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Safe Shorts To Stop Women Joggers Suffering SEX ATTACKS In Germany Are Sold Out

The trousers come with a lock for women’s intimate areas and an alarm, so would ensure the wearers were kept safe from any sex attacks.
Business graduate, Sandra Seilz, decided to invent the trousers after she was attacked by three drunk men when she was jogging in the woods.Women’s intimate areas will be sealed off with a “protective shield”.The website says: “Get into your safe shorts, pull the ergonomically placed high-tech cords that are tear and cut-resistant until the trousers are in place.

German police car

The entrepreneur hopes that the safe shorts will keep women protected

“The the cords are fixed to a power alarm.“Should someone try to get into the trousers of the jogger the alarm will go off at a volume of 130 decibels, which is supposed to scare off the attacker.”The trousers are made of the same material as bullet-proof vests and can only be cut by attackers.Ms Seilz said: “Safe Shorts provide triple protection against sexual assaults, and we’re very proud of them.”

Protests against Merkel

After the Cologne sex attacks, Angela Merkel has faced a backlash

The inventor Ms Seilz said people should not be worried if there is an emergency, she said: “In ambulances there are electrical devices that can cut the strong material.”The shorts can be purchased online for €149 on the website and the businesswomen hopes to also make lockable pants for going out.
The company has also received orders from Japan, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Taiwan and the United States.Germany security forces are on high alert as the country prepares for New Year’s Eve just days after 12 people were killed in a truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market.Concrete blocks will protect New Year’s revellers from potential vehicle attacks.Source:



2 thoughts on “Safe Shorts To Stop Women Joggers Suffering SEX ATTACKS In Germany Are Sold Out

  1. A sharp knife would not only cut through the trouser leg but also make a nice gash in the actual leg of the potential victim ..
    Don’t be fooled .. all things Made In Germany are actually IMPORTS FROM CHINA.

  2. There is also the blunt approach .. “Take off your trousers or I will slit your throat” .. isn’t this an offer the victim could not refuse .. This product is not worthy enough to be called bullshit .. cow dung will do here.

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