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So Minister, why is your $65m ‘Vaccine Queen’ not answering questions?

Senator Katy Gallagher, one of Labor’s multi-talented Ministers for Everything, clearly resented having to answer questions from a mere One Nation senator.



AUSTRALIA’S “vaccine queen”, Professor Kristine Macartney, has gone AWOL at a time when questions are being asked in the Senate and elsewhere about the failure of the Federal Government to protect Australians from half-tested and often lethal mRNA vaccines.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts recently asked Australia’s most senior medical bureaucrats and the big-shot Labor lady, Senator Katy Gallagher (Minister for Finance, Minister for Women, Minister for the Public Service), why Professor Macartney was absent from recent Senate Estimates Committee hearings.

Prof Macartney is described in bios as an “expert consultant” to the World Health Organisation including the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety and COVID-19 in Education, and is chairwoman of all key Australian vaccine and communicable disease advisory committees.

Multi-talented “expert medical adviser” Prof. Kristine Macartney, doing one of her slick PR slots during the plandemic.








Detailed grant information provided on the CoFaux website show that the lead vaccine researchers driving all government policy in Australia received $65,330,038 in government grants covering 2020-2021. Prof. Macartney’s name appeared first on every item in a list of recipients of the grants, which according to CoFaux authors, mostly “appears to be money from the WHO, GAVI and PATH and or for “general support services”.

Minister Gallagher dodged a question from Senator Roberts asking if she could confirm the $65 million figure and what the grants were used for and whether there was a conflict of interest from Macartney chairing the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS), which recommends if the federal government should add more vaccines to the schedule, and also the government’s Advisory Committee on Vaccines. He said it seemed like Gallagher had set up Macartney like some sort of “vaccine queen”.

The surly Minister, whose body language seemed to indicate disgust at having to be cross-examined by a mere One Nation senator, hand-balled the question to the Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly who took the question on notice, like most other questions.

Gallagher then added “for the record” that she thought it “unfortunate that individuals were named in this way with no right of reply”. But the same Minister could not explain why Prof. Macartney was not present.

Prof. Macartney has been accused of lying under oath as an expert witness in the Kassam vs Hazzard case heard in the NSW Supreme Court. Brad Hazzard, the bully boy former NSW Health Minister who enforced the Covid scam in that state, was accused of employing fraud and deceit against the Australian public in regard to Covid-19 and vaccination in the case, which attempted to overturn mandatory Covid-19 vaccine requirements for public sector workers.

Immunologist Dr Ted Steele wrote a letter to Macartney accusing her lying under oath about ivermectin, which of course, she was required to do, because emergency use authorisation of vaccines can only be done when, allegedly, no other viable alternative is available. US doctors and leading Australian medical researcher Prof. Thomas Borody all vouched for the effectiveness and safety of ivermectin against Covid. Others found hydroxychloroquine to be an effective treatment.

Other people might ask how one of the most highly qualified medical figures in the nation could get it so wrong on the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines? The obvious answer is that Macartney does not ask questions on the global stage, she merely follows orders from those above and around her e.g. Fauci, Gates and the big pharma chiefs.

“Australia’s premier vaccine sales advocate, the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, is in charge of recommending if the federal government should add more vaccines to the schedule,” Senator Roberts told the roomful of bureaucrats.

“Yet it’s the same organisation monitoring for adverse events from the vaccines it promotes. I asked the Minister if that sounds like a suitable arrangement to her. I also asked why the chair of NCIRS is also the chair of the government’s advisory committee on vaccines. Should the person who promotes new vaccines be a different person to the one looking for harms caused by the vaccine?”

He said the government and its drug regulatory authority were obviously reluctant to confront the possibility of conflicts of interest. “We only need to look at the situation with Dr Fauci, with his vast research grants and his position as both the advisor, the safety officer and the marketeer of the products to understand the potential for conflicts of interest leading to harm.”

When Senator Roberts asked why the NCIRS was not present at estimates, Prof. Kelly said “they are not an agency of the Commonwealth. They are a research institute, in fact. They do some work for us in relation to surveillance and research into immunisation, as their name suggests.”

So was this how Australia’s health bureaucrats avoided direct responsibility for imposing the Covid scamdemic response on the nation? They got the head of a private research institute to do the dirty work by making recommendations on behalf of the WHO and the other global players. These same bureaucrats and governing parties, also manufacture jobs for their friends by creating a bewilderding number of organisations, also noted by Senator Roberts.

Not only is there NCIRS, the TGA and AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency), there is also ATAGI (the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation), AEFI-CAN ( Adverse Events Following Immunisation Clinical Assessment Network) and the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council).

Under further questioning Prof Kelly “clarified” who was actually in charge of monitoring adverse vaccine events. “The TGA is the main provider of information about adverse events from vaccination. The NCIRS does run something. It’s actually on behalf of NSW Health, as I understand it, but we can place that on notice,” he said.

Kelly also “clarified” what Macartney actually does. “She is, as you’ve said, the chair of an advisory committee to the TGA. It does not make decisions. She is a member of ATAGI, which is an advisory group for the minister and does not make decisions. In terms of research grants, we have the NHMRC, but they might need to take that on notice. She probably has other sources of funds. I can’t talk to the $65 million.”

So it’s happy hunting Senator Roberts, who also noted recently that Minister Gallagher and the Labor government had done everything it can to avoid the scrutiny of a Royal Commission into COVID despite promising a Royal Commission on several occasions.

“Instead, PM Albanese has announced an inquiry that is guaranteed to be a whitewash to try an appease the Australian public who have been waiting for the Royal Commission.

“I asked the minister why the government is afraid of a Royal Commission. Her answer was instead directed at the in-house inquiry which is essentially three insiders investigating their mates. This is a travesty after the suffering, disruption and death that the COVID years brought to Australia.”

Source: https://cairnsnews.org/2023/11/06/so-minister-why-is-your-65m-vaccine-queen-not-answering-questions/

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