March 4, 2024

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  1. Amandha’s breakdown was wonderful.

    As much as I hate modern medicine, reptilian venom has been used to create medications that sometimes actually help people (although they are probably packed with negative direct-effects) and that most diseases and syndromes are preventable.

    Stew Peters, his frequent guest Mr. Jane Ruby (trans?) and most of his guests including Brian Ardiss are controlled opposition and there are several reasons why Peters and most of his guests are dangerous to his trusting viewers:

    Hearing this shit traumatizes the hell out of already traumatize people so its adding fuel to the fire.

    Peter’s fully scripted crap is a version of Alex Jones in that people are being hypnotized by the colors, music, Peter’s hand gestures, repetition of and stressing certain key words and phrases (neuro linguistic programming) and as this government garbage plays out people’s conscious minds are bypassed and they are far more likely to buy the products that Peters and his sponsors sell, so Peters is also a fkng thief (I DO believe in supplements but the right ones for the right reasons and in the correct doses).

    Peter’s is pushing a LOT of disinformation.

    When I was THICK enough to have watched his crap for about a week or two several months ago, I noticed that his guests and him were not stating a lot of obvious things such as how the virus has never been isolated or when people would come on and speak of “having been ill from Covid,” Peters would never correct them and flat-out state that its just a set of symptoms that these evil F government liars have throw together to give the illusion of a new “virus.”

    Peters and MANY other scumbags have taken this FAKE crisis to scare the shit out of people while making a LOT of money.

    I do not agree with every syllable Amandha speaks, but MOST of what she says is based in logic, science and common sense and even so far as one year back, ANYONE pretending that there’s SOME kind of virus or that there are ANY “good vaccines” IS controlled opposition because there’s no excuse for this kind of willful ignorance when so many people have been suffering and dying (from the “vaccine,” suicides, substance abuse and other horrible things).

    I have never seen this level of disinformation agents, but the more that I know about hoax events (such as the recent fake subway shooting in NYC) the more that I realize that there are far more sellout lying scumfucks than I ever imagined.

    I recently heard an estimate that there’s at least one-million live action role players in the United States alone (LARPers) and I finally believe this because when you consider the number of lying shits who MUST be in on the hoax but are sworn to silence (a non-disclosure agreement) and all of these wanna be amateur actors and using the recent subway “shooting” as an example, you have:

    The media who MUST know it was fake.
    The police.
    Most or all EMTs
    Those who recruit these actors, the directors, the film editors
    And what looked like at least one-hundred actors in the subway scenes,

    The Boston Bombing and all other hoax events across the world.

    Something as simple as how filmmakers create a complex crowd scene with people running all over the place seemingly of their own free will, spontaneously-This is EASILY done.

    I had to vent a bit.

  2. @Scott you said in a previous comment that you had a YouTube channel?🙂 I’d like a link to it please if possible?

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