March 4, 2024

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Dear Class Action Members,

We are excited to announce that Victoria has quietly updated it’s Care Facilities Direction and in this direction they have removed the mandating of the influenza vaccine on all visitors and employees of aged care residential facilities.

​We have put together a video for your consideration.

This is the time for us to stick together and continue with the class action. The strength we have demonstrated in rising together and saying no is compelling.

Our next steps will be to write to all Chief Health Officers in all States and Territories to also press for the removal of these directives in line with what Victoria has done in the midst of an alleged pandemic outbreak.

We will use their withdrawal as further proof that the directives are both unlawful and unreasonable.

We will then contact you individually to assess your situation and to see if we can work with your employer to return you to work and re-establish proper contact with your loved ones. We know some of you have been coerced and others may have lost your loved ones in this sad process. We also know some of you have been terminated and even vaccine injured after being compelled.

We will re-examine the question of compensation in those cases. But in the meantime, we will work hard to use this as an opportunity to push the rest of the States and Territories to withdraw their directives.

As we have said from the start, Strength in numbers.

We will send you a copy of the letters we will put to the remaining States and Territories.

We will be in touch shortly.

Warm Regards

Serene Teffaha & the Advocate Me Team

Visiting care facilities

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