April 20, 2024

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Stand Up for Children, Stand Against Bonds

Bonds: Discontinue the Genderfree Line & End the Association with Minus18! “Sign Here”

Why does a clothing company think it’s their place to tell boys they can be girls, and girls that they can be boys… and that they can snip off their bits if they want to!?

Bonds, the major player in the Australian underwear and clothing market, is now peddling the gender-fluidity nonsense with their new gender-neutral underwear line.

And they’re not just selling unisex bras and panties to adults. They’re promoting it to children.

A long-haired, bearded male model wearing a sports bra (and other items from the underwear line) is one of the faces of this campaign.

This is not only a slap in the face to women but also a dangerous game to play with the minds of young people.

You know what’s even more disturbing? Bonds is in cahoots with Minus18, a radical LGBTIQ+ youth activist group.

This organisation is no stranger to controversy, as it promotes chest binding, penis tucking, and medical transitioning, and even advises kids to seek out support groups if their parents oppose their transition.

This isn’t just radical; it’s downright dangerous.

Bonds’ partnership with Minus18 and their gender-neutral underwear line only became common knowledge this month following several news reports. The fledgling nature of the partnership and the underwear line means we still have a chance to put a stop to both if we act now.

But this isn’t just about an edgy underwear line; rather, it is an attack on traditional family values, the innocence of children, and parental rights.

By promoting gender neutrality to children, Bonds is undermining parents and eroding the basic fabric of our society. It’s blatant indoctrination, causing confusion in young minds.

Moreover, it’s exploitation for profit.

Bonds isn’t actually Australian. It’s owned by multinational clothing company Hanesbrands Inc. which in turn is largely owned by the biggest institutional investment funds in the world, BlackRock and Vanguard.

These globalist corporations are capitalising on controversy, and want to turn our children into pawns in their game of greed. It’s psychological warfare — a calculated, insidious effort to reshape our kids’ minds.

And then there’s Minus18. This organisation is promoting practices that are a direct attack on our children’s innocence.

They’ve endorsed chemical warfare on our youth, pushing puberty blockers and irreversible surgeries. By aligning with them, Bonds is risking legal repercussions and societal backlash.

Our collective voice can make a change. We’re the consumers.

If we stand strong, voice our concerns, and threaten to boycott them, Bonds will have to listen.

We can turn the tide, but we need your help.

The stakes are high. If we don’t act, Bonds will continue to promote gender fluidity to children and support radical youth LGBTIQ+ organisations like Minus18.

But if we act now, if our petition is successful, Bonds might rethink their strategy. They may end their association with Minus18 and stop pushing their gender-neutral underwear line onto our youth.

The time for action is now.

We have a petition ready and need to gather as many signatures as possible to make an impact.

Will you sign our petition, asking Mark Barry, General Manager of Bonds Australia, to end his Bonds’ association with Minus18 and discontinue their gender-neutral underwear line?

Bonds: Discontinue the Genderfree Line & End the Association with Minus18! “Sign Here”

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