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State Secret: It’s Selling Babies’ DNA. Why Parents Don’t Know.

Should parents have the right to know the state may sell their child’s DNA?
Should the biobank confirm parents know before storing DNA indefinitely? 
Did you know?

1 thought on “State Secret: It’s Selling Babies’ DNA. Why Parents Don’t Know.

  1. This video is a government add;
    The establishment need us to fear them & therefore they need to appear to be all knowing:

    WE DO NOT KNOW THE DANGERS OUT THERE … for the mindless morons that we are – het !!!

    Also – the alien stories & the massive add campaign by & all over Youtube – pushing hard about alien existence & interaction with planet Earth – is to make us believe that we are at the mercy of the ENEMY YET AGAIN – that they have been on their case & are our only hope for survival – against this undefeatable enemy.

    Personally I find it impossible to believe that …
    1) they are that smart
    2) that they have spent the billions of dollars necessary to test & store all this DNA
    3) that DNA exists at all
    4) that the makeup of a human being is as simple as they make it out to be so as to enable them to be that proficient in understanding the recipe

    Oh please
    Oh please
    Oh please

    It took a bunch of University KIDS in Texas.
    To tell them that their DRONES could be hacked & hijacked.

    The President didn’t know
    The Pentagon didn’t know
    The Manufacturer’s didn’t know
    The whole of the US Defense Forces didn’t know
    The FBI didn’t know
    The CIA didn’t know
    And best of all ISRAEL didn’t know.

    How simple was this knowledge to imagine if a bunch of KIDS could figure it out.
    And they are telling us that they have the Secrets Of Making inthe palm of their hand.

    Oh please
    Oh please
    Oh please

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