March 4, 2024

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President Trump Has Fiery Exchange With CNN’s Jim Acosta



President Donald Trump got into a tense exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta during a press conference in the White House on Wednesday (November 7). The fiery back and forth started during a question over the president’s characterization of a migrant caravan traveling toward the U.S. border as invaders.

After a lengthy back-and-forth, Trump told Acosta: “Honestly, I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN, and if you did it well your ratings would be much better.”

Trump then tried to call on NBC News reporter Peter Alexander but Acosta refused to give up the microphone and tried to ask another question.

Eventually, Trump let him ask a question on Russia, which Trump brushed off before telling him to put down the mic. Trump wasn’t done, telling Acosta that “CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN.”

Alexander then defended his colleague, telling the president that Acosta is a “diligent reporter who busts his butt like the rest of us.” Trump replied saying that he is not a fan of Alexander’s reporting either.

Acosta continued to challenge the president, standing up and shouting questions.

“OK. Just sit down please,” Trump told Acosta. “When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people.”

CNN issued a statement in support of Acosta saying that Trump’s “ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far.”

4 thoughts on “President Trump Has Fiery Exchange With CNN’s Jim Acosta

  1. “We have hundreds of companies moving in, we need the people.”


    😛 😛 😛

  2. AS FAR AS STUNTS GO ….. I would give it ZIT for credibility ….. it shows Trump strong on those who are not “true Americans” & then he becomes REASONABLE.
    And a “ma’m” comes up to Jim Acosts & does WHAT …. pulls at his lapel to save the President – to show that women love the president ….. to show her loyalty to Donald J Trump ….. WHAT ??

    Oh, Please !! … okay

  3. Let me tell you a true story.
    So help me God.
    May I drop dead if I am telling a lie.
    A Medical Center in Coburg … a continuation of Munroe St over Sydney Rd going to Nicholson St.
    Lady Dr., of Aussie descent, married, no children.
    A Cardiologist of Middle Eastern descent, happily married with young adult children, has rooms in a small hospital in Brunswick.
    He asks her for $200.000 in cash & she gives it to him.
    He subsequently ditches her.
    She only wants the relationship to continue & pursues him relentlessly.
    Only that one of her patients whom she treated badly / a disgruntled customer found out from his reception staff who were a witness to their scuffles & told her husband & his wife & everyone else.
    Ah, the beauty of social media.
    Imagine trying to explain to your husband where you got the money from & why you gave it to him.

  4. Paul Jones Watson video.
    I just watched it on Aletho News.
    A blow up of the video shows the woman White House staffer trying to TAKE the microphone away from Jim Acosta.
    Not a good idea.
    She should have asked Acosta to give it over
    If he did not she should have insisted
    If Acosta as not compliant, she could have warned him that she would call security
    then she should have called security to retrieve the microphone for Jim Acosta.
    Instead, she tried several times to take it away from him & finally
    She was the one who was led away leaving Jim Acosta with the microphone STILL
    CURIOUS ??
    Acosta was now accused of manhandling a woman – with footage to prove it – silly man.
    Or was it all just another Xmas Pantomime so that President Donald J Trump could enjoy his 15 minutes of fame ??

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