, documentaries, or using low-level celebrities to expose these torture programs and Targeted Justice out of Texas has been pursuing a $1.3 billion dollar lawsuit as in the Masonic number 13 against the DHS, FBI and DOJ and the court is basically addressing the lawsuit-If it is a well-known advocacy group for TIs then it is and always has been controlled opposition because these programs are pure sadism and as I just said were it ever to come out that the militaries, military contractors, police and intelligence agencies, millions of private citizens and religious groups for at least thirty-years have been psychologically and physically persecuting and outright torturing millions of innocent people under the excuse of being a suspected domestic terrorist, if the world were to find out that this had been going on in plain sight, you would have a very real societal upheaval and this is “just” if the gang stalking and directed energy weapons attacks were to be made fully public. 

In the nine and a half years I have researched targeted individuals and the seventeen years I have researched truther info online I have learned the following undistputable facts:

Trying to document it is a complete waste of time; If you were robbed would you look up the robber and ask them to return your money?  To varying degrees all law enforcement agencies are involved in the targeting.

Most of what we know about directed energy weapons, remote neural monitoring and gang stalking is information that we have been allowed to find out about as there never have been any high-level whistle blowers.
If we knew 100% how people were being hit with DEWs and mind control there would be a fighting chance to have better shielding than just rare earth magnets, MU metal, steel, silver and the other materials people use to defend themselves against military-grade tech.

The current and end goals of these programs are about Transhumanism but I believe that its more about divide and conquer, sadism and the profits from human trafficking-Its also possible that there is some kind of Transhumanist mind link in which one or more people can live inside the mind and body of anyone that they want to for a price-It is undeniable that there are aspects of the torture that fall under “entertainment” for those who revel in the suffering of others-And with the divide and conquer and the Transhumanism, you can clearly see that the way that nearly all people operate with some kind of group mind, that these programs tie directly into the communist/NWO agendas-for those sane and observant enough to see it, this entire world is an inversion of what we instinctively know to be good, decent and just.

Under the authority of the CIA, the EPA and other federal agencies, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been experimented upon and tortured at least since the 1950’s and not one single person has been arrested, tried and convicted of any crimes-Operation Paperclip is the same basic thing in which both German and Japanese scientists who tortured and murdered people during world war II were given a free pass by the United States and most liklely other nations.

Because of the thorough Government/corporate infiltration of how TIs interact online, and because most TIs understandably are not very trusting of other people who are targeted, there never has been and there never will be a large group of geniune targets getting together to pursue activism because it is always sabatoged by the controlled opposition.

Then you have the fact that something as simple as phone calls, emails and text messages between targets are routinely interfered with or blocked and this might also apply to physical or paper mail, so as I keep on saying and with full respect to those of you who are religous, no one is coming to save anyone.

The subconscious mind of every single man, woman, child and non-human animal can be controlled because the mind has no protection against low or high frequency electromagnetic waves-We are walking, talking receivers and transmitters.

There are no coincidences and for me this means that although governments, military contractors and other major players are involved in the targeting and all other human trafficking, that because the mathematics which underlie our very reality is literally perfect, and because we can not be exactly sure what our outer perceptions are telling our brain, AND because if you spend some time listening to Gematria breakdowns of news and other public events of note, it is obvious that although we have some free will, our reality is scripted so I do not believe in coincidences of any kind and it took me a very long time to reach this inescapable conclusion-Hell, its possible that what these freaks running and ruining the world call “Satan” is some kind of artificial intelligence.

Choose your battles wisely and condition yourself to not give a shit about what our sick society considers “success,” or “making it.”

When someone has self-esteem issues its common for someone to over compensate or 

to be a perfectionist and I myself use to be guilty of this.

The only person you want to compete with is yourself and life is not supposed to BE a competition.

Its one thing to have high standards for yourself and you also want to have compassion for yourself just as you want to be able to laugh at yourself but you mostly want to get to the point where (and this is with things getting worse every day) you can laugh at most of the absurdities and the foolishness displayed by most of the population of this place.

A quote from an Amazon review on ‘The Sublte Art Of Not Giving A Fuck’

“Because life is too short to react so passionately about every little thing we have a limited emotional capacity and we often waste it on reacting to mean-spirited peop;le or unfortunate events competely forgetting that although we can not control the world around us we can control ourselves-We can all learn to exdrcise more control over how we respond (as opposed to reacting) to events that are not only beyond our control but ANYONE’S control.”

Whether you are a targeted individual, a truther or both, you want to conserve your energy;Again-Choose your battles-Whatever this reality is it drains real people of their energies and I do not know if its literal energy-harvesting or “real” people are just someone’s entertainment, but its as simple as if you can not change something in your life but you keep fighting against it you will eventually burn yourself out and make yourself easier prey for this iniquitous system.

I am all for legal self-defense and you sure as hell should not tolerate disrespect but if someone is trying to push your buttons or say you’re wasting time arguing with someone about a truther topic, you will be wasting your time if you expect the close-minded stubborn ass person to suddenly admit, “you’re right!  No viruses have ever been isolated or characterized-Thanks for opening my eyes.”

Quick aside note: From my experience and observations and that of other people, both targets and truthers alike, I beleive that our day is planned out for us before we step out of bed as in some kind of warped version of ‘The Truman Show,’ and yes, its government but to a point-When you listen to enough Gematria analysis and you see how perfect nature is as in the Golden ratio or the fibonacci sequence and you read up on coincidences and reality shifts that defy what we were all brought up to believe was normal life, then its obvious that the synchronicities all of us experience go far beyond the capablities of human beings.

Reality IS real but there are aspects of it that “feel” malleable or fluid, if you will-And its not an impossibility that all of us have lived among organic portals our entire life here.

Here’s some more info on trauma which I may have already touched on but its important to cover:  People who have been through many traumatic events inevitably are pushed into a state of mind in which they expect the worse possible outcomes for a given event-Not necessarily all in their life but many of them and this is a combination of predicting the future and catastrophizing or thinking of worse case scenarios and for targets and truthers alike, this reality usually goes all out to try to make you miserable but also keep in mind that the wireless mind control techologies can beam thoughts and images into your mind of the worst possible thing that might happen in the future or something that might have resulted in you being hurt in the past such as a targeting skit where you think “if I did or said this or that there would have been a trouble and the police would have shown up, ect.”

And as I’ve learned, when you have plants in your diet they cause inflammation across your body including your brain and when the brain is running on ketones obsessions and compulsions, anxiety, depression and many other emotinal conditions get much better-If you know anyone with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, cancer or any auto immune conditions look into the carnivore diet and send them some videos and articles because there is very solid science to back it up, but between modern medicine, big agriculture, big pharma and other special interest conglomerates, there are libraries worth of lies on nutrition, healing and curing disease that most of the public is not aware of.

I may have said this in past interviews and this might piss a few people off-

but if you are targeted and you are also going all out prepping for doomsday, you are spending time, energy and money which will eventually emotionally and physically drain you-and as upsetting as what’s going on in the world is, and although we all want to survive as all living things do-if a good portion of the thoughts which occupy your mind throughout the day are about survival and the worse possible thing that could happen, then you are living an empty life.

Unless you are prepping with money and time you can spare and it is not stressing you out, then I kid you not, the daily exposure to things which keep you in an anxious on the defense state of mind not maybe, WILL cause you long-term health problems and very real short-term and long-term emotional problems.

I am not judging anyone. 

I myself did a lot of prepping before Y2K in 1999.

If you can legally get a firearm, ammo and lessons, get it because the world is getting crazier-When I can afford it I am going to get a good shotgun.

If you live in an area that can be flooded out or gets hurricanes, tornadoes or blizzard then have supplies such as backup power, food, light, ect.

But if and when the SHTF, there are drones, thermal imaging, ground-based radar, through the wall radar, noise detection, satellites (maybe), low-flying aircraft and of course ground troops.

Those with the guns would be the ones who survive IF things play out as the fully controlled online truther media tells us.

Of course I hope to hell that none of this happens-As I keep on saying in my videos I am positive that whatever is going on is the slow and steady walk towards global communism or the Totalatarian tiptoe.

Those in charge might very well have another 9/11 planned but I sure as shit am not losing sleep over it.

My point is that if you are already  being targeted you want to reduce your stress load as much as humanly possible or your physical and emotional health are going to suffer-Not maybe, 100% you will eventually get to the point where you will have so much to deal with that you will need the services of our modern murderous medical system and we want to rely on this system as little as possible, right?

It is my belief that those who are awakened and aware to the ugly truths of our world are it because if the Covid lie did not kick someone’s head into reality by now, then nothing will.

Another important point with the targeting is that when it comes down to the well-known tactics used to deal with Narcissists in everyday life, those who are the civilian and government stalkers follow orders to the letter and other than using the grey rock technique to ignore them it is impossible to reason with these people as they are harassing and spying on others for money, their freedom, to pay off student loans, because they just plain love it too, but no matter why they’re doing it, they have to do exactly as they are instructed because these are literally civilian slaves living in “free” nations who are helping usher in communism-We live in upside down land.

And in addition to it being impossible to reason with stalkers, look how many of these people think that they are patriots and/or good citizens and “humble religious folk.”  We are dealing with mentally unstable adult children who are sociopaths and psychopaths.

Speaking of reasoning with people, I have said the following in my videos many times over: Just because someone claims to be a targeted individual and that they are lonely and suffering a lot does not mean that you are obligated to them as if there is some kind of espirit de corp loyalty to other TIs just because its some kind of unspoken rule.

Let me make this clear-Some targets are just plain selfish people who do not understand the give and take of friendship and some of them will pretend to listen to you and care about what you are going through but they are mostly concerned about dumping on another person and this is especially true if you are an empath.

And some targets play mind games and in my case, I have had well over one-hundred people contact me who at first seemed sane and stable and out of no where they went nuts on me and I blocked their ass.

With all of the pressures that you as targets or truthers are already under you do NOT want the added stress of someone who is ONLY going to use you to vent their problems on-If its a two-way street in which you and the other person are willing to hear the other person rant their pain and frustration and give each other suggestions, that’s more of a real friendship.

I do not know if I mentioned this in a Crazz interview but look into getting disposable email addresses or throw away emails which can not be traced to you and get an extra cell phone or a cell phone number that is impossible to trace back to you becasue not only are some TIs rotton people, when you look for other targets as allies online you might get a good number of fakes or government-sponsored TIs contacting you.

It sure as hell sucks that we have to think strategically like this but for our peace of mind its essential and if I sound harsh, tough.  I am covering this to save those of you listening the crap that I and other well-meaning people have put up with from lunatics.

Another important point is that if being under non-stop surveillance upsets you, keep in mind that every single one of your neighbors who target you, and every other stalker who has made you miserable, all police, all politicians and intelligence agency workers and down the line?  Not ONE of them have a shred of privacy.

Cellphone, Ipad, computer, TV, if it has a screen its a two-way mirror for audio and video.   

If what we have been told about remote neural monitoring is true, then any person’s thoughts can be read-its not just for targeted individuals as the people of the world have always been the enemy of the monsters who run our reality and in their eyes, we all must be controlled.

Targets have been entertainment, a source of profit, an excuse for the fake domestic terrorism surveillance network and laws-targets have been an excuse for some experimentation and weapons testing and of course the Transhumanist mind and body reading and control, but every single thing done to those called “targeted individuals” was always intended for the entire population of the world.

Before I continue, this is something that I have stated on my You Tube channel many times now: Even though the remote neural monitoring technologies can and do create synchronicities in which the target and other people, cars, planes, drones, ect line up at the perfect place and time, my years of listening to Gematria or numerology analysis as well as listening to layman’s explanations of simulation theory and many other topics I do not think I know 100% that many of the wild coincidences we all experience are not just the creation of government technology because the secret socities and other organizations that seem to run and rule this world did not create the reality and they physical laws which govern our reality-I do not know if there is some kind of artificial intelligence or a supernatural presence running this place but the madness which all awake people experience is not just the work of man.  

And when you experience a synchronoicity such as walking out your door and a civilian stalker or police cruiser drives by at the exact same time, sometimes it IS one of these slaves following orders to harass you and other times (possibly most of them) its the reality operating as its supposed to in that its following some kind of mathmatical rules just as when a targeted individual has a plane fly over them-sometimes its military/government planned and other times its our reality screwing with us.

And you do not want to ever be in the mindset in which you think that every single weird and bad thing in your life is because of your targeting because this will make you more manageable and easy to control than ever before because you are giving all of your power over to these sadists.

I know that its not always easy but you want to work on becoming more of an observer than a participant in this world because when you can stand back and observe more than participate you can see and understand some things much better and this can give you some peace of mind.

I am sure that all of you have noticed how fast time is going by-This is not just subjective-Something in the very fabric of our existence has shifted and I do not state this lightly.

Since the days of my Talkshoe conference call I have been covering how I am positive that to some degree all targeted individuals have some form of complex post traumatic stress disorder.

“PTSD typically results from “short-lived trauma,” or traumas of time-limited duration. 

Complex PTSD comes as a response to chronic traumatization over the course of months or, more often, years. 

This can include emotional, psychological, physical, and/or sexual abuses; domestic violence, living in a war zone, or being held captive; human trafficking, child exploitation, and other organized rings of abuse; among many other grueling conditions. 

Some targeted individuals get hardcore psychological abuse on a dailiy basis, especially when the targeting goes live and no matter how strong-willed you are, no matter how much you can block out and no matter how intelligent you are, at the end of the day we are all human and months, years and decades of being subjected to hardore psychological abuse works on everyone’s mind-Its just that some of us process and deal with it better than others but the years of abuse which all targets go through become a part of their inner world and control much of how their deal with everyday life, because ther mind is literally forced into survival mode and this is all done by design.

I will cover a good deal of this but not too much-I strongly recommend that everyone listening get a copy of ‘How To Unfuck Your Brain’ for which I’ve left a link to in the show notes-I’ll mention this a few times throughout my talk because its a damned good book that all TIs and all truther should read.

Some of the symptoms of CPSTD are

Problems with concentration or thinking. 

Problems with memory.

Nervousness and anxiety. 

Depression and crying spells. 

Difficulty controlling your emotions

feeling very angry or distrustful towards the world

constant feelings of emptiness or hopelessness

feeling as if you are permanently damaged or worthless

feeling as if you are completely different to other people

feeling like nobody can understand what happened to you

avoiding friendships and relationships, or finding them very difficult

physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, chest pains and stomach aches

People with PTSD may also experience physical symptoms, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, fatigue, muscle tension, nausea, joint pain, headaches, back pain or other types of pain. The person in pain may not realize the connection between their pain and a traumatic event.

Untreated PTSD can cause permanent damage to the brain due to the person living in a hyper-aroused state. Patients with PTSD may have a co-occurring mental health issue such as one of the following: Depression. Anxiety disorder.

Why does PTSD have physical effects?

This could be because when we feel stressed emotionally, our bodies release hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. This is the body’s automatic way of preparing to respond to a threat, sometimes called the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

Studies have shown that someone with PTSD will continue producing these hormones when they’re no longer in danger, which is thought to explain some symptoms such as extreme alertness and being easily startled.

Some people also experience physical symptoms similar to symptoms of anxiety, such as headaches, dizziness, chest pains and stomach aches.

Please listen to videos on trauma releasing exercises or TRE.

Listen to videos on EMDR.

Get a copy of the book ‘How To Unfuck Your Mind’ and other books on processing trauma because every one of you listening to me at this moment are far too valuable to let this horrible system beat you down-Even with the world going nuts you can become healthier and happier.

And I get it: For  targets its normal to NOT trust other people and avoid possible friendships because so many friends, neighbors, coworkers and even family members betray them. and of course TIs feel different from other people because only another TI can relate to what they’re going though and like everything else, this is all by design-I encourage all of you guys to listen to some videos on CPTSD and to read up on it a bit.

A quick note on gas lighting, one of the main techniques used on TIs to try to break them down: 

Gaslighting is one of the ways in which the government tries to turn a person’s mind unto themselves so that their breakdown is all their fault, which is a typical Narcissistic tactic.

When it comes to trying to reason with ANY abuser, do not talk to them unless you have no choice and even then keep it all business-When it comes down to government-sponsored stalkers they will never admit what they have done to you-NEVER.  If they were to tell targets that they are working for law enforcement and other sellout government bodies, they would be in a serious world of hurt;You can not reason with adult children whose minds are permanently damaged and who are following strict orders.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind. Typically, gaslighters are seeking to gain power and control over the other person, by distorting reality and forcing them to question their own judgment and intuition.

The gas lighting of targets is done in several ways incluidng sublminals of doubt, shame, guilt and blame-the war on TIs is done on several fronts

Gaslighting may not be the only factor leading to mental illness, but the same factors that leave a person vulnerable to gaslighting may result in lower self-esteem, uncertainty about their own reality, anxiety, and ultimately depression. Over time, you begin to believe that there is something wrong with you because one of the most important people in your life is telling you this.

What are some of the lasting effects when someone’s been gaslit by a partner/friend/relative/etc?

Being consistently told that you are wrong, confused, or even “crazy” can have devastating effects on mental health. Along with questioning their own reality and beliefs, gaslighting victims often feel isolated and powerless. Gaslighting abuse symptoms also include low self-esteem, disorientation, self-doubt, and difficulty functioning in school, at work, or in social situations.




PTSD symptoms

A negative impact on self-esteem



Can gaslighting cause mental breakdown?

Gaslighting, the act of undermining a victim’s sense of reality and their own sanity through lies and manipulation, can lead to serious mental health issues: depression, anxiety, even a nervous breakdown. 

Gaslighting is a slow process that can take time to recognize and heal from, but treatment helps.

 I’ve always assumed that all targeted invidiuals are fully aware of gas lighitng but I had to cover a little bit just in case.

When you are aware of the tactics being used against you to try and control your mind, then the awarness alone will counter some or most of them.

By the way, whatever the exact type of radio frequency remote mind control technology which can be used on anyone in this world, I believe that it is so powerful that it can make someone who has nothing to do with the targeting programs say and do things to gas light you and its very common for family members to think that certain family members have been hired by the government to harass them and in some cases, people have several family members working directly for the government but in other cases people have very few family members actively involved but again, the remote influencing tech is so precise that it can make you suspicious of a family member, friend of co-worker when in fact they are on your side-Try not to jump to conclusions and learn to become an observer as much as possible as this will give you a very strong tactical advantage over what the government is trying to do to you.

There are a few ways to look at how we have obsessive thoughts that drive us nuts-But first a quick definition: 

Obsessions are recurring and persistent thoughts, impulses, and/or images that are viewed as intrusive and inappropriate. The experience of obsessions causes considerable distress and anxiety for a person.

It’s important to understand that the obsessions in OCD are not just worries about real-life problems.

People will try (often unsuccessfully) to ignore or “push away” these recurrent thoughts, impulses, or images, usually knowing that they are unreasonable and from their own mind. Yet people with OCD cannot suppress or ignore their obsessions.

The first probable cause of having negative and/or perverted obsessive thoughts is that they are very common for people with Autism and people who have been through a lot of trauma and are in a fear state on a daily basis as OCD is an anxiety disorder-But people with ASD are much more sensitive to trauma than the rest of the population and having obsessive compulsive disorder is very common for people who have been traumatized as in targeted individuals and many truthers.

Then there is the fact that the subliminal RF technology can literally beam thoughts into the mind of a target and/or they can get voice to skull giving them doubtful thoughts.

And you have the fact that when the brain is inflammed from a diet that has plants in it the inflammation affects how efficiently we think and our emotional state and its now a scientific fact that people who have gone on the carnivore diet are usually cured or see a huge reduciton in anxiety, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, manic depression and so on.

I cover this because having these negative intrustive thoughts or ruminations can be maddening and anything and everything we can do to make this world easier to deal with makes life all that much better.

For those of you who have never heard of the compulsion part of obsessions here is a fast definition: 


Compulsions are repetitive behaviors (for example, excessive hand washing, checking, hoarding, or constantly trying to put things around you in order) or mental rituals (for example, frequently praying, counting in your head, or repeating phrases constantly in your mind) that someone feels like they have to do in response to the experience of obsessive thoughts.

Compulsions are focused on trying to reduce or eliminate anxiety or prevent the likelihood of some kind of dreaded event or situation. Like obsessions, a person with OCD knows that these compulsions are illogical, which causes further distress.

While compulsive behaviors (like checking, ordering, or hoarding) may make a person feel more in control, safe, and less anxious in the short run, in the long run, these behaviors do not only inadequately address the source of the anxiety, they may even increase the amount of anxiety someone experiences.

Because at least half of those TIs who are highly sensitive people/Empaths are somewhere on the Autistic/ADHD spectrum, if you have ASD and you’ve been repeatedly traumatized AND you have depression and/or anxiety and/or obsessive compulsive disorder, if you geniunely give a flying fuck about  yourself you will look into what I’m talking about-For some things there are just no excuses.

One of the things that are common with the targeting is how “they” pre-arrange a skit using a puppet under orders or fully under RF mind control and they make you THINK that you did something wrong or that this person might hurt or kill you in the future and in your mind you might run through all kinds of ways to reassure yourself that you’re not going to be hurt or killed and this applies to when people with OCD are sick and they do a lot of Google searches to confirm that they are going to be OK and I myself have done this and it is normal TO seek resassurance as we’re all human but reassurance gets to the point where it controls your life, so in the case of the civilian and PD harassers we might run through all kinds of scenarios in our head to reassure ourselves-There are MENTAL compulsions in which we try to temporararily relieve on anxiety and discomfort by perfoming all sorts of mental acrobats then there are physical compulsions such as checking behaviors.

If anyone wants to look into “exposure response prevention,” this is something that you can do to relive yourself of anxiety but you will go THROUGH some serious anxiety and discomfort before you get to the other side and keep in mind that staying in a the cycle of you and other people reassuring you that everything that is going to be OK will keep you stuck in this addicitive thought loop for the rest of your life becasue people who have been through hell naturally want guarantees that nothing else bad is going to happen to them and this is not how life works and every single one of us did not seek guarantees until our lives began to be turned upside down by whatever runs this reality and no, its not all from secret societies, Satan or the government.

Symptoms of Post-Traumatic OCD

A high percentage of people who have been traumatized have some degree of obsessive compulsive disorder as well as some self-esteem issues and like anything else, the symptoms and the severity of those symptoms will vary from person to person and before I go on, one of the ways in which those behind the sick state of the world keep people locked into a state of control is to never give them finality or a sense of closure and of course they also try to keep the masses off guard by surprising them with some kind of engineered bang event or literal weather and geological manipulation.

The following is an example of how one person’s OCD thinking keeps them in a loop of control so please relate what I’m reading to the way your own mind works: 

All of us with OCD think things like, “If I knew I wasn’t going to hurt anyone my life would be perfect”, “If I knew I loved my partner everything would be great.” These thoughts are prime examples of trying to be certain and they really spur on the compulsions and internal checking, keeping you locked in the fear cycle. 

Our brains tell us we are in danger if we do not get certainty about this particular idea. So we ruminate, we test ourselves and we do compulsions, trying to achieve this made up certainty that we believe we couldn’t possibly live life without knowing.

Think about it this way: can you rationally/scientifically say that you will never get cancer in your life? 

No. Can you scientifically prove that you won’t ever hurt anyone? 

No. So that shows you that being certain is an illusion, it’s unachievable and you don’t need it to survive. 

You need to take a leap of faith and embrace the uncertainty because life is full of it.

Once you realize it’s impossible to achieve certainty and you can live without it you should find you start to search for it less. It is something you have to keep on top of and remind yourself of. Something I recommend is when you notice you’re trying to achieve certainty think about all the times you’ve tried to reach for it, and ask yourself have I ever achieved it before?

It’s an illusion we live by that we need certainty on things to be happy and to be able to live life. There’s absolutely no universal law to say that you have to know X or Y isn’t going to happen. It is just something that your brain is telling you that you need to know because you are anxious about it. It’s only you feeding yourself that lie. You can live with happily uncertainty, if you let yourself. You can’t be certain that bad things aren’t going to happen, you can’t be in control of everything.

It’s time to embrace uncertainty, OCD recovery requires taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone.

To qualify the above statement all of you have heard me go on how I encounter a lot of bad drivers and I sure as hell do not like the idea of getting in an accident so what I do is take as many common sense precautions as possible while pushing my ego out of the way and driving like a ninety-year-old at times for my peace of mind and common sense defense, but this is where it stops-No matter how much I hope and wish I, you listening right now, no one has full control over their lives and as a reminder, there was a time when I did not even think about the risks of these stupid ass drivers so I am fully aware that I have been sensitized to them which is meant to control me just as the images of worse-case scenarios beamed into my and other people’s minds is meant to somehow control me just as I know that no matter what I wish for life is usually not fair and there is no bargaining with the evil that runs this place we call “reality.”

What you do is take intelligent precautions, plan for what you can realistically control and remind yourselves that most of the things that you now worry about were things you did not even think about before you left your apartment or house-Look at your neighbors and family members.  Do they seem to worry about every possible thing that might go wrong?  

And yes.  The targeting programs DO screw with your life any way that they can.

They use the tech or its this reality to alternate between neighbors who are suddenly some kind of threat when I know full well that I have done nothing wrong but those behind your targeting always try to keep you on the defense and it really can be a lot to take in that nearly everyone around you is irrational and out of their goddamned mind because this reality tries to gas light and break down empaths and people of compassion because this reality is an inversion of what a reasonable and kind person knows is normal life.

Quick note on how anxious people need others and themselves to give them reassurance that everything is going to be OK:

Reassurance is like a drug to people with OCD and they are scared of having this drug taken away from them as they feel they need it and it’s awful to not give reassurance to people because they feel they can’t be without it. However, it is much more harmful to give reassurance to people than it is to let them live with uncertainty.

The reason that seeking reassurance is so unhelpful is because every time you get reassurance you are teaching yourself that you can’t live with uncertainty and that there really, truly is something to be afraid of. Think about it, every time you get reassurance OCD will just find another way to disprove the reassurance you sought out. So it actually causes you to ruminate even further about your fears and leads you to disregarding the reassurance you got anyway, it leads you further down the rabbit hole.

When you stop seeking reassurance you show yourself you can stand uncertainty. OCD sufferers hate uncertainty we think we really need to know 100% our fears aren’t true

If any of you ask friends or family members for reassurance for something that will not leave your mind, when you do get a sense of relief that your scary thoughts have no truth to them, it is very short-lived and something else will pop up to irrirate you as in your can not bargain with your violent and perverted thoughts and there are no cases in which you will ever come out on top so do not play the game and sit with as much anxiety and discomfort as you can and observe what you are going through and in time you will barely give a S about needing reassurance from your own mind or anyone else’s.

Patience is a key ingredient regarding unconditional acceptance – It’s safe to say I had poor LFT (low frustration tolerance), a term which describes how its human nature to avoid many of life’s discomforts.

 Because unconditional acceptance feels foreign it won’t snap into place as most want, at least not in the way we imagine. It takes time to see through the lens of our new perspectives. 

Our worst case scenarios is where our internal freedom lies – In order to get underneath our fears one usually needs to move towards their worst case scenarios with time and patience. 

Acceptance doesn’t mean agreement-It means that you stop emotionally fighting those things which neither you nor anyone else can change.

It means learning to trust yourself more than ever.

Acceptance means that you are in more control than ever before in your life as opposed to how the more that you are seeking some kind of proof that what you fear will never hurt you the more control you lose, the less self-esteem you have and the less that you accomplish with your life because you are in a cycle of fear and I speak from experience. 

For those interested please check out the book Needing to Know for Sure: A CBT-Based Guide to Overcoming Compulsive Checking and Reassurance Seeking   


Here are some solutions to dealing with the stresses of your targeting and this world in general:

If any of you listening suffer from depression, ADHD, Autism,anxiety, bi-polar disorder, and just have had a lot of traumas in your life, or if you have any serious joint or other autoimmune conditions including arthritis, digestive problems, food allergies and so on, the carnivore way of eating might be the treatment you have been looking for.

Studies done on fossilized bones of human beings shows 100% that our huge brain capacity and small gut is the result of over one-million years of eating meat-Mostly ruminants such as cows, bison, deer, goats and so on.

The carnivore diet excludes all plants including spices but allows as much salt as you need for taste-If any of you are considering going all-out carnivore please slowly eliminate carbs and caffeine from your diet for a month or so and when you do go zero-carb, only eat red meat, use salt and water and after a couple of weeks then add in eggs and see how your body reacts and if its negative then stop eating eggs-Then wait and after only eating red meat again add in bacon and other pork to see how your body reacts to it as some people can handle it well and others have a serious histamine reaction and then eventually add in butter and see if you have any digestive or other problems from it-Not all animal foods are healthy and the casein protein in dairy as well as the casomorpins are not in our best interest and I know that you like your raw milk Adam-this is just advice-I encoruage all of you to do your own research.

There are way too many self-proclaimed online experts on the carnivore way of eating and a lot of these people give really bad advice such as eating a stick of butter every day-Some people have serious gastro and skin problems from dairy and can cause a lot of congestion in people-Your breathing problems might be from the cheese or milk you love so much as well as the gluten you are eating.

If you have a serious physical or emotional health condition, or if you have brain fog and trouble thinking clearly then you want to thorougly go through what you eat and drink and what spices you use-Cinnamon and caffeine are neurotoxins and can cause inflammation-Garlic is not a health food and no matter if certain foods have been eaten by a people for centuries or millenia it does not make corn or wheat healthy in any way.

How does this relate to targeted individuals?  Because taking full charge of your health is the best way to get a lot of your power back-its far from the only way but when you feel better and stronger and when you can think more clearly and get more done because you’re on a good diet, your self-esteem goes up and you bounce back or deal with the stresses of this world much better.

Far too many people who are targeted seem to want someone else to do all of the work for them such as the online army of fake TI leaders and activists or the government agencies who are part of the targeting and so on-I know that all targets are victims of henious crimes but to live ones life out ONLY thinking as a victim is not life, its pitiful and pathetic and we are far far better than those civilian and government stalkers whose lifes are based upon causing suffering and deprivation to those who have never wronged their lazy asses.

Check out the links I’ve left to videos and articles on the carnivore way of eating.

I know that animals suffer-all life on this planet feeds upon other life.  When our time is finally done here we’ll be fed upon by bacteria-There is nothing “noble,” “kind” or “compassionate” about not eating animals-The statistics of what happens to wildlife because of crops like wheat, corn, soy, potatoes and other produce would make your jaw drop-Veganism and vegetarianism are not being humane-None of you or I created factory farms-Try to buy your animal products from local farmers if you can-Those who feed their cattle grass and their chickens are pasture-raised or just eat from the supermarket-But you want to be in the best possible condition in this world and that means animal fats and proteins-More fat than protein so that you can be healthy and not be dependent on the modern medical system.

The carnivore diet puts your body into a state of ketosis where you are running on fat from your diet and your own body for energy from what is called “gluconeogenisis” in which your liver converts fat to glucose and the human body runs far more efficiently on ketones than carbs and most dementia and Alzheimer’s is caused by diabetes of the brain because of insulin resistance and statin drugs absolutely cause premature loss of memory because most of our brain is made of cholesterol-Saturated fat from animals is healthy not dangerous-We truly do live in some kind of inverted world.

Here’s a scientific fact that no vegans can prove wrong:

Oxalates in green leafy vegetables, tea, beans, nuts and beets bind to calcium and prevent it from being absorbed.

Phytates (phytic acid) in whole grains, seeds, legumes and some nuts decreases how much iron, zinc, magnesium and calclium you absorb and this is important because if you do not have the proper fuel and spark plugs to make your body work you will have less energy, less motivation and less physical strength and you will be much easier to be emotionally manipulated by this beast system-I do not state this lightly.

No animals-Humans included, are supposed to get cancer, yet the rates of in western civiliaztion have been skyrocketing and even though synthetic chemicals, prescription medications, heavy metals, stress, and non-native radiation have been proven to cause cancer, the biggest offender is the western diet, especially sugar-Oncology, the branch of medicine which treats cancer has a very high rate of failure and they could easily use diet to cure and prevent most cancers but oncologists know full well that they are torturing and killing people so its a combination of money and eugenics and I only mention this for any of you listening who may know someone with cancer or might worry about getting it one day so please take the time to read up on the keto diet but especially the carnivore diet because no matter what scientific claims you may have heard supporting the benefits of refined sugars and starches, they are probably the leading cause of disease and early death in modern civilization followed by modern medicine.

“What the hell does this have to do with targeted individuals” some of you may be asking and it has everything to do with making yourself healthy as you realistically can because even though the targeting programs are NOT about population control or eugenics, those who are behind your psychological harassment and DE attacks (for those those get them) ARE trying to end your life early while making you suffer as much as possible because I promise you that one of the reasons why the targeting is done is because it is a form of entertainment for the governement and civilan scum involved in it-Keep in mind that we live in world with pedophilia, snuff films, bestiality and other abominations-its very possible that as a TI is being tormented that at least sometimes it is being filmed-Hell, with the brain to brain and brain to computer link up tech that has been around who knows how long, I would not put it past these degenerates to link their mind up to a target while they are being tortured or in a situation involving wirelessly assaulting a target sexually which is an ugly fact.

So taking the steps to use food and supplements to boost your mood, make your mind clearer and more focused and to make your body better able to detoxify, heal and stay regulated is something that all of you owe yourselves because the parasites involved in your targeting have treated you as sub-human when in fact they are among the worst that humanity has to offer, but there are so many of them and as I keep on saying the lunatics are literally running the asylum.

Here are seven lies about the Western diet:

Chlorinated and/or Fluoridated water is safe to drink.

Grains that are processed and refined are digestible.

Saturated fats cause heart disease.

Pasturized dairy is nutritious.

Refined sugar is harmless.

Fruits and vegetables grown with pesticides and herbicides are safe to eat,


Animals given hormones and antibiotics are safe to eat.

I am also leaving links to videos and Amazon as to how to make your own 

water kefir because if you are not on the carnivore diet and are eating fruits, vegetable and grains you at least want to help the bacteria in your large gut, the microbiome to work better for you as the bacteria and yeasts in water kefir will boost your mood and ability to fight off disease and yes, I know that viruses do not exist.

In my past interviews with Adam I have recommended some supplements because we live in such a toxic world and because the modern western diet has left most of us low in vital nutrients so please consider taking a B-complex in liquid or capsule form because without sufficient B vitamins you will not have as much energy as you should have, you will not detox as well because your methylation cycle is not getting methy folate and methyl B 12-Whatever our body’s immune system or better said maintenance system is, it requires the B-vitamins to function properly and most people do not get nearly enough from their diet.

Here is some good advice which will make your life much easier: Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that upsets other people.  You are not responsible for their happiness, but you are responsible for your own. Anyone who wants you to live in misery for their happiness should not be in your life anyway.

I am leaving a link to the book ‘How To Unfuck Your Mind’ which explains trauma and how you can heal from most of it even with the targeting going on and no, the book is not about targeted individuals but as I’ve said many times now all TIs have some degree of complex PTSD and our traumas did not creep up on us overnight-it took years, even decades, so if you do decide to heal yourself from the abuses you have put up with it will take a little time but you will get better and keep in mind that it is 100% proven that stress causes all manner of physical and emotional illness from cardiovascular disease to serious digestive problems to deep depression and panic attacks.

As with the targeting you want to condition yourself to respond to how these clowns provoke you instead of reacting and if you have undiagnosed ADHD or Autism its much easier to get you to act out at one of your harassers and one quick note, being “hangry” or being pissed off because you are hungry is a very real thing so never go out when you are starving because this will make it much easier to make you fearful, angry or confused-Carry protein bars or beef jerkey with you during the day, as silly as it sounds, this will help you calm down and focus.

Learn to be patient and compassionate with yourself because targets and truthers alike have been through pure hell and remember that these technologies can literally make you feel angry, scared or even joyful and ecstatic, so much of what you thought were bad life choices literally could have been your government making decisions for you at the subsconcious level.

Learn how to ground yourself by getting out of your head-I am not talking about grounding from EMFS but the kind that lets you get out of your head and back into your body and into the present moment such as mental grounding in which you focus on yoru current situation and surroundings and you want to create your own mantra or saying which gives you strength and comfort when you need it.

Physical grounding includes being mindful of your breating or noticing each step you take as you walk or chewing on gum or beef jerkey and being aware of each bite-Its comes down to being mindful and the targeting programs count on people reacting impulsively because they are always trying to catch us off guard.

Its not goofy-Consider getting a weighted blanket.
Read up on mindfulness.

If prayer gives you strength, great.

Create a comedy and music playlist and keep adding to it-All that brings you inspiration and strength, or comfort, use  anything and everything that helps.

Read up on positive self-talk.

Get into some kind of regular exercise program which will give you a sense of routine, stability and will boost both your health and self-esteem but there is no need to exercise like a maniac as this can screw up your hormones, sleep and cause other problems.

Write your thoughts and feelings into a journal every day.

If you are over thirty-years old and/or have some kind of problems with digestion look into getting a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme-I myself take Pancreatin which helps digest protein, fat and carbs-You can also take Pepsin HCL.

Find as many things as possible to give you a sense of meaning and purpose because you do not want to go through life aimlessly-I get that there are truthers who find their passion say in flat earth activism but this is mostly a way for people to feel a sense of purpose and belonging and these movements are ALL led and controlled by government-sponsored liars-You also never want to call yourself a “targeted  individual” as this is both demeaning and humilitaring and it also further pushes you away from society as some kind of outcast-You are someone who IS targeted but to label yourself anything othan than being a “man” or “woman” is playing by the rules of this beast system and keeping you easy to control.

Learn from all of the triumps and tragedies from your past and this will speed up your ability to move forward in this sick system.

For those of you who do not trust therapists, I do not blame you at all-Psychiatrists and psychologists are no damned good but there are some exceptional therapists out there and your insurance might cover seeing one online or in-person-Not everyone is going to be approached by some lazy scum from the government with the fake criminal file.

Getting the perspectives, opinions and advice from an objective professional could make your life much better-I can not stand this system but I’m smart enough to know where and when to use it to my benefit.

If you insist on eating sugar, honey or maple syrup keep it organic and have as little as possible-Its addicitve because the starch and sugar bacteria in your microbiota literally make you crave it and because you get a dopamine hit every time you consume sugar not to mention the sugar rush-There are no essential carbohydrates-The “need” for them is an inventon of this evil ass system just as no living being should ever consume any seed or legume oil be it peanut, soy, safflower, canola, palm and even olive oil’s health benefits have been exaggerateed-Use tallow, lard, duck fat or ghee.

If you are eating a diet with plants you must supplement with some minerals and vitamins because the plant holds on to most of the nutrients it has and if you say eat spinach with your steak you will get very little zinc or iron from your steak.

Just the tannins in tea bind to the iron in your food.

Do not take melatonin to help you sleep as the dosage varies from product to product despite what it says on the box and melatonin is a hormone-I linked CALMS FORTE a homeopathic remedy and I also linked a few more natural sleep aids such as L-Theanine, an amino acid.

I’ve also said this before: In the time during which I have been aware of the G stalking not once have I been able to specifically predict what these clowns were going to do because they can both read and control our minds so no matter how intelligent you are, no matter how good your pattern recognition is, trying to outsmart whatever super computers and non-stop surveillance they are using on us will just frustrate the hell out of you.

This is ‘The Truman Show,’ ‘Groundhog Day’ and many more Hellywood movies and its some kind of mathematically flawless reality.

If any of you get the chance please take some time out to go through the Reddit threat ‘A Glitch In The Matrix’ because it will show you that a lot of people who do not get in their face gang stalking and directed energy weapons attacks experience reality-shifts which defy what we were all raised to think was “normal life.”

Here is a quick explanation of what anger is for human beings: 

Anger is an instinctive response designed to protect us from harm by pushing us into action-The Western culture ecnourages negative emotions and does not teach us how to handle anger say as the Japanese do-Anger has its place to protect and motivate us to become more independent and to defend ourselves and those we care about, but when it controls us we only react instead of mindfullyl responding, so this makes us sloppy and leads to regrets later on, so my black and white “line in the sand” literally means that when it comes down to the targeting I let a LOT go but if somone lays a finger on me then I will not hesistate to legally defend myself-Keep in mind that your stalkers are a combination of trained, paid people following orders and they are also every day people who have nothing to do with the targeting but they can be subliminally influenced by radio frequencies to say and do things to try to trigger you as in any human being, anywhere and at anytime can be technologically possessed to screw with anyhone those controlling the person (or people) want to-Unless most people are orgnanic portals to begin with adn they are all controlled by one source but I’ve already gone into NPCs in past interviews.

When we get pissed off on a regular basis, we are wiring our brains into a constantly heightened state that eventually fries our circuits as we program ourselves to be on high alert so we reat with greater speed than we used to  and we perceiv e more situations as bein dangerous, hostile or threatening and this wears us down, screws with our ability to sleep, causes depression, anxiety and a host of very real disease so its vital for all targets and truthers to work on their temper.

To make it clear: You want to work on your anger because of something called autonomic nervous system dysfunction which causes comon health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, food allergies and many other problems which can make the quality of your life horrible and/or make you dependent (as I keep saying) on the modern medical system and all of us want to be as independent of this beast system as we realistically can.

I do not want to lecture you guys on Jack-Please pick up a copy of ‘How To Unfuck Your Brain’ as it clearly explains how you can control your anger and heal from your Complex PTSD-Its a very easy to read book, its not very long and you can get used copies of it cheap-I do not make a dime off of it-Just from my Cash App, Zelle and PO box.

Targeted or not, if you live in this madhouse we call “reality,” you have been through multiple traumatic events througout the course of your stay here and what you think is “normal” emotional, mental and physical health is usually not what we are capable of being-I’ve been on the carnivore diet for over four-months now and just a week into it I experienced a calm, focus and concentration I have never felt before in my life-Plus I no longer have to emotionally eat-I like what I eat but I eat only when I’m hungry and this too is an example of having more control over one’s life.

Back to anger-When something threatens our brain’s sense of equilibrium we get flooded with fight back chemicals that are sent straight to our brain’s threat center because we perceive imminent danger and need to feel safe, so we get mad and many of the targeting skits are desgined to make you lose your temper and hurt one of these domestic terrorists so that you get into some kind of legal trouble.

These people are lower than bacteria.  They are your lessors and not deserving of your attention-Legally defend yourself if and when you have to but try to do no harm.

My friend Carol Stanhope who is a survivor of human trafficking has recently done an interview on the You Tube channel Silky Southern Tea and its called 

‘Human Trafficking, MK Ultra Survivor Speaks Out!


Carol has been a victim of non-consensual human experimentation, human trafficking and also of gang stalking but when you hear the strength, kindness and conviction in her voice, there is not one hint of victimhood which in and of itself is impressive as hell given what she has been through.

And those targeted individuals listening now, I strongly reccommend that you check out the You Tube channel ‘Defeat Gangstalking Manual Official’ because its one of the very few You Tube channels which gives practical advice for targeted individuals  https://www.youtube.com/@defeatgangstalkingmanualof6489

As with the videos on my You Tube channel, the links that Adam has left in the show notes for this talk are basically all very solid information so please take the time to go through them and sort through what you think might help you and when you do find good information, regardless of the source please share it with others who you know could use it because the right knowledge for the person who can really use new insights and information literally is power.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned that targeted or not, you want to learn some basic situational awarness as in being alert to your surroundings because the world is getting crazier-I am not pushing becoming hypervigiliant because most TIs are already in a mindset close to this and you want to calm your nervous system down as much as you realistically can.

I have heard perhaps hundreds of before and after stories of people who have gone full carnivore and felt calmer and just happier than they ever did in their life and its because their brains were no longer inflammed by plants which cause oxidative stress and screw with every single system in our body-Yes, during the first week or two of transitioning from plants to zero carbs you might have some irritibility and brain fog and not everyone has this, and when you do it does pass and you have a clarity of thought and peace of mind that is freaking incredible.

If you guys go carnivore, please buy some kind of electrolyte drink because your body will not hold onto water as it did when you were consuming carbohydrates so you will lose some electrolytes.

I strongly recommned magensium oil you can apply on your skin, and an electrolyte drink such as Concentrace Minerals and to use a lot of salt and water when you go carnivore-If you so choose to do.

A fast quote from the You Tube channel and website, ‘Nutrition With Judy’

Even after being on a healthy carnivore diet for months on end, some people still experience inflammatory illnesses and the cause may be something called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

CIRS is a multi-system, multi-symptom inflammatory illness from exposure to a biotoxin. (e.g., water damaged buildings)

Homes and buildings are issues because of the paper and porous material used that once in contact with water, can produce mold spores (if not completely dry) in 48 hours. Mold spores break down into dead particles and fragments that we end up breathing in. (why mycotoxin and air samples aren’t the best tests).

Some people can heal from mold exposure overtime (especially if they are removed from exposure) but an estimated 25% of the population cannot clear the toxins. That’s 40-70 million people.

This ends up becoming chronic inflammation (and of the brain). Brain on fire then turns to brain on ice (grey matter atrophy).

In the population of Carnivores, CIRS may be far greater than 25%, especially if all-meat Carnivore isn’t working enough after 6 months.

I put this out there for those of you who are curious about it.

Please check out my link for CIRS in the show notes.

Burner phone and fake email

I am not sure if I mentioned this in my presentations for The Crazz Files but consider getting a spare cell phone or just a disposable cell phone number which can never be traced to you and this is called a burner phone. 

Also get a disposable email address.

Unfortuantely, we live in a day and age in which when you go online to sociallly interact with people you are going to come across a lot of people who might sound kind and sane when in fact they are covert Narcissists or just plain sadists-When you are being targeted, the government will try to bring false friends into your life-Some major TI advocacy groups have been known to send fake TIs in person and via email, text and phone into the lives of real targets-Then you have the ugly fact that the targeting understandably causes very real emotional problems in many people and even though they might not be fully aware of it, these targets can make the lives of other more sane people, miserable because like a drowning victim they want to pull you down with them into their pit of victimhood, hatred, fear and despair and if I sound cruel and callous, I am not-This is about self-preservation and in a real friendship there is plenty of give and take.

I have direclty spoken with targets who have sought out the friendship of other targets online and nearly everyone they came across was basically selfish, flakey and often out of their mind.

So by having a disposable email address and phone number which can never be traced to you, the people whom you contact will not be able to harass you if they turn out to be nutcases, whereas when you do find truly good people and they meet your BS test, over time you can get to the point where you can get a bit ore personal about yourself but otherwise keep all other targeted individuals at arm’s length and just do not tell them everything about yourself just because they claim to be targeted-I know that people going through this are looking for friends and that’s human nature-Totally normal-But with all of the shit you’re going through you do not want to blindly invite someone into your life that will make it much worse which is why these government-created websites, conference calls, social media and You Tube channels take full advantage of people’s fear, lonliness, confusion and outrage at what’s being done to them.

This is some really good advice so please share it with other targets.

TIs and pets

Some animal shelters are overflowing so much that they sometimes have to even euthanize puppies and kittens.

I have covered targeted individuals having pets and I got some comments from know it alls stating that its unfair to the pet because they will be tortured by directed energy weapons and sometimes the pets of targets are hurt by their souless neighbors-But I have also heard of many targets who have pets who have lived a long and healthy life-For those of you who want dogs and/or cats please get them from a rescue, not a pet store and just having the sense of responsiblility of caring for another living being will boost your self-esteem, your morale and give you something to look forward to-If you get a pet and they occasionally get assaulted by DEWs from these evil shits, the animal still has a far better life than at a shelter or being homeless.

Keep in mind that as horrible as the targeting can be, one of the goals of the fake TIs online is to demoralize real targets as much as possible because another part of the targeting is to try to break your spirit-As I said before, no one has the right to try to “show you your place.”   Not now.  Not ever.

On to the carnivore way of eating

I have been eating keto carnivore for over four months now and in that time I’ve learned a lot of things which might save some of you guys some misery:

-I and Adam’s guest Corey have mentioned plant toxins in the past and these plant defenses can cause you any number of physical and emotional problems from serious skin issues, joint pain, digestion and reproductive problems-Its 100% that some people are so reactive to plants that it causes them anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar, depression and worsens the symptoms of ADHD and Autism.

I’ll get back to plants in a minute-

If any of you ever go on the Carniore diet, I strongly urge you to first do a lot of basic research on it and for this I have left a You Tube playlist but you must get some kind of electrolyte drink such as Concentrace Minerals as you’ll lose a lot of water weight at first and you also want to use as much salt as you need to taste-Salt is healthy, its not a poison in any way-Just do not used bleached salt.

You might have loose BMs for a bit as the starch and sugar-loving bacteria in your lower gut fight to stay alive as they’re the main reason why we crave sugar and startch, but this usually passes.

To the point-When you first go carnivore, only eat red meat, use salt and water and if you take some supplements tone them down a little bit-You do not want to start out with eggs, dairy, pork, fish or chicken because believe it or not if you do not have an allergy to any of these things they can still cause serious inflammation in your body as in physical and emotional problems as well as mental problems such as brain fog or being able to remember things-Plus if you want to be healthy and/or lose some weight on the carnivore diet you will not go very far if your body is inflammed because its having a low level reaction to eggs, dairy or pork.

When you have been on an all red meat diet for say two weeks, THEN add in eggs to see how you react and if you get sick then you do not need eggs-We did not evolved to eat them.

Then add in dairy but from what I have learned everyone is reactive to dairy to some degree-To put it a different way, we should not crave ANY type of food-We should enjoy what we eat but if we HAVE TO have something to eat then its an addiction and its no good for us-This is coming from a former sugar, starch, caffeine and cigarette addict.

Hell.  A few weeks ago I tried some green tea for the first time in months and it made me sick as hell because green, black, and white tea and coffees only health benefits are what industry shills say that they are;They are all filled with plant defenses.

Examples of how plants cause physical problems which result in people being put on medication and/or using natural treatments: Except for rare circumstances no one should be on natural or synthetic anti-inflammatories as long as they are eating a species-appropriate diet.

If any of you listening now are on any type of meds for inflammation, pain, skin conditions, hormone or digestive problems or other physical or emotional issues, take the time out to evaluate your entire diet of what you eat and drink and any supplements or OTC or RX meds you are on because you might be exposing yourself to several things which are keeping your body and mind in a very unhealthy state that over time you have come to consider as normal and its anything but-We do not know how sick we are until we remove as much junk from our diet as possible and as I’ve said before, consider cleaning up everything that you realistically can in your diet from personal care products to the EMFs in your environment to the water you drink and what supplements you take and in time you will feel incredible.

For me, having a pound or so of grass-fed ground meat with tallow and salt leaves me satisified for much of the day .

I do not crave any food and I do not feel the need to do emotional eating and I’ve done plenty over the course of my life.

When I go into the supermarket I look at things I used to eat like cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, candy, chips and ice cream and I miss none of it.

Give this evil ass world the middle finger by having as much real health freedom for yourself and any loved ones as you can.

I do not expect most of you to go to a no-carb or low-carb diet but the more healthy animal fats and proteins that you consume that better you’ll weather the assault on your body and mind.

And if anyone ever wants to take care of their gut microbiome, I have mentioned that you want to make water kefir in several videos because its cheap, its easy and it works and if you are depressed, anxious, unmotivated, have brain fog and if you have food cravings that you can not resist, chances are that much of your problem is that the microbiome in your intestinal tract is not stocked with the species of bacteria required to help you digest your food, make most of your neurotransmitters, help you detoxify and to boost your ability to fight off disease.

I just do not  understand why people who are targeted want to stop the emotional and physical pain but for people to not even TRY to do anything about it when it comes down to changing your eating, supplements, and learning about the weaponized psychology used on all targeted individuals?

This is not going to sit well with some people but the fact of the matter is that at some level some people believe that they deserve to suffer and this is a self-esteem and guilt issue.

I myself have been guilty of self-sabatoge.

And there are those truthers and targets who do not seem to have taken the time out to do some rudimentary or basic reading up on the numerous patented frequency technologies which can control moods, thoughts, bodily sensations, dreams and so much more-These people are obsessed with all things spiritual and this is dangerous thinking because whatever the exact nature of the realm which we inhabit, we are subject to certain physical laws which include how sound waves and electromagnetic radiation can mimic much of what we call “the supernatural,” and I myself am a very spiritual person but I also have the sense to know that you have to learn all of the possible ways that the enemy is assaulting you.

I know someone who the first time that they had voice to skull they immediately knew that it was the government;All artifical-Not demons or ghosts but military technology and this person had the sense to do a lot of research into the technologies that are being used to target the minds and bodies of not only TIs but possibly millions of other people.

I state this for those of you listening who may not have looked into what we are told is synthetic telepathy or remote neural monitoring and voice to skull because I promise you that when you have a better idea of what is being done to you, you have some degree of closure-Some peace of mind instead of the anxiety of being in the dark and confused as to what exactly is being done to you.

Its kind of like when I self-diagnosed with Autism seven years ago and I connected many of the specific psychological stunts being pulled on me to how easy it is to try to traumatize someone on the spectrum so I learned about Autism and in the process myself and in turn this made it much easier to deal with some of the targeting.

Back to our physical health for a little bit: 

Before I go on, I recently got some blood tests done including lipid panels, the levels of fats in my body are and for a few minutes I was taken aback until I did some basic research on how the carnivore diet increases total cholesteral and alters the other blood fat numbers and I am 100% OK.  

I listened to research from actual doctors and professors who are experts in the carnivore diet-To make it clear, there has been NO proven association between high cholesteral and heart disease-Its a lie from the sugar and seed oil industry.

My point is how I sought reassurance that I was not going to have a cardiac event and once I had the info that I required, I let it go because I have full faith in the carnivore diet-This goes back to how people who have been traumatized and have obsessive compulsive disorder seek reassurance for some peace of mind.

People who have had seizure disorders when put on the carnivore diet had 100% relief and the original modern version of the keto diet came from a member of the world health organization a long time ago.

The higher your cholesterol is the healthier you are and the longer you will live-Statins and a low-fat diet are a guarantee for suffering and a loss of years off of your natural life span.

This scummy world inverts nearly all truths including that high levels of saturated animal fats are bad and carbohydrates are good-Look at how these pedo scumfucks on the world’s stage continually push a vegan or vegetarian diet.

There are starch and sugar-loving bacteria in your GI tract which keep you addicited to this crap as does the neurotransmitter dopamine which is released every time you eat crappy foods.

I’ve made it clear how much I hate how there is little true justice in this world such as how those involved in torturing others through the targeting and other forms of human trafficking never seem to pay for their crimes.

And I sure as F will never forgive those involved in this and as I’ve said many times now to me their very lives mean nothing to me-They are only objects which can speak.

But for MY health, and for MY peace of mind I accept the situation and quoting from my OCD source here, acceptance doesn’t mean you accept yourself and lose all drive for progress in life’s endeavors so using myself as an example, I accept that those behind the targeting programs and their slaves will never be brought to justice just as I accept that no matter how flawless my logic and common sense is, I will never wake anyone up.

Unconditional acceptance means you accept yourself, your entirety, your behaviors and actions, without ranking or tying success and or loses to your being-I only compete with myself and even this is not as much of a competition as it used to be because I’m mostly beyond proving myself to others.

I unconditionally accept that I have zero real control over any possible future SHTF scenarios, so I have some basic preparadness but I refuse to allow my mind to compel me to plan for every possible worst outcome just to feel safe because as I said IF and WHEN it gets that bad those with the guns will take whatever the hell they want to and no matter where someone hides out the tech exists which can track anyone.

My refusal to stop listening to and reading online fear porn is an example of me unconditionally accepting that there are things which no one can change, and this includes the big-mouthed tough talking online truthers and preppers as well as politicians and other people with authority who are very limited in what they can do-Its a chain of command and I do not give a F about the book of revelation or even Gematria, we can not be 100% sure how things are going to play out.

If you do not learn to unconditionally accept those things you have no control over you are going to be extemely miserable and no, this is not a sign of courage or strength-it is a manifestation of fear and self-hatred.  

Learning to accept that life is unfair and offers no guarantees while shitty is also something that will strenghten you and make your life better.

You’ve all heard me go on how last April was two years since I stopped listening to and reading online fear propaganda and the reasons why I DID listen to it as long as I did included:

1-I thought that I was going to hear or read that ONE thing which would give me what I needed to deal with the targeting and surviving a SHTF scenario.

2-Listening to this fear garbage gave me the illusion of being in control of my life as in trying to prepare for every single eventuality because I thought that I had some kind of special “edge” over most other people.

And I listened to fear crap because it was addicting but as I’ve said before as my self-esteem grew my tolerance for insults became lower and lower.

So even though I just said that I no longer live my life worrying about a worse-case scenario in which the shit hits the fan, for those of you who are into basic prepping in the show notes is a link for 

Preparedness Capability Checklist – Minimum & Extended Levels and it is incredibly thorough-Please check it out.

If I have mentioned some of the following before, its still good advice: 

When you first find out that you’re being targeted you naturally want to learn as much as you can because as with someone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness, you want to know exactly what you are dealing with so that you can get back to your normal life, and from my estimation, were someone to read everything that is on the web that is specifically written and filmed for targeted individuals it would take an entire lifetime to go through just half of the material out there and link mining for gold, you have to go through tons and tons of filth to find just a tiny bit of worthwhile information and even when you do, what are you going to do with it to make your life better?

Using myself as an example, as I say in my videos 99% of all I have learned about how to deal with targeting and this sick ass world had NOTHING directly to do with targeted individuals. 

I am not bashing the two following people but Eric Karlstrom’s and Ramola D’s websites are packed with information on targeting that would take a very long time to go through and yes, there is some good information there but most of what you read there will have zero impact as far as making your life better.  

Its filler designed to give real targets the illusion that something is being done about their torture-That they have advocates and voices who strongly oppose this injustice-The same crap goes on in the online truther community in which a lot of actors talk big and nothing ever gets done and precious, irreplacable time passes.

I am not telling anyone what to do as far as research goes but if you look at the history of what HAS been done to better the lives of targets say over the last twenty or so years, nothing . Not a whisper.  Billboards, ineffectual show lawsuits, the talk of having communes or refuges for targets, and other false promises.

This is my crude list of some of what targets should focus on learning about: 

Learning the full range of capabilities of what we are told is synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring, brain to brain and brain to computer interfaces, nanotechnology and the basics of the technologies that Transhumansim will use to merge people with computers.

Learn about the full capabilities of radio waves on the mind and body including of course how we can be subliminally influenced.

Go all over the web to read up on how to shield from DEWs because you are going to find many explanations which contradict each other.

Learn about ALL of the techniques used to psyhologically harass people and not just from sources on targeting but how people manipulate each other in general.

Learn the basic history of targeting and the agencies that are involved-Just so you have a good well-rounded picture of what’s going on.

Read up on how the brain can be put into a hypnotic state by chemicals, electromagnetism including TV screens, or repeated phrases, facial expressions and gestures as neuro linguistic programming uses.  Read up on color psychology because its used on all of us.

Read up why the mind has no firewall.

Learn about nutrition, supplements, the ways in which our bodies are filled with toxins and how to clear those pathways so that we become healthier.

Read up on the basic neuroscience of what fear, gas lighting and isolation does to the human brain.

Read up on the basics of cognitive biases and classical conditioning because this is one of the ways in which people are controlled.

Learn about how nearly all of what is called mental illness is due to diet.

You guys get the idea-You want to focus on those people and things which will make your life more meaningful and rewarding-Learn about those things which bring you clarity and understanding about your world.

Read up on Autism because a lot of TIs are Autistic which makes you more sensitive to light and noise, thus the noise campaign and directed conversation and street theatre and the brighting-There are some ways to make this shit more tolerable.

From my research and observations most people have had very little actual “free will” long before the invention of wirless mind control technology and I state this partially because all major world events have proceeded without anything or anyone standing in their way such as all wars and conflicts went on as scheduled as you can clearly see in the obvious economic, eugenics, terroritorial and social goals accomplished pre-WW II, during it and after it and how every major and minor event just fell into place at the exact time and if you do some basic reading up on the numerology of all of the wars and conflicts in the world, the dates, places and births and deaths of noted leaders and if you look into the timline of scientific discovery is all by the numbers.

And with what free will people do seem to possess, most of them take the easier route and allow others to do their thinking for them and of course we can never entirely rule out the slim but real chance that most human beings do not have their own thoughts, creatitivy or soul and yes I am well aware that there are millions of musical composers and creators of the visual arts and that there are writers every where you look and that artificial intelligence has been fed literature, art and music created by human beings in order to copy them as AI is meant to imitate and surpass what humans can do, so why would  this reality have most of its populace as spirtless NPCs if one of the goals of Transhumanism is to merge human being with artificial intelligence and cybernetic enhancements if most people were not “real” to begin with?

But its simliar to a person with a good heart and a conscience trying to understand everything that drives or motivates pure evil to continually cause harm without hesitation and without regret; No matter how logical or reasonable our own analysis of human nature can be, unless we can literally view the workings of a cold-blooded mind we really will not fully get what drives evil incarnate and to the sick fuck psychopathic mind or minds that run this reality it coud care less what good people think of it-It does what it does because it enjoys it and because this is all that it knows;The infliction of suffering.

I do not believe that whatever malovelence created this world also created all of the good in it for the sole purpose of inflicting suffering as some mad demigod chilld would  bash its toys together with sadistic glee.

None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.  

This quote shows how we can change the course of of life:

“People do not decide their futures.

They choose their habits and in turn their habits decide their future.”

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

As I’ve said in my videos and I’m pretty sure one of my interviews with Adam, expecting the same openly corrupt authorities that are behind your targeting and any TI activism to make your life better will only leave you frustrated, angry, disappointed and depressed-BUT, to have full faith in yourself and other like-minded people to improve your lives as best as you realistically can?   This is something to look forward to-Something to keep you motivated, something that brings meaning and purpose to your day-Knowing that you are nearly fully in charge of your life by deciding who and what is allowed into your life instead of allowing others to make your most important choices for you.

For close to one decade I have observed many targeted inviduals looking for someone else to lead the way as far as exposing the targeting programs and because the TI community is fully infiltrated and led by the opposition as with all truther movements-And the time during which targets have been waiting for some kind of salvation-for which I do not blame them at all-I GET IT-but during these years their physical and emotional health has worsened because they have let these programs define them instead of them deciding who and what they are.

As I said earlier in this talk, you do not want to call yourself a “targeted individual” because it becomes a part of who and what you are as far as whom you identify as-I stopped calling myself a TI about five-years ago because I realized how foolish it sounded.

If some of you have found me a bit abrasive or cruel, please understand that I have done over four-hundred videos (most are deleted now) for targets because I want them to have a better life despite what they are going through-And sugar coating things does not change the truth.  Not ever.

Every single time I have begun to move forward the targeting increased and it increased a LOT, and no one has any right to tell me, Adam, and any of you listening our place in society-Keep in mind that a huge part of the targeting programs is about control; Look at how every single government worker and civilan invovled in the targeting follows their orders to the letter even though they act as though they are free-This is how utterly twisted so many people are, or better said:  “None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” 

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel-Hell, there’s as much light as you want to have every day because as cornball as it might sound to some of you, having the right state of mind, having an almost Stoic-like attitude about life will make things more bearable, but I kid you not, when your body is getting the foods that it was designed to eat, in time everything is going to work much better and you will deal with the pressures of life much easier than people on a crap diet.

Remember that human beings are the only animal that eats a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and meats while all other animals have a very limited or species-appropriate diet and you almost never see animals in the wild with diabetes, cancer, heart-disease, stroke, dementia and so on.

So with all that being said, please check out all of my links in the show notes, because I guarantee that you’ll find most of the info helpful and interesting.

And please share my previous interviews with Adam and my You Tube videos with other targeted individuals because even though I have far from all of the answers, I cover a lot of territory and I get right to the point.

I’ve also left links to my Zelle, Cash App and PO Box if any of you would like to support my work-My You Tube channel has never been monetized.


All information and resources discussed in this YouTube video, its description, and comment section by myself and anyone else are strictly based on opinions of the author and its viewers who choose to express their own point of view either in the live stream chat or comment section All information contained herein is intended to motivate viewers and readers to make their own health decisions as it pertains to them as an individual after consulting with their own personal health care provider. I am not a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist, therapist, and I do not play one on the internet.

Although I am not big on modern medicine I am not a medical professional and I encourage all of you to consult a doctor before making any health changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition both mental and physical. 

No information which I have left links to or have spoken of in this podcast should be relied upon to make a medical diagnosis, or determine treatment for a medical condition. 

The information o in this interview is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.

NO information mentioned in this interview should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life 


You Tube playlists:

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Nutrition With Judy Website and incredible source of free information for your health:


Introduction to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) – Carnivore and CIRS  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU_krpHnWA8  

CIRS is a complex multi-system, multi-symptom disease caused by whole-body inflammation due to an overactive immune response following exposue to environmental biotoxins and this only affects a percent of the population;Some people are more susceptible to mold and other toxins than others  


Carnivore diet basics





Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)  Nutrition with Judy


Water kefir: Its benefits and how to make it.
Do not take any probiotics if you go on the carnivore diet unless your research gives you reason to do so, because the bacteria in your gut microbiome adjust to an all-protein and all fat diet with zero carbs.




Water kefir  https://youtu.be/ximalkmf0pc

A Glitch In The Matrix-MANY people experience the odd reality shifts that targets and truthers do: 




Preparedness Capability Checklist – Minimum & Extended Levels and it is incredibly thorough-Please check it out.


For those interested please check out the book Needing to Know for Sure: A CBT-Based Guide to Overcoming Compulsive Checking and Reassurance Seeking   


Liquid Vitamin B Complex Supplement – Energy Supplement Vitamins for Men and Women –https://www.amazon.com/s?k=liquID+B+COMPLEX&crid=2XUQZ12FJ8ADK&sprefix=liquid+b+complex%2Caps%2C93&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

Futuristic See-Thru Panoptic Surveillance System


Human trafficking survivor Carol Stanhope interviewed by Silky Southern Tea 



The You Tube channel ‘Defeat Gangstalking Manual Official’ because is one of the very few You Tube channels which gives practical advice for targeted individuals  https://www.youtube.com/@defeatgangstalkingmanualof6489

Incredible truther websites-The Whale and J. Bartoll 




A possible explanation of how voice to skull technologies work


How trauma abuse survivors are sometimes their own worst enemy


Neural Nanotechnology: Nanowire Networks Learn and Remember Like a Human Brain


Control of Mind using Nanotechnology



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