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Questioning The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

Ecccoautist AKA James works in media & politics in the United States. He has worked in network television, and on multiple presidential campaigns, including the most recent one. He tweets about politics, culture, economics & the environment under the alias @ecccoautist on Twitter.
A video version of this program is available here.
Henrik welcomes Ecccoautist to the program for an in-depth conversation about the recent mass shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Henrik introduces our topic by making an apt parallel between this incident and the nebulous nature of events surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of 2012. Ecccoautist introduces himself and states that although he has paid attention to incidents of this kind in the past, he was intrigued, in this particular case, by the vast number of inconsistencies that plague the official narrative. He goes on to say that because of this, it is difficult to piece together an accurate overall history of the shooting. Subsequently, we discuss a whole range of conflicting reports, eye-witness statements, and timeline conflicts that lend credence to the incident’s bizarre complexity. We then delve into the possible rationale for why America’s hostile media, political, and corporate elites would want to take advantage of the situation for their own nefarious ends.
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  1. Ils gardent désormais leur peine pour eux comme pour chacune de nos vies .. Et doivent continuer à représenter le Danemark cest vrai . Un hommage pour le prince Henrik aura lieu cet lété dans le Lot avec un concert et une messe ( annoncé par sa soeur religieuse Catherine )

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