April 20, 2024

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Dave Gahary joins me on the podcast today 06/05/23 for a big show to break down his latest work and to discuss the huge elephant in the room when it comes to global manipulation, fear and control 

We discuss Daves new show, In Black & White with Ayo Kimathi & Dave Gahary where they tackle the most taboo subject of our time, Jewish power. 

We take an honest look at this taboo subject and take a deep dive down the rabbit hole to break down some of the most important and pressing talking points and the critical importance of identifying the real enemy among us. 

If you would like to watch In Black & White then please click here 

To listen to The Dave & Duke call in show please click here

Dave Gahary & Ayo Kimathi take on the most taboo subject of our time! here 

In Black and White—Episode 2: Finance – for original videos please go to Odysee


If you would like to order or take a look at some incredible books like “Hellstorm” The Death Of Nazi Germany 1944-1947 By Thomas Goodrich or Jews Are The Problem then please click here 

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