February 26, 2024

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‘Sack Them All!’: Huge scenes in Canberra as demonstrators flood the capital

What An Incredible Day In Canberra!!!
The largest crowd of demonstrators yet have once again taken to the streets of Canberra to protest against a number of issues, including COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The pro-choice convoy campaign marched through the capital in huge scenes, before gathering on the lawns of Parliament for speeches and to let their voices be heard.


At around 11am this morning, city streets came alive with the footsteps of protesters as far as they eye could see, as the marched towards Parliament House for what was billed as the biggest rally yet.

And it certainly was the biggest rally in Canberra yet.

Overnight, there was a significant influx of people at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) showgrounds, with the larger group first being seen together in unison this morning as they headed through the CBD.

Police warned locals to avoid roads near the EPIC campsite, as well as Northbourne Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue, because of traffic caused by protesters.

Below we can see the crowd flooding city streets, with the symbolic representation of governing powers looming in the background. ‘Towards the mouth of hell we march’.


On arrival to Parliament lawns, spare spaces could rarely be seen as the demonstrators packed in for speeches.

The largely de-centralised and non-political group, with some exceptions, handed a list of demands to the Senate earlier this week, which calls for an end to continued mandates and more.

The group is also calling for those responsible for this dystopian period to be held accountable.

The protesters gathered on the lawns of Parliament House, and despite warnings from ACT police to stay behind the barricades, at least 100 breached the fence, with police holding their lines by just metres.

Once again, groups in veteran gear were seen in amongst the huge crowd of demonstrators.

Let’s not forget about the truckies themselves, who were also present. One man was arrested after he drove his truck through a road block.

Even one Channel 7 reporter couldn’t deny the magnitude of events occurring in Canberra today.

Interestingly, almost all livestreamers on-the-ground experienced issues with connectivity, with many suspecting potential interruptions as was seen during the Melbourne blackout in September.

Local phone towers were also down in the area.

What was the old saying: ‘The revolution won’t be televised’?

Meanwhile, ScoMo has tried to distance himself for his role in this entire saga this afternoon:

Protesters have been told they must vacate camp EPIC this weekend.

TOTT News will continue to follow this growing event in Canberra.

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