March 2, 2024

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On tonight’s podcast show 22/07/2023 i am joined by Steven Trip to discuss the recent NSW election results for One Nation and we take a look at Stevens experiences and our current situation. 

We continue to shine the spotlight on the ever increasing Draconian and tyrannical measures being taken by the traitorous Australian Government, where our nation is heading and what steps we can all take right now to better our situation.

ExCandidates Podcast Show On Rumble

An engineering surveyor with many years of experience working on large infrastructure projects across the country, Steven is keen on truly nation-building infrastructure projects which invest in Australia’s future and local infrastructure addressing growing congestion in Warringah.

“We need some long-term vision for national infrastructure rather than just playing catch up. Why don’t we have a high-speed national rail network? Why don’t we have drought-proofing water projects like the hybrid Bradfield scheme? We’ve got the vision, and the talent to deliver on it, but when it comes to nation-building infrastructure the inability of successive governments have left us lagging behind our global peers.

“Warringah also has some infrastructure challenges. We’ll need more than the planned Northern Beaches tunnel to address the nightmare traffic situation here, and more public transport options.”

Steven is strong believer in aspiration and hard work. From humble beginnings, he watched his parents work and study hard to improve their opportunities and provide a future for their children.

“We started with nothing, but that’s the great thing about Australia – provided you work hard and are a good person, there are no limits to what you can achieve. Governments should be encouraging this approach, not hampering it with excessive red tape and bureaucracy. There’s so much we could be doing: bringing back manufacturing and innovation, boosting entrepreneurship, securing affordable water and energy to make our businesses competitive. The major parties have had their chances; we’ll get nothing but the same from them.”

Over the past two years, Steven has been dismayed to observe the erosion of individual rights and freedoms which provide essential foundations for Australian democracy.

“It’s very disturbing to see just how quickly and easily Australian governments have discarded these principles under the cover of the COVID-19 pandemic, and just how reluctant they are to relinquish the power they’ve wielded over us. Pauline Hanson has been an inspiration with her efforts to protect the rights and freedoms of the Australian people from government overreach.

“I’m standing for One Nation in Warringah because these values are important to me too. One Nation will always fight for the rights and freedoms of Australians, and so will I.”


  1. Its a tough one,as a kid I remember the book “Where did I Come From” and porno books wrapped in plastic at the newsagents,but 2023 is a whole new ball game,maybe the issue is another divide and conquer psyop,but if they can make more lesbians and poofs,it fits the depop agenda like a glove.

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