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Red Ice Live – First Ever All Hijab Show at New York Fashion Week

Henrik & Lana discuss the hysteria over the first all hijab runway show during New York Fashion Week and the push to get White European women to wear a hijab.

This is an excerpt from the twelfth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.

Watch the entire episode here


5 thoughts on “Red Ice Live – First Ever All Hijab Show at New York Fashion Week

  1. what is the hijab .. it is a head scarf .. a veil
    Google head scarf in fashion 1940 images ..
    & look at how many different ways the scarf can be worn .. notice that the scarf was considered classy & very much high fashion .. notice Audrey Hepburn in a head scarf .. Queen Liz & HRH Princess Ann are constantly see wearing a scarf ..
    Fashion is here today & gone tomorrow .. the fashion industry is cashing in on the free publicity & making money.

  2. As a child in North Carlton .. Jewish women wore a wig to cover their natural hair .. it was a part of their religious code.

  3. We Roman Catholic females had to wear a head covering to go to mass on Sunday .. I had this funny little hat with an elastic that went under my chin so it did not fall off. My mother wore a black, lace, scarf .. the very scarf she was buried in years later.

  4. head scarf fashion 1920’s image / but also Brigitte Bardot in head scarf image .. there are 2 pic’s of Lovely Sophia Loren wearing full scarf’s .. Brigitte Bardot wearing a head scarf & a fag hanging out of her mouth .. for the tough chick that she was

  5. If you saw the mini skirt I wore when I was 18 years old .. my mother said, “make sure you wear clean undies in case you bend over.”

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