February 23, 2024

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Victorian Primary School Children Told To Ask Their Dads About Their Erections and Ejaculations for Homework

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Primary school children in Victoria have been given a worksheet instructing them to ask their fathers about their “erections and ejaculations.”

Liberal MP Bernie Finn brought the matter to Victoria’s Minister for Education this week after he was contacted by the parent of a ten-year-old girl who was told to “discuss with her father his erections and ejaculations” as part of her homework.

A photograph of the worksheet was sent to Mr Finn, which instructed children to “see how much the adults at your home know” about various topics, including the “penis growing bigger,” “ejaculation,” “wet dreams,” “clitoris hardens and becomes more sensitive,” and “vaginal wetness.”

2 thoughts on “Victorian Primary School Children Told To Ask Their Dads About Their Erections and Ejaculations for Homework

  1. When Australians voted to allow the LGBT political group into Australian Church’s to marry each other they, obviously, ignored the advice coming from Canada that this group would invade our schools.
    Advice not taken and here we are with a glaring promotion of children to become involved with their parents sexual biology that suggests to me a promotion of incest on the home front.
    How on earth could a young girl of 10 years possibly cope with the adult physical, sexual and emotional energy of the married relationship of her parents.
    This is the sick agenda of the LGBT to destroy the natural Family unit a unit that they are incapable of producing because of their unnatural habitat.
    NSW voted 75% for this encroachment into our churches and the other States responded in strong favour that suggests why the persistence of Pedophiles in Government, media and Judiciary is tolerated by the people.
    We must protect our children against this unnatural onslaught.
    They are our future! and today it is looking bleak.

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