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Polio and DDT


[The DDT connection to polio was resurrected by Jim West  (where he matches polio incidence with pesticide usage) as was the work of Ralph R. Scobey, M.D. and Morton S. Biskind, M.D.  A few people have used his research without giving credit.]

DDT/Polio: Virology vs Toxicology By Jim West

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Weekly Wrap: Raspberries, Pesticides and the New Polio

[vid] DDT is sprayed over Rockford, Illinois to combat polio epidemic. August 27, 1945

The following are arcana (unreferenced literature) discovered as the result of Jim West’s original and independent toxicological research into polio epidemics.

Jim West
Ralph R. Scobey, M.D.
Morton S. Biskind, M.D.

Jim West sites

DDT spraying
DDT delousing (typhus)

AD for DDT
“DDT is good for me-e-e!”

[2017 Feb] Have DDT and Polio Vaccines been Used for Population Control? by Christina England

[2011 Sept] WWII Military Handbook Reveals Pesticide Chemicals Used In Infant Vaccines By Jeffry John Aufderheide

[2002] Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature By Jim West

Images of Poliomyelitis: A Critique of Scientific Literature by Jim West

[Media 18/9/06] U.N. Pushing DDT on Africa

Polio question re DDT

Dr Kumm’s (suspicious) conflict of interest

Citation with OPs as risk factor for GBS/polio

Third of ME cases are pesticide-related

[Media April 2002] Study finds DDT may spur disease

Common chemical poisons that cause polio by Eleanor McBean

[1954] Is Human Poliomyelitis Caused By An Exogenous Virus? by Ralph R. Scobey, M.D.

[1952] The Poison Cause of Poliomyelitis And Obstructions To Its Investigation by Ralph R. Scobey, M.D.

[1951] Is The Public Health Law Responsible For The Poliomyelitis Mystery? Ralph R. Scobey, M.D.

[1950] Statement On Clinical Intoxication From DDT And  Other New Insecticides by Morton S. Biskind, M.D.

[1949] DDT Poisoning A New Syndrome With Neuropsychiatric Manifestations by Morton S. Biskind, M.D. and Irving Bieber, M.D.

Jim West

In 1946, when the Great Polio Epidemic was exploding, Zimmerman and Lavine advocated that farmers spray 5% DDT solutions upon dairy animals during feeding, in the air, upon their bodies and bedding. DDT Dosage In The Early 1950s

“The vaccination programs are irrelevant to the decline of polio, while pesticides correlate perfectly with polio.  The unfunded, ostracized theory of poison causality far exceeds all other theories in simplicity, exactitude, and directness regarding correlations within all data areas: dosage, physiology, etiology, epidemiology, economics, and politics.”–Jim West

”Despite the fact that DDT is a highly lethal poison for all species of animals, the myth has become prevalent among the general population that it is safe for man in virtually any quantity.  Not only is it used in households with reckless abandon, so that sprays and aerosols are inhaled, the solutions are permitted to contaminate the skin. Bedding and other textiles are saturated. Food and food utensils are contaminated. DDT is also widely used in restaurants and food processing establishments and as an insecticide on crops.
Cattle, sheep and other food animals are extensively dusted with it and large areas are indiscriminately sprayed from airplanes for mosquito control.  DDT is difficult and usually completely impossible to remove from contaminated foods (it is not affected by cooking) and it accumulates in the fat and appears in the milk of animals who feed on sprayed pasture or on contaminated fodder or who lick the DDT from their hides.
As DDT is a cumulative poison, it is inevitable that large-scale intoxication of the American population would occur. In 1944, Smith and Stohlman of the National Institutes of Health, after an extensive study of the cumulative toxicity of DDT, pointed out,  “The toxicity of DDT combined with its cumulative action and absorbability from the skin places a definite health hazard on its use.”  ~   Morton S. Biskind, M.D., “DDT Poisoning and the Elusive ‘Virus X’: A New Cause for Gastroenteritis,” American Journal of Digestive Diseases, vol. 16, no. 3, 1949, pp. 79–84. [pdf] THE “DISAPPEARANCE” OF POLIO   [2013] Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History

Polio: An American Story  by David Oshisky. This is an excerpt from the introduction: “In 1949, San Angelo, Texas outbreak of polio in kids….Since poliovirus was often found in human feces and on the legs of houseflies, Dr R.E. Elvins, the city health officer, called for a heavy spraying of DDT, singling out the open pit toilets on the “Latin American” and “Negro” side of town….. Blaming the epidemic on the “wetbacks” who migrated north each year, monitoring the health of migrant workers become the target…San Angelo bought two fogging machines to bathe the city in DDT. Twice each day, flatbed trucks would rumble through the streets, spraying the chemical from large hoses while children danced innocently in the mist that trailed behind. As a goodwill gesture, the local Sherwin-Williams store provided DDT at no cost, urging customers to drench the walls and furniture in their homes…..By mind-June more than half of San Angelo’s 160 hospital beds were filled by polio patients, almost all of them children under 15.  In truth, polio was never the raging epidemic portrayed in the media, not even at its height in the 1940s and 1950s.  Ten times as many children would died in accidents in those years, and three times as many would die of cancer. Polio’s special status was due, in large part, to the efforts of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, better known as the March of Dimeswhich employed the latest techniques in advertising, fund raising and motivational research to turn a horrific but relatively uncommon disease in to the most feared affliction of its time.  The genius of the National Polio Foundation lay in its ability to single out polio for special attention, making it seem more ominous than other diseases. This strategy would revolutionize the way charities raised money, recruited volunteers organized local chapters and penetrated medical research. The new model created philanthropy as consumerism and in turn, funded a furious competition for a vaccine…The Salk trials would have a profound impact on the federal government’s role in testing and licensing future drugs and vaccines. “

“The official West Nile virus paradigm actually does make political sense. After all, you can’t expect Mayor Giuliani to say, “Thousands of birds are falling from the sky because of petrochemical emissions in Jersey, illegal emissions, major airport take-off lanes over residential zones, congested automobile traffic, and gasoline with 15% MTBE, which is a poison and neurotoxic precursor. Air pollution has triggered the deaths of birds already burdened with pesticides, mercury, and lead residues. If you’re a visiting tourist, chances are you’ll be OK, and NYC loves your money. So, let’s all pretend it’s a deadly virus and endure a ritual of mind-numbing fear, dramatized by occasional unscheduled pesticide sprayings by helicopters over crowded streets and parks.”–Jim West

“My site has several articles by the Nobel Laureate Alexis Carrel regarding injections of highly dilute poisons, similar to formaldehyde in Salk vaccine, which was 1:4000 concentration. Carrel injected carcinogens at 1:5000 to 1:250000 and caused reliably, cancer in chickens.”—Jim West

“April 1953, leading DDT consultant, Dr Kumm, became Director of Polio Research for NFIP.”—Jim West

“In 1983, via new legislation, DDT was allowed back into the U.S. marketplace, but only in pesticide blends. Within only a few months of this re-entry, a new kind of polio epidemic suddenly occurred. It was labelled “post-polio”, the re-emergence of polio symptoms in former victims. This has involved approximately 600,000 victims.”–Jim West

“The injection of puree of diseased brain tissue into the brains of dogs was the method preferred by Louis Pasteur to establish virus causality with the CNS disease, rabies. A recent, definitive biography of Pasteur finds him to be a most important publicist for germ theory, a crucial publicist for rabies virus causality, and that his rabies experiments were biased and unsupported by independent studies. (Gerald L. Geison, The Private Science Of Louis Pasteur, Princeton University Press (1995)).”—Jim West

“Central nervous system diseases other than polio continue in the U.S. and throughout the world: acute flaccid paralysis, chronic fatigue syndrome, encephalitis, meningitis, muscular sclerosis, and rarely in humans, rabies.”–Jim West

The word “virus” is ancient Latin, meaning “slime” or “poison.” Mainstream science admits that most viruses are harmless, yet the word “virus ” adds to a biased and highly promoted language of fear regarding nature. Definitions of viruses; range from “pathogenic” to “not usually pathogenic” – the more popular the media source, the more frightening the definition. Less fearful definitions would change the relationship between the medical industry and its “patients.”
Paradoxically, early virus studies considered virus filtrates to be a poison, not a microbe, thus the name virus. Today, we know that viruses are information. Now, nearly a half-century later, the validity of Dr. Biskinds work appears even more certain. Again, according to Biskind:
It was even known by 1945 that DDT is stored in the body fat of mammals and appears in the milk. With this foreknowledge the series of catastrophic events that followed the most intensive campaign of mass poisoning in known human history, should not have surprised the experts. Yet, far from admitting a causal relationship so obvious that in any other field of biology it would be instantly accepted, virtually the entire apparatus of communication, lay and scientific alike, has been devoted to denying, concealing, suppressing, distorting and attempts to convert into its opposite, the overwhelming evidence. Libel, slander and economic boycott have not been overlooked in this campaign.

The unique correlations between CNS disease and CNS toxins present a variety of research opportunities not only in medical science, but political science, philosophy, media studies, psychology, and sociology. Images of Poliomyelitis: A Critique of Scientific Literature by Jim West

When DDT was released for civilian use after World War II, it was recognized as effective and generally benign to humans. It was so popular it was even thrown instead of rice at some weddings.  Producers of DDT and other new pesticides had the best of all possible worlds. Regulation was limited to concerns about efficacy, not safety……The USDA began to promote widespread spraying with DDT and other pesticides……The USDA knew little about the effects of widespread dispersion of many of the chemicals it promoted and subsidized, partly because Congress directed funds for spraying but not research on environmental impacts. And because federal regulation was aimed at preempting state regulation, the federal government discouraged states and localities from controlling pesticide use. [2001] DDT: An Issue of Property Rights

[DDT was actually used to combat polio as the man spraying alleys must be doing.] As to the alleged freedom from toxic reactions in the public health usage, here too evidence gathered by Dr. Robert F. Mobbs of North Carolina, indicates that these reactions occur frequently among affected populations but are not attributed to their actual cause. The use of DDT is an effort to stop the spread of poliomyelitis is a case in point.  Following a recent extensive trip through the South, Dr. Mobbs informed me that wherever DDT had been used intensively against polio, not only was there an epidemic of the syndrome I have described but the incidence of polio continued to rise and in fact appeared where it had not been before.   This is not surprising since it is known that not only can DDT poisoning produce a condition that may easily be mistaken for polio in an epidemic but also being a nerve poison itself, may damage cells in the spinal cord and thus increase the susceptibility to the virus. [1950] Statement On Clinical Intoxication From DDT And  Other New Insecticides by Morton S. Biskind, M.D.

“Today, various other forms of the the word “polio” are still used to describe the effects of poisoning, though usually with regard to paralysis in animals. A search of Medline (“polio” and “poison”) finds about 45 contemporary articles where poisoning causality is attributed to polio. The terminology found was: “polioencephalomalacia“, “poliomyelomalacia“, “polyradiculoneuritis”, “neurological picture similar to that of poliomyelitis”, “polioencephalomyelomalacia”, “lumbal poliomyelomalacia”, “cerebrocortical necrosis (polioencephalomalacia)”, “Lead poisoning in grey-headed fruit bats (Pteropus poliocephalus)”, “multifocal-poliomyelomalacia”, “spinal poliomalacia”, “Polio and high-sulfate diets”, “Atypical porcine enterovirus encephalomyelitis: possible interraction between enteroviruses and arsenicals”, “Polioencephalomalacia and photosensitization associated with Kochia scoparia consumption in range cattle”, “bovine polioencephalomalacia”. —Jim West

Zimmerman and his colleagues advised that DDT be sprayed directly on dairy cows, their feed, bedding and water, in a 5 percent solution. Dairy products are ideal pesticide carriers because they are emulsions of fats and water. DDT is a waxy organochlorine with an affinity for fats, and is efficiently carried by dairy products through the digestive tract into the organs. In the mid-1940s the FDA advised against the use of DDT, especially on dairy farms. However, the pressure of the industry to promote DDT was overwhelming and the FDA’s advice went unheeded. [2002] Pesticides and Polio: A Critique of Scientific Literature By Jim West

In 1946, when the Great Polio Epidemic was exploding, Zimmerman and Lavine advocated that farmers spray 5% DDT solutions upon dairy animals during feeding, in the air, upon their bodies and bedding. DDT Dosage In The Early 1950s

Morton S. Biskind, M.D.


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  1. Interesting Video – youtube

    Suzanne Humphries, MD, speaking on Polio at the Association of Natural Health Conference.

    Our public hospitals are set up as DISTRIBUTION & DELIVERY facilities for toxic chemicals.

    Our Public Hospitals are MULTI – BILLION DOLLAR FACILITIES built with hard earned taxpayer dollars – that have been utilized to deliver toxic – prescription derived chemicals to Australian citizens for the profit of the PHARMACEUTICAL & PESTICIDE INDUSTRIES.

    Australia Public Hospitals are run by Academic CRONIES of the Establishment – the same CRONIES of the establishment that run the Universities to make sure they only churn out their YES men & women.
    Australian Public Hospitals – which are MULTI – BILLION DOLLAR FACILITIES have been run into the ground by the establishments CRONIE moron – leving them in massive DEBT.

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