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Richard Hirschman – WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! Structures Killing Injected 1 Year After Shot


Whistleblower and Embalmer Richard Hirschman joins us to share his findings from injected individuals, with evidence of huge structures growing inside of them and killing them even a year after their shots.

Richard also discusses that he has found this in the bodies of uninjected people who have had blood transfusions.

Watch the John O’Looney Interview here. Watch the Infowars episode here.

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1 thought on “Richard Hirschman – WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! Structures Killing Injected 1 Year After Shot

  1. Wanted to share this here also to help get truth to more people.

    150 Studies show masks are dangerous and useless

    This is how I have to post on Facebook to stop continually being censored and banned which is a month each time and been on permanent restricted postings since November 2021 for posting Truth about the Covid Plandemic Scamdemic. as Mr Zuckerberg is another globalist Tyrant member of the monstrous World Economic Forum.
    I only persevere with that shit platform that has murdered Free speech, Free thinking and differing opinions and information from that of Tyrannical Governments as a lot of people still are on there and just maybe some more people will awaken to the catastrophic position the world is in with Tyrannical Governments and their globalist accomplices WEM WHO UN et al.

    My Comment>
    German Neurologist reports of serious harm from oxygen deprivation and we already know the catas*trop*hic ha*rm and deaxxs from the Coxxd needles.
    We await desperately globally for some high ranking legal eagles with the United Power to stop all these psy*cho*paths on board the Coxxx Lun*ati*cs Train and the destr*uction of our global dem*ocra*cies.

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