April 22, 2024

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“Howdy Members” On tonight’s show i connect with, Jeff O’ Toole from We Are Change Melbourne to break down all the latest news from Victoria, Australia.

We chat about the disgusting lock downs in Victoria and the devastating impact it’s having on the economy, businesses and the people.

Also, we cover recent protests, Dictator Dan, the criminal police state being built and what we can all do to end this madness.

Jeff goes over his personal experiences being in Melbourne and the heavy impacts on businesses and mental health. 

The Andrews regime must be taken down and it’s now up to the Australian people to make this happen before this descends into hell. 

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Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. He is a critic of authority. His research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate discussion.

 Victoria is this how we’re serving our elderly?
One of the most heartbreaking experiences in one of the covid nursing home’s I worked in, was a 95 year old lady who was asked to change rooms.
She didn’t want to and started to panic, understandably, this is her home.
She was moved anyway.
From the stress, her blood pressure went dangerously high, a ambulance was called, and she died on the way to the hospital from a heart attack.
Another, covid death!
Please tell me you will start asking why this narrative continues. My heart is breaking for the elderly, our most vulnerable! Is this how we are protecting them?
Stress kills!!!! Don’t ever underestimate the power of emotions. For months you have been fed fear, with (false) statistics to enable the restrictions, and cause you to accept the loss of freedoms.
Our vulnerable elderly patients in nursing homes for months on end are in their rooms only seeing nurses in head to toe PPE. This is irrispective of whether they themselves are covid positive or not!
As someone who’s experienced 2 weeks of isolation, and in a few days will experience another 2 weeks… This is inhumane. Don’t believe me? Isolation has been used as a form of torture for terrorists and in wars for years! Are you aware that even prisoners have more rights? Our nursing home patients don’t know when they will see there loved ones again.
Right now the elderly are more vulnerable than ever! The aged care number one standard is dignity and choice! Where is there dignity and choice???? They are confused and alone. What if it was your grandparent? For many of you it is!
Thoughts to consider 👇
Victoria is currently a police state and ALL Australians should care about it! It is time to become a community again! And that won’t happen unless the count goes down, his words. But I’m calling Dan out for not counting the covid-19 cases properly!!
And how do you count covid cases when the test itself, takes into account all coronaviruses (including the common cold)? The test is unable to isolate covid-19.
What I would like to see, is for him at the least, to stop counting comorbidities as covid-19 deaths!
Where are the coronavirus cases for the elderly not in nursing homes? From my understanding, it’s the already health-compromised elderly in nursing homes that are dying, and from my personal experience and clinical observation only, I won’t speak for others but I know I’m not alone, it’s been the comorbidities.
Deaths are sad, and a normal life process. We all go through it eventually, and hopefully, will die as an elderly. If your triggered by the death toll, than you need perspective. Maybe preventable lifestyle diseases would actually drop (much higher than (false) covid statistics), if it had the same level of coverage the media is currently giving covid.
I want answers! You should want answers! Preferably from a source that hasn’t already shown bias and lost credibility, or has a profit agenda from the solution!




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