December 1, 2023

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On today’s podcast show, author and researcher Shannon Rowan jumps back on with me to cover all the latest and to promote her new book WIFI Refugee Plight Of The Modern Day Canary.

Shannon jumps on with me today for a big podcast show to break down important areas of the COVID PSYOP and to also take a look at the incredible addiction many people have with modern technology and smart devices.

We discuss how mass mind control works through media, Governments and how many peoples minds are being replaced with smart tech and how to combat fear.

Support Shannon’s work by grabbing her new book WiFi Refugee: Plight of the Modern-day Canary Kindle Edition for OZ. Paperback

WiFi Refugee: Plight of the Modern-day Canary for USA


You can email Shannon if you have any questions about her books or work at [email protected]

WiFi Refugee; Plight of the Modern-day Canary

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