April 14, 2024

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Ok, so getting vaccinated is going to make no difference to lockdowns and their frequency? There’s really no point anyone getting vaccinated. Shutdown your vaccine program and just keep us all locked up forever…
What a bunch of imbeciles we have destroying this country… Source: https://www.facebook.com/greataustralianparty


Jason Woodforth plugs in with me 08/07/21 to cover all the latest news and events from Australia and around the world. 

Jason plugs in with me today to continue breaking down the COVID madness as we take a look at the latest lock downs in Sydney and surrounds.

We chat about the psyop behind the lock downs, the outrageous attack against our human rights and the war on small businesses and the family unit. 

The lock downs and masks are a very clear way to dominate and control peoples minds while our country gets torn to pieces by psychotic scum and traitors.  


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