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“PODCAST” GKP S6/E7 – Bestiality in the LGBTQIP+ Headspace

G’day Folks,

It’s battle stations on today’s episode as we identify another incursion by the predatory social engineers disguised as a welfare organization infiltrating our schools.

Adam from the joins me for this episode as he had recently sent me some disturbing news and I felt obliged to bring it to the worlds attention with Adam on today’s show.

Renmark High School in South Australia’s rural region which is close to Victoria’s North-west border recently had an incursion organized in conjunction with the School and Headspace, a national youth mental health foundation.

According to the ABC Queer advocacy groups have been calling for more LGBTQIAP+ health and well-being services in regional areas (link below).

Now we have these cretins pushing their gender agenda onto high school kids. In particular young girls in the 13-15yo age group (year 9 in school). (link below)

This agenda covering disgusting talks on bestiality isn’t new. Ethan at TOTTnews wrote an article 2 years ago about how a Professor Joanna Bourke spoke at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney on ‘The Ethics of Bestiality’. (link below)

The continual push from these disturbed groups and individuals to normalize this type of illegal and abhorrent behaviour is shocking to say the least.

The students at Renmark High School involved in the scandal were quietly removed from classes they had and taken to another room away from prying eyes and ears. NO teacher or representative from the school was present for this meeting. Only the Headspace organizers and the guest speaker.

The year 9 girls were met with disturbing content almost immediately and after it became too much to bare some excused themselves to the toilets and never returned to the meeting due to the shocking and disturbing content.

These groups just need to leave our children alone. Let kids be kids.

Even a new landmark 15 year long study has confirmed that most gender-confused children grow out of it and that this trans nonsense is just a phase. (link below)

Pushing this LGBTQIP+ agenda on our youth and promoting these ideals actually leads to more harm than good as attempted suicide rates more than double after gender reassignment surgery. Pushing drugs and medical procedures on these confused youth is not the answer. (link below)

It seems to be that quite possibly reaffirming their natural state and assuring them that confusion at a young age is indeed a phase and that when they reach maturity their natural way of being seems to kick in for most.

What’s your thoughts on this topic? Has this high school gone too far?

A commenter at Ethan’s TOTTnews article sums it up best i think…

“Haven’t you figured it out yet? It’s all to do with breaking down every societal norm. Preparing us for the ‘brave new world’ the WEF have install for us. No gender, no race, no taboo and no sovereignty.”

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