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Spiritual Consequences of the Fake Covid Vaccines

Energy healers, massage therapists and craniosacral therapists in Germany, Switzerland and Austria have come together and pooled their experiences treating their vaccinated clients. They put it all in a book called Corona Vaccination from a Spiritual View (Corona Impfung aus Spiritueller Sicht, Auswirkung auf Seele und Geist und das nahtodliche Leben) by Thomas Mayer. As far as I knew, this book was only available in German.

Correction: I have just been informed by an attentive reader, that this book is now also available in English: Corona Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective, ISBN ‎ 978-3910465008. What follows is a summary of the findings from that book.

The therapists report that their clients have lost their connection to soul/ their higher self. They felt very heavy «C» energies as they call it. Therapists notice emotions of sadness coming from the patient, also blockages that feel like a rejection of the treatment and sticky tissues when massaging them. Patients who had benefitted from Eurythmic treatments no longer benefit, they feel nothing.  Craniosacral therapists no longer feel the craniosacral rhythm; the head feels empty, the brain including the pituitary gland feel shriveled up. The therapist’s arms hurt after doing the treatment. The therapists sense as if a dark being is lying on top of the patient, almost strangulating, blocking all functions, causing stagnation; tissues are not able to vibrate, are not movable.  Massage therapists report stuck tissues, a coldness. They said they felt as if they were massaging a corps. The faces of patients seem bloated, mask like. The eyes seem to be in a rigid stare. What is missing is what wants to shine through.

Therapists notice a personality change. Capabilities gained by the “I” through a lifetime of learning and experiences seem to step into the background. Old and basic fears, illusions and fixed ideas come to the surface. Therapists notice a sudden, unexpected loss of power within themselves, as if it’s pulled out. Hands become stiff and painful. Therapists need longer to find contact with the patients’ self. The self feels like it’s hiding behind a concrete wall. They often feel alone as if the patient is not there with them. Massage therapists can no longer get deep into the tissues. Naturopaths say the aura of the patient looks torn apart, is only of gray color, can no longer protect from intrusive energies. It seems soulless. The life energy is weak, energetic tentacles can attach to the patient.
A group of very intuitive and sensitive practitioners report blockages between the forehead and crown chakra dividing mind and higher self. They detect open lines for transhumanist beings, little demons in the etheric body. The etheric body shrinks, the higher self, emotional body and soul parts move away from the physical body.  Patients report feelings of heaviness, a dark, impenetrable, cottony cover, cut off from the spiritual world.
Therapists said it feels like the vaccine is taking up space, displacing body elements. Arms and legs feel chained; the body feels like a gooey mass, like tar. The Angel and Christ entities feel far away.
One highly developed energy healer stated: “The emotional inner workings die off and a vibrational signature is imposed on the energy body which has consequences for future incarnations during which pressure will drive the soul towards a digitized existence, truly a mark of the beast transcending life and death. “

Unfortunately I personally had the experience that this can happen to the unvaccinated by close contact with a freshly vaccinated person. Unbeknownst to me, a massage therapist had gotten the jab shortly before she treated me. Within 48 hours I began having the strangest “cold” I ever had. I felt fatigue like never before. Just the thought of getting up to fetch a cup of tea was too much. I developed a fever and headache, a slight sore throat, followed by a bit of coughing and stuffy nose. The symptoms were not as bad as with a usual cold except for the fatigue. It lasted for what seemed like forever. Once these physical symptoms vanished, I noticed I couldn’t meditate or go into heart space nor do shamanic journeys to connect to the expansiveness of all that is. I learned transcendental meditation when I was 10 years old and have been doing it on and off for over five decades. I never had this issue before.  I no longer felt like myself. I was depressed and felt like a big, dark and heavy cloud was above me pressing down, cutting me off from my higher self. I knew this was not me. Thanks to my longest friend and colleague in Switzerland I met a Pranic healer in Switzerland who could restore me back to the way I was with just a few distance treatments. After two treatments I was back to meditating, journeying and in heart space. I believe it is not a coincidence that the fake Covid vaccines cause myocarditis. The heart is our gateway to All that Is and our higher Self.

Not everybody will notice that they are cut off from their higher self. People who only use their five senses and only know the physical world and people who don’t meditate or go into heart space or access their higher self, may not notice the difference. People who know them may notice changes in their personality and attitudes. Many lose their empathy toward others and become radical in their views. That may explain why some openly stated the unvaccinated should die, not get medical care or be able to even buy food.

It is very possible that the destruction of cell membranes by Graphene, but also toxic metals and the immune system attacking cell membranes that have a spike protein protruding from them, causes our light emissions to go haywire, get diminished and changed in some form or another. This may impair the ability of our photons to interact with higher realms and the field of waveform information that surrounds everything. We have a light body that surrounds our physical body and serves as the blueprint for it. The impaired photonic communication may change our light body which can lead to illness.

The group who wrote the German book offered some solutions to these spiritual problems:

Solutions on the energetic, spiritual level

– The vaccinated must recognize what is happening and revise their decision to get vaccinated on the mental-spiritual level.
– They must recognize the evil that has been done
– Energy healers – particularly Pranic Healers & Shamans – can remove these energies with  echniques in the aura, different energy bodies, chakra systems, and also
healing on the cellular level.  Shamans can also restore the light body around the
physical body.
– Meditation
– Homeopathy and Anthroposophic Medicine
– Prayer
– Living heart based life, practicing unconditional love

In the next article I will post a Q&A with my Pranic healer in Switzerland about her experiences with C-energies.



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