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‘Simply disgusting’: Calls grow to ban Sam Smith’s new music video for ‘normalizing debauchery’



LONDON, ENGLAND: Sam Smith faced quite the backlash over a controversial music video for their new track ‘I’m Not Here to Make Friends.’ The British singer-songwriter released their fourth album ‘Gloria’ this week.

The video for ‘I’m am Not Here to Make Friends’ was heavily criticized on social media, with critics decrying the singer’s sexuality, weight and gender identity. The criticism was directed at the scantily clad dancers seen in the clip cavorting and humping in provocative moves. The lyrics of the song are about finding a sexual partner and letting go of one’s inhibitions in the process.

The video opens with a series of samples, including a snippet of the gay anthem ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ as well as drag icon RuPaul’s statement, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else, can I get an amen up in here?” Smith, 30, arrives at a party by helicopter wearing a hot pink frilly outfit. Throughout the video, the singer is seen in several kinky outfits, including a black feather headdress paired with a tuxedo dress with a thigh-high slit. She reappears in a beaded and silver corset with nipple covers before changing into a gold ensemble with a long cape and platform heels. Finally, Smith dons animal print shorts and tulle before driving away on the hood of a car.

“The new Sam Smith video is utter filth, kids will watch that on the music channels,” GB News panelist Adam Brooks tweeted. “Sam Smith is a perfect example of what degenerate Hollywood culture does to people. It makes celebrities vulgar, hyper-sexualized, and obsessed with wearing their sexuality like a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face. And to make matters worse, kids look up to this man!” broadcaster Dominique Samuels offered. “LSE is whitewashing Christ from the calendar. Sam Smith is trending for normalizing debauchery and degeneracy. Police officers are prancing around with rainbow flags and glitter again. We truly live in a post-Christian Britain and it is ugly,” TV presenter Calvin Robinson fumed. “Sam Smith makes the LGBT community look bad. He wants to normalize this debauched behavior,” news commentator Oli London chimed in. “He wants younger generations to think this is ‘empowering’ Sam you are causing irreparable harm to the LGBT and are helping to give rise to hate being directed at LGBT #samsmith.” “Apparently this change is hard fought for ‘progress.’ I do think Sam Smith needs some serious help instead of being paraded like a vulgar character from Little Britain,” conservative activist Chris Rose wrote, adding, “His new video isn’t empowering, it’s simply disgusting.”


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