April 24, 2024

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See inside an actual bugout bag and learn what you will, and will not, need to take with you


If you’re relatively new to prepping you’ve probably read a lot of material about “bugout bags,” an in particular what you should and should not include inside yours.

There are many variants of bugout bags because there are many differences between people and their individual situations. But the good news is, there are also many common denominators when it comes to assembling the gear you will need to escape a SHTF situation or to move from point A to point B due to some other unforeseen emergency.

And there are, of course, some common bugout bag mistakes and pitfalls you’ll want to avoid, as well, such as keeping your bag small enough to enable you to move without tiring to not trying to look out of place.

What is also important is that you prepare for the critical time – that is, the first 72 hours after a natural disaster or other emergency, as those first hours will be crucial to your survival.

Finally, if the roads aren’t clogged and you’re able to travel using your automobile, this is another facet of bugout preparation you’ll need to consider.

In the meantime, the following is a great video explaining a number of facets surrounding the act of bugging out and also serves as a great primer on what you ought to consider putting in your bugout bag.

The video will discuss:

— Bugout bag contents and why items are important

— The concept of bugout bag weight and functionality

— Practicing with your bugout bag, as in the need to hike with it so you can fully appreciate what that entails

— Bugout bag selection

— Why portability is important (what if you’re not home when the emergency strikes?)

— Proper use of space within your bugout bag

— And much more!

Grab a notepad and a pen, and enjoy this short, informative video:




4 thoughts on “See inside an actual bugout bag and learn what you will, and will not, need to take with you


    Even if the roads aren’t clogged – what happens if you run out of fuel or the conditions are not condusive to a vehicle, or vehicle travel. How are you going to move fast & loose?
    In all the movies where people find themselves trapped in the wilderness & the like – no one ever anticipates being stranded.
    My first consideration would be
    * solar electric vehicle & trailer.
    * portable solar pannels & storage battery.
    * water, but also a simple water condensation collector.
    * a bag of flour / salt / sugar / Coles brand oats x 4 / powdered milk / the potato is an excellent source of complete energy / olive oil / a vitamin & mineral suppliment / a cooking pot & lid / a large spoon & fork / toilet paper / a first aid kit / fly & bug repellent / a blow up mattress & pump & emergency type blanket / & then the bugout bag.
    * Quimera Project solar scooter with unfolding solar panels – electro solar scooter personal transportation & commuting vehicle with high- performance & zero fuel costs.
    * A Solar electric tricycle of which there are several shapes & sizes to seat – pasangers – cart provisions.
    * Even little solar electric cars whicH will transport & give shelter when resting.

  2. I would add, chicken & beef stock cubes for a savory dish / fresh ginger to cook up as a drink, either hot or cold / a big bag of brown rice & onions.

  3. Offer to do odd jobs or offer assistance in exchange for any necessary items – along the way – but make sure that you have plenty of cash – well hidden.

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