September 22, 2023

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On today’s podcast i am joined by researcher James Roguski to break down the outrageous WHO power grab and what it all really means. 

The WHO along with traitor Governments are planning to limit and even cancel out our rights by strengthening preparedness for and response to made up health emergencies. 

James breaks down in great detail the bullet points of the WHO power grab and we discuss what we all need to do right now to stop this disgusting tyranny. 

James Roguski, Outrageous WHO power grab

The 75th World Health Assembly DID adopt amendments to the International Health Regulations on 27 May 2022.

Australia was one of the nations that proposed these amendments.
Every nation has 18 months from that date to REJECT THE AMENDMENTS under Article 61 of the IHR.
Over 12 months have already passed since 27 May 2022.

The opportunity to REJECT THE AMENDMENTS will expire in November 2023.


James Roguski

Exposing MDM (Mis-Information, Dis-Information and Mal-Information)

Email James for interview requests or questions here  [email protected] 

WHO and your government planning to limit your rights? No, they’re not planning to – it’s happening right now and started in May last year.

The EU commission just released a paper where they outline exactly what they’re working on with the WHO to make sure you can’t say no anymore.

There’s an 18 month window to reject this (starting from May 2022). Time is running out if we want to stop this. They look at it as amendments to the treaty, that way they don’t need to have it approved as a new deal.

In other words – when this takes effect, the WHO can force you to stay in place, take new medications and so forth, simply if they see the potential for a health risk…..doesn’t have to be an actual emergency, just the “potential” for one.

This includes an amendment to eliminate your fundamental human rights and suspending the Nurnberg treaty in order to force you to comply. Source 

The W.H.O wants to become a legislative authority instead of an advisory board, giving them extraordinary powers that are binding on all Australians….

One of the many proposed amendments to the IHR includes removal of wording such as “dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms”

The proposed IHR amendments:

More details here by James Roguski:

“AUSTRALIA It’s time to Exit The W.H.O.”


  1. It’s about FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF time. This should have been done many months ago but better late then never. Excellent podcast, and I have emailed this podcast to my family and ask them to pass it on to their friends.
    Thanks Cuddy45

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