April 22, 2024

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Police State: Police Sniffer Dogs Patrol A Popular Harbourside Public Pool sparking outrage over ‘nanny state’


The moment Sydney lost it: Police sniffer dogs patrol a popular harbourside public pool on a perfect summer’s day – sparking outrage over ‘nanny state’

  • NSW Police and an English Springer Spaniel spotted at a public pool
  • An image taken at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, Sydney is circulating online
  • It’s unclear when it was taken or if the dog was for drug or bomb detection
  • Outrage is exploding on social media at the ‘nanny state’ 

  • Outrage over the ‘nanny state’ has reignited after a sniffer dog was photographed patrolling the banks of a Sydney harbourside public pool in the middle of the day.

    Locals and tourists were working on their tan and enjoying a dip at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens when they were scrutinised by NSW Police and an English Springer Spaniel, 2DAY FM reported.

    An image of the unusual event began circulating social media at the weekend and has prompted new calls for the fun police to hand Sydney back.


The picture was originally posted to Instagram and appears to have been deleted, but was then shared to a private Facebook account.

‘Welcome to Sydney The Nanny State Police & sniffer dogs now patrolling our pools during the day , What’s next ?? [sic],’ the caption alongside the image reads.


‘Would the last person in Sydney please turn the lights out?’ – an excerpt from Matt Barrie’s essay

The total and utter destruction of Sydney’s nightlife is almost complete.

A succession of incompetent governments has systematically dismantled the entire night time economy through a constant barrage of rules, regulation and social tinkering.

And oh, how ridiculous these rules have become in Sydney. A special little person has decided that there is a certain time at night when we are all allowed to go out, and there is a certain time that we are allowed into an establishment and a certain time that we are all supposed to be tucked into bed. 

There is a certain time we are allowed to buy some drinks, and over the course of the night the amount of drinks we are allowed to buy will change. The drinks we buy must be in a special cup made of a special material, and that special material will change over the course of the night at certain times. The cup has to be a certain size. It cannot be too big, because someone might die. Over the course of the night, this special little person will tell you what you can and cannot put into your cup because someone might die.

It is now illegal to buy a bottle of wine after 10pm in the City of Sydney because not a single one of us is to be trusted with any level of personal responsibility. Apparently there is an epidemic of people being bashed to death over dinner with a bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that we have all been blissfully unaware of. 

When tourists used to visit Australia, they used to marvel at our easy go lucky attitude and laid back lifestyle. Now they go home and call us the ‘world’s dumbest nation’. 

Sydney used to be a laid back place where we’re (sic) welcome the world to come throw a shrimp on the barbie. Now if you do that and someone takes offence to the smoke, the NSW Government will fine you $1100 for the first offence, $2200 for the second and probably put you on a registered barbecue offenders list.

The spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia English Springer Spaniels are used for both drug and firearm detection.

NSW Police are looking into the incident, the spokeswoman said.

The pool is one of Sydney’s treasures. It backs onto the Royal Botanical Gardens and overlooks the Sydney Harbour with the Art Gallery of NSW by its side.

The affects the Sydney lockout laws have had on business, tourism and live music have come to the fore over recent days after businessman Matt Barrie published an epic 8,400 rant which went viral.

Sydney’s current lockout laws 

Lock outs and last drinks: 1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks at hotels, registered clubs, nightclubs and licenced karaoke bars

Temporary bans: of 48 hours for troublemakers 

Takeaway alcohol sales: stop at 10pm for bottle shops, hotels and clubs. This law is NSW-wide 

Liquor licenses: two year freeze on approvals for new and existing licenses.

Licensee fines: of up to $11,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months for failure to comply with the new laws.

Revoking of Competency cards and disqualifications: (up to 12 months) for bar staff breaching responsible service of alcohol requirements.

Mr Barrie, the Chief Executive at Freelancer.com, posted the essay on LinkedIn last week, which accused Sydney of ‘regressing into the dark ages’ due to the new policies making drastic changes to the city’s nightlife and ‘destroying’ local businesses.

The controversial lockout and alcohol laws were first introduced in NSW by the O’Farrell government in March 2014 to counteract the escalation of alcohol-fueled violence.

‘The NSW government introduced lock-out laws to the city’s central business district and Kings Cross entertainment district after a media scare campaign driven by the NSW Police Association following the death of teenager Daniel Christie on New Year’s Eve in 2013,’ wrote Mr Barrie.

‘All these ridiculous rules started as an annoyance, became an inconvenience but are now not just gross infringements on our civil liberties, but incredibly damaging to the economy.’

‘When tourists used to visit Australia, they used to marvel at our easy go lucky attitude and laid back lifestyle. Now they go home and call us the ‘world’s dumbest nation’.’

‘Every week, another venue or restaurant closes. The soul of the city has been destroyed.’

Mr Barrie’s essay was accompanied by photos of closed down venues in the inner city suburb, capturing how dismal and deserted Kings Cross and other central locations have become.

On Saturday night, the owners of wine bar 10 William Street in inner-Sydney Paddington posted on Instagram that NSW Police said pouring wine by the glass promotes ‘unsavoury antisocial behaviour’.

‘SYDNEY WHAT THE F*** IS HAPPENING,’ the post continued.




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