March 2, 2024

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So, Now It’s Sudden Adult Death Syndrome


A strange new medical anomaly that has doctors baffled is sweeping across the country. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is on the rise, and it’s tragically claiming the lives of healthy young adults, sometimes in their sleep. Is the cause of this phenomenon a mystery, like spontaneous combustion, or is there another explanation?

Reports of SADS have been increasing in recent weeks. A web piece explains that “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome… is an umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people, usually under 40, when a post-mortem can find no obvious cause of death… Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is developing the country’s first SADS registry, which it hopes to roll out across the country.” Apparently, SADS is now so common that the medical authorities must quickly develop a national registry to track cases.

A Health Desk article published on June 7 notes that “most scientists think SADS is caused by a heart condition that interferes with the heart’s electrical system.” Ah, so it’s a heart condition. Interesting.

It’s unfortunate that no sooner than we’ve just got through a pandemic that a condition synonymous with “people dying of heart conditions for no apparent reason” is on the rise. Is it simply terrible luck for the human species, or did something happen between the beginning of Covid and the emergence of “SADS” that might explain it? In other words, what changed between then and now that might be affecting people’s hearts? Surely, any rational, objective, and truth-seeking person would ask this question.

Here’s a thought: could the deaths, due to heart problems, of otherwise healthy young adults have anything to do with the Covid “vaccines” that were deployed on the population? Or are we simply not allowed to ask?

You know, the “vaccines” that are not traditional vaccines but treatments that utilize novel mRNA or viral vector technology, which had no long-term safety data whatsoever before their mass deployment on human beings.

The vaccines that have been linked to over 1200 deaths during a three-month trial period conducted by Pfizer from December 2020 through February 2021, as disclosed in confidential documents revealed via a court order (which Pfizer sought to suppress for 75 years, a request denied by the judge).

The vaccines that are known to cause cardiac problems such as myocarditis and pericarditis, along with a range of other health issues including neurological disorders and sometimes death.

The vaccines that Australian healthcare professionals were forbidden by AHPRA from criticizing or undermining in any way lest they lose their medical licenses.

The vaccines that were mandated to people en masse despite the minuscule risk posed by the disease they were supposed to inoculate against – not just once but up to three or four times, and that medical professionals such as the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology himself, Dr Robert Malone, and eminent cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough, warned people against taking.

Is it possible that these injections might have something to do with the sudden spike in young adult deaths? As Rebecca Weiser recently wrote for The Spectator Australia, there is a dramatic increase in overall deaths in the Australian population over the past year, and it isn’t explainable by pithily saying it’s “because of Covid.”

If we were going about this objectively and scientifically, this would certainly be a question that would require serious consideration, even if it were only to rule out that possibility. However, this obvious possibility isn’t being explored by our health and scientific authorities such as the TGA or by the mainstream media which, let’s be honest, have financial and reputational interests in sweeping any possible connection between Covid injections and excess death rates under the rug.

Instead, we are being told to accept the existence of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and to not even think about the obvious connection between injections that are proven to cause heart damage and people suddenly dying of heart conditions. After all, no one wants to be called a conspiracy theorist or an anti-vaxxer.

The Health Desk article mentioned above anticipates the questions of the “conspiracy theorists” and explains:

Vaccines have not been associated or linked to sudden death in adults or children in general. Myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, has been associated in extremely rare cases following some vaccination efforts but cardiac issues following a COVID-19 diagnosis are common.

The incidence of COVID-19 in communities is closely linked with higher numbers of sudden cardiac arrest incidence and lower survival rates. In fact, the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes Foundation recommends that all SADS patients receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

If this is meant to inspire confidence in the Covid vaccines, it does a poor job. Presumably, a “SADS patient” is someone who’s already died, so why they would need to get vaccinated is unclear. Perhaps the enlightened “fact-checkers” can explain that.

Myocarditis is not “extremely rare” after a Covid vaccination. Even if the TGA’s figures related to Covid vaccines and heart conditions are to be trusted (which they aren’t, given they make a lot of money from pharmaceutical companies, and doctors can literally lose their jobs just for reporting vaccine-related adverse events), it’s clear that developing heart-related conditions after receiving a Covid vaccine is common enough not to be “extremely rare.” Few people had even heard of myocarditis two years ago, now it’s a household term.

The article suggests a connection between having had Covid and dying from SADS. However, that hardly exempts the vaccines from blame, as they don’t prevent people from catching Covid. What we need to know is: How many people dying of “SADS” were also vaccinated? That statistic is notably missing.

People don’t die without any cause at all (unless perhaps they’re victims of spontaneous combustion), yet the past year or so has seen a lot of people “die suddenly.” There are countless examples, I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines, and I suspect there are many others that never made headlines. A lot of people are dying of heart attacks lately, have you noticed? I don’t recall seeing so many articles with the headlines “died suddenly” yet containing no further explanation being so common prior to 2021, do you?

If there is a connection between the Covid vaccines and so-called SADS, this is a scandal of the highest degree, deserving of a royal commission and jail terms. Anyone with eyes, ears, and basic cognitive abilities can tell that this is a post-Covid “vaccine” phenomenon. If we care about truth at all, this must be investigated.


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  1. There will be a lot of people volunteer to pull the lever at the gallows for All the people involved in the mandating, forcing, coercion of medical treatment/jabs against innocent populations in violation of Nuremberg Principles/Nuremberg Code and Professor of Law Mr Augusto Zimmerman has stated that the Government actions are UNLAWFUL.

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