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Subversion and Solutions Their Controlled Demolition and Our Path to Freedom

A neo-Marxist interdisciplinary social theory pushed forward via intellectual nutjobs who founded The Frankfurt School in 1923 has been a major factor in the subversive take-over silent war tactics we are witnessing today. Most people have no idea that the plantation owners have had long-game plans in the works for ages to create a One World Order via the UN 2030 Agenda to control all of their chattels, we the people. The drive to make our lives a living hell in order to corral mankind into their shitty, commie, fully surveilled SMART cities is in full swing:

Controlled Demolition of Society (sort of like 9/11!)

Some of their designs include:

~Strategically placing their WEF-trained cult members in high-ranking positions in politics, banking, industry, etc. Those who do not comply are destroyed.

~Restricting travel, making it worrisome to travel (increased airplane crashes, nightmare airports, creating major weather events, especially around major holidays – get people used to staying close to home).

~Inflating gas prices to discourage travel.

~Weather warfare (pushing fake climate change as a pathetic cover story – attack the areas they want to be cleared according to their UN Agenda 2030 maps – ie. all food-growing regions like California for example, destroy Countries with severe weather events that will not comply with the agenda).


~Manufacturing active shooter false flag scenarios (goal: to take your guns) for one such example see Sandy Hook.

~Sending FBI agents to cause violence during peaceful, legal protests. Infiltrating all organized protester groups. COINTELPRO

~Sending in undercover CIA agents to spy on college students and disrupt campus protests. See Operation Chaos.

~Letting safety standards slip, derailing trains, some carrying extremely dangerous chemicals to traumatize and poison everyone and everything. This also creates a distraction away from other important topics, like the release of Jeffrey Epstein’s client list.

~Using DEW weapons to start fires, destroy homes, and chase people away from land masses they have other plans for.

~Driving people into poverty ( via fake covid, hyperinflation, money laundering, bankrupting businesses under the guise of fake covid). This is how communists take over control.

~Driving people into chronic illness (with masking, chemical poisoning, vaccines, drugs, lying about our natural remedies, killing holistic doctors, emotional shock; essentially, death by modern medicine).

~Driving people into addictions using opiates like fentanyl (which often result in people living on the streets).

~Confusing our children’s identity (which is bolstered by chemical poisoning – destabilizing the next generation who will have very few skill sets to fight back with).

~The Rainbow Agenda (many of those transgendered (Baphometted) are ex-cons and pedophiles and wish to “walk among us” so they need to distort sexuality, warp our children, and drown out the sane and grounded gay community, gays against groomersbeing one such example of a balanced voice.

~The race to install 5G technology all over the world (part of their Internet of Thingsand Internet of Bodies (IOB) plans)

~Creating fake wars. Faking cyber attacks. We will need to prevent problems with EMP attacks.

~Using Deep fake technology as well as silicone masks and body suits to confuse people further about what is real and what isn’t.

~Gagging/canceling opposition, controlling the opposition, and the rise of “liberal wokeness”.

~Mass immigration, allowing illegal aliens to vote, destabilizing culture.

~Generally creating confusion, chaos, distractions, mortgage defaults, destabilizingthe family unit, promoting abortion (murder aka infanticide, right up to the age of birth)

~Killing the internet (swarm it with bots, make it hard to find anything of value, don’t allow the opposition’s websites to be found in general searches) Research Dead Internet Theory.

~Using AI bots as an excuse for digital ID (so they know we are “human”). Increase robotics to reduce the human job force.

~Destroying worldwide food supplies (many methods), buying up land strategically.

~Attacking farmers (faking disease in livestock to destroy them (also doubles as a ritual blood sacrifice), setting factory fires, and allowing grocery chains to monopolize and rip off farmers so they cannot sustain themselves).

~Collapsing the financial system (to bring in their digital currency, microchipping, digital ID system), stealing people’s investments to “save” banks with bail-ins.

~Schools as brainwashing toward this agenda and nothing more.

~Killing wildlife, executing farm animals, selling problematic chicken feed, and making us feel guilty having carbon dioxide-breathing pets, (environmental and psychological trauma).

~Near constant distractions, like sports and Hollywood (bread and circuses).

~Never letting any of this information get into the mainstream (lame-stream, shame-stream) narrative – control all news outlets (control communications – a classic war tactic) – Operation Mockingbird through the CIA

~And last but most pressing, Project Bluebeam, faking an alien invasion. Not only a great distraction but also unlocks a fresh, new fear for many. “Are you scared? We will protect you over here, in our shiny, new SMART city! Just get in the oven, it’ll be fine!”

This is literally covert warfare. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Our only option is to resist while we build alternative societies.

Focus on Solutions

So what are the solutions? People want to fight back against this hidden enemy. How could we possibly fight them directly? That is a fool’s errand. The only real way to “fight them” is to not comply, resist censorship, and educate others about what is happening, step away from the impending stranglehold by our preparedness, and create alternate societies and economies. Sure, let’s certainly be a thorn in their sides – we can call our local councils and make our voice of “thanks but no thanks” heard. I don’t think we should just let them have it so easily, but I also don’t think we should sit back and hope that is going to change anything.

Think homestead lifestyle and self-sustainability:

~Try to find a way to move away from the cities. An eco-village option can be considered.

~Learn conflict resolution skills.

~Grow your own food

~Learn how to compost.

~Learn to save seeds and preserve food.

~Make or join a local food co-op.

~Diversify your financial reserves – slowly pull cash from banks (have at least 2 months of cash on hand, minimum) and build real wealth.

~Stock up on harder-to-find essentials (will be different depending on where you live)

~Find the geeks in your town, and learn how to build our own internet systems. Use local walkie-talkies, a “satellite” phone, and/or a CB radio as backup.

~Learn how to manufacture your own fuel.

~Ensure safe sources of water (local spring, filtration systems).

~Call or write your local politicians as often as you can, telling them you will not comply with these SMART cities and ask them what new land bylaws they are planning (and then oppose them) – for those in rural areas they will try to take your land in this manner as well trying to use UNDRIP to do so. Obtain a land patent to help avoid fraud. Be a thorn in their side.

~Build or buy a greenhouse to reduce any chemical warfare from damaging your food. Wash all exposed food with a proper veggie wash solution.

~Have a security system in place and a plan in case of vandalism or robberies.

~Create your own natural dispensary and know how to treat emergencies at home. Connect with aware nurses who are offering private home care in emergency situations.

~Learn how to free birth and fire your conventional medical doctor.

~Bring back the local, private midwife and traveling doctor system (house calls).

~Look into indoor aquaculture (especially if you live in a colder climate) – for example, grow towers.

~Use electro-culture for better harvests.

~Install wood stoves for heat and cooking and buy a backup generator for electricity. Consider a rocket mass heater, especially excellent for greenhouses and outbuildings.

~Pull your kids from the brainwashing government school system. Create local community learning pods and meet people who also homestead and have skill sets.

~Set up your business as a Private Membership Association (PMA) (stop paying taxes to those who are planning this future for you!)

~Learn how to become sovereign in law to not operate inside their jurisdiction.

~Find creative ways to earn outside the system (for example making and selling (or bartering) preserved food, fresh food, medicine, and other necessities).

~Create your own local currency or join a system already doing so.

~Create a backup, bug-out plan in case your area becomes too hostile.

~Be brave, talk about these things with the unaware, regardless of how they may judge you. They may grow to appreciate your wisdom in time.

Many are waking up to this self-appointed UN/WEF beast and we must not comply with any of it, for the sake of our future and that of our children.


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