April 20, 2024

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Scott Morrison Thinks That Vaccine Science Is Settled



The depressing thing about the anti-vaxxers is the impossibility of having a reasoned exchange with them – as is usually the case with people who think they are not only entitled to their own opinions, but also their own set of specially designed “facts” and “science”.At the deeper end of this loon pond are the conspiracy nutters who believe vaccinations are a plot by the United Nations and the Illuminati to implement Agenda 21 and a program of global eugenics that will result in billions being culled from the world population.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Morrison Thinks That Vaccine Science Is Settled

  1. Regardless of where you stand on vaccination it is a serious issue that must be settled with massive coatings of public debate as the public comprise of the most human beings that will be effected by vaccinations. Is not the policy of “the greatest good for the greatest number” part of our Governments Agenda?
    The writer of this article is a mere journalist… not a biological scientist but has emerged out of the woodwork to offer his opinion on a scientific issue he knows absolutely nothing about.
    His mentor, the Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison, is a mere politician who is not a biological scientist but is also offering his opinion about a serious health issue he is not skilled in.
    So….. these two people mentioned above have the right to free speech and it is paramount that they have that freedom in a country whose government promotes democracy, free speech and individual choice.
    My question to Mr MP Morris and the illustrious Journo Paul Syvret is…….,
    Why are the public being denied the right to decide what goes into their bodies and the bodies of their children where vaccines are concerned……. Gus

  2. In all seriousness the Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison, is inciting dissension amongst the Australian public whilst promoting vaccines.
    A word comes to mind and that word is ‘treason’.
    Dictionary….. “In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.”
    You be the judge!……. Gus

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