February 25, 2024

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“PODCAST” Targeted Individuals: Tactics For Fighting Gang Stalking And Remote Neural Monitoring With Scott Snitzer

Researcher Scott Snitzer is back 10/01/23 to co-host the podcast and to break down the matrix type system all around us. 

On today’s podcast show, Scott discusses the mechanics behind targeted individuals and how in amy ways we are all being targeted by toxic entities. 

Scott Snitzer YouTube Channel 

Its great to be back on your show, Adam.  

Thanks very much for hosting this interview.

I want people to know what targeted individuals across the world are going through, and to let your audience know that in this world, everyone is targeted in many ways by the government in 

the nation in which they reside: “Government” meaning the military, all levels of law enforcement, the intelligence agencies, and of course by civilians across the world in a modern-day civilan spy/stalker Stasi on steroids type of system with full plausible deniability for the criminals and next to no legal recourse to address their emotional and psychological torture.

Because some of your listeners have never heard of organized stalking and electronic harassment, I’m going to cover just some of the basics so that they know what I’m talking about.

From Targeted Individuals – An Overview  https://targetedindividual.blogspot.com/2009/12/targeted-individuals-overview.html
What is a targeted individual?   Essentially, a targeted individual has officially been declared an “enemy of the State”.

From what was once State and most likely federal law enforcement surveillance (for whatever reason) has now graduated to a little-known CIA / U.S. military psychological harassment & physical torture campaign that is so extensive and seemingly so absurd to the average American citizen, you will almost certainly be labeled as having a mental illness and/or paranoia just for simply describing what has now become your daily reality. 

The only other people that truly understand the extent of the harassment & torture are fellow targeted individuals who have also been experiencing similar violations of their civil, constitutional and basic human rights.

What this means for a targeted individual is that EVERY law enforcement tool available from your local community watch, community organizations (ie Freemasons) and “concerned citizen” types all the way up through Homeland Security including the U.S. military have placed YOU in their crosshairs. If you are a targeted individual your conversations are being monitored (whether inside your home, your car, your office, and obviously your telephone), your movements and actions are constantly being monitored (whether inside your home or out in public), your electronic correspondence is being monitored (email, websites you visit, letters you write on your computer, etc) – you are being WATCHED! 24/7/365.

I have not looked up how people are selected to be on the targeting lists in nations outside of the United States, but it common sense that all of these programs are directed from a central location to all other nations and keep in mind that since 9/11, the domestic terrorist watchlist has been growing very fast as an excuse to justify the budget to increase surveillance which goes right in line with the current in our face globalist/Communist takeover.

What is the purpose of a government, corporations and private citizens harassing innocent people?

Controlling everyone, commuism, transhumanist experimentation with brain to computer and brain to brain interfaces, perfecting deep learning artificial intelligence computers, and brain mapping.

Innocent civilians are gang stalked, have their minds and bodies read and controlled and are often hit by some kind of directed energy weapons for the purpose of justifying the domestic terrorist budget in their nation, for sadism, for some kind of vouyeristic “pay per view” in which people can watch someone tortured in their apartment or home.
I am 100% sure that the video game and the TV and motion picture industries play a part in the targeted individual programs.

Targeting is done to futher the divide and conquer agenda, its done to silence activists and punish whistle blowers (there are no higher level whistle blowers-they are all actors at this level).

Targeting is done to set an example to others that if you do not follow orders or if you step out of line, your life will be deconstructed and you will also be tormented.

Sometimes targeting is done to try to force someone off of their property because another person wants their land.

Targeting is sometimes a revenge thing in which a petty cop, politician, or other connected sellout has a personal grudge against someone and submits someones name to be targeted putting the behind the scenes deconstruction of their life into motion.

Some people are targeted because they have the potential to be leaders and to wake others up to the deceptions of the world.

Most targets seem to be kind, harmless, creative,

intelligent, compassionate people and I have observed that many of them are empaths who are sensitive to the emotions of others and are often good at pattern recognition.

I am also positive that a large percent of targets-far from all, but a large percent are somewhere on the Autistic spectrum and/or have ADHD or ADD.

There is also a spiritual aspect of targeting as far as either feeding off of someone’s soul energy while they are being tortured or its possible that kind, empathic and good people are not only a beacon for human predators/Narcissists, but for malovelent spirtual entities.

From Allen Barker’s Motives for Mind Control

Mind control refers to any method used nonconsensually on a victim to covertly and deniably attempt to control or modify that person’s behavior. 

All targeted individuals are under non-stop surviellance and the surveillance devices can range from phone taps, audio and video bugs in a home or car, internet monitoring, and basic tracking devices, all the way up to advanced satellite surveillance methods, super-sensitive electromagnetic sensor systems with computer analysis, and devices implanted in people’s bodies without their consent. The “effector” or the control variables can range from harassing phone calls, street theater, rumor spreading, power-line dimming, and internet messages all the way up to harassment with microwave devices, acoustic weapons, messages in the media such as TV and newspapers, projecting “voices” to a person that only he or she can hear, and direct brain stimulation and manipulation.

From my experience and that of many targets whom I trust, our minds are read in real time-Its not just a one-way “magic trick” of voice to skull in our own inner dialogue or subliminals being given to us and those behind the targeting give us the illusion of a two-way communication with our brain-They literally do read and control our minds at the same time, which means that as far as surveilance goes, all they have to do is monitor what we arer thinking as we perceive our environment. 

Other mind control methods use techniques such as hypnosis and drugs to influence people, but the methods all have the common thread of the denied and deniable attack against the mind of an individual. 

Mind control technology is meant to be used covertly and deniably. It is not meant necessarily to kill, though it can, but rather to ultimately control a human being like an automaton. 

Secondly, mind control technology is designed for use against the domestic population, rather than just against targeted individuals-This is communism leading to Transhumanism which means that it involves every single human being in this reality.  

So every single member of the intelligence community, every single member of the active duty militaries of the world and all veterans and all law enforcement personell have zero privacy, and their minds can be controlled by remote neural influencing just as targeted individuals are subjected to.

I will cover a bit on remote neural monitoring, synthetic telepathy and voice to skull a little later in this presentation. 

For now, here are the some of the many reasons why the minds and bodies of  targeted individuals are monitored and controlled-And the mood and thought-influencing technologies work alongside with what the gang stalking and other perception management does to targets because all TIs eventually develop some form of complex PTSD which means that they have been through many traumas, oftentimes on a daily basis for years on end.

To perfect the technology and techniques and make it less detectable. – This is the human guinea pig testing of the weapons technology, much like radiation tests on unwitting citizens-I think that this tech was perfected decades ago.

To intimidate a population by making “example” of people. – If it were an open secret that people can be selected for any reason for mind control torture, then the population in on the open secret would be intimidated, if not terrified, that any one of them could be the next victim.

Cointelpro actions are covertly undertaken to harass and discredit people who, for whatever reason, are “in the way.”

 A paranoid government does not even need to suspect that you are committing any crime, wrongdoing, or organizing at all: only that you might do so. These sorts of programs usually tend to target potential leaders and whistleblowers, though anyone can be cointelproed.

Low-intensity warfare against the domestic population-The last three years have shown us that mass-mind control goes far beyond people’s fear of dying from the non-existent Covid-This is not “cognitive dissonance” or just “Stockholm Syndrome.”  We have borne witness to seeing people’s brains literally controlled in real time by electromagnetism and possibly other ways-I do not think that they are only using microwaves and radiowaves to control us; Ultrasound, Infrasound and possibly using light or Optogenetics could also be used on us.

All we have to go by what they are doing online is what the govts and corporations tell us is being done as far as the state of the art and future-technologies to link brains together and how advanced deep learning super computers are.

National security and proprietary technology 

(Businesses file for copyrights, patents, and other legal registrations which effectively prevent any other entity from using the technology, without the express permission of the technology owner).

This keeps us in the dark as to exactly what is being done not only to targets but the rest of the world-And like the lockdowns and the vaccines its never been for our own good.

Here are some more reasons why wireless mind reading and mind control is being done:

Ideas to mine/steal by reading minds and surveillance  Intellectual property theft from scientists and engineers.

Other sorts of creative people who might be vulnerable are writers (plagiarism), other types of artists or craftspeople, inventors, programmers, etc

Distributed concentration camps. – The federal government has historically made plans for “emergencies” which have included lists of people to lock up in internment camps. 

With these mind reading and controlling technologies perfected, the concentration camps can be “distributed,” by turning each listed person’s home and mind into an electronic prison.

Human guinea pigs for medical or psychological research. – Once people are under ongoing, invasive surveillance they can become guinea pigs for any sort of medical or psychological human testing that needs continued monitoring.

To maintain the ongoing mind control conspiracy. – Because atrocities have been committed, atrocities continue to be committed to conceal them. 

The mind control technology and harassment network is used to keep the secret system secret, punish whistleblowers, and of course increase profits at whatever cost to human dignity.

To conceal scientific and philosophical insights into human existence. – One of the things repressive societies fear is new ideas and new ways of thinking. Scientific advances have been made which could revolutionize the ways man views himself (to use the masculine form); but for some people this represents a potential threat to their power.

To control a person, like a world leader or assassin (or any sort of leader).

Statistical profiling of a population. – This is like using nonconsensual subjects in a focus group, to understand what their likes, dislikes, needs, and trends are. It might be most effective with unwitting subjects (who have not realized they are under monitoring), but can still be used on subjects who know they are being monitored. It is like having the ability to take an instant poll of a captive population, who may not even be able to hide what their innermost secrets are.

Interrogation for secrets – This is another advanced technology application to old-fashioned spying. People can be “brain interrogated” for secrets they know. This may be used to reveal critical passwords, uncover blackmailable incidents, and obtain national and commercial secrets.

Entertainment freak show
. – Sadism and voyeurism are powerful motivations for some people. Mind control victims can provide a live torture-cam of an individual 24 hours a day, and may even allow the sadist to play at the controls and inflict damage or influence the “show.” It would be like an ongoing snuff film you could participate-Given how so much of our world is populated by sexually degnerate voyeurs and how brain to brain interfaces are a reality, wealthy/connected people probably participate in some kind of “pay per view” in which they can wirelessly hook themselves up to another human being’s mind and experience all that they see, hear, feel, smell and taste-The movie ‘Brainstorm’ from 1983 showed a crude verision of this brain to brain hookup and its a fact that they show us what they are currently doing and what they have planned in their movies and TV shows.  

Is it possible that there have been wireless brain to brain interfaces since the early 1980’s or even before then?

The basis for what is called remote neural monitoring began with research in the 1920’s.

Why do most targets get different types of tactics?

There were 139 to 150 MK Ultra projects and sub projects under the CIA program from the years 1953 to 1975,  and it makes perfect sense that these programs never stopped and went underground or became even more clandestine, so there are who knows how many types of programs in which people are placed?

A lot of TIs get gang stalking, tinnitus, vivid dreams, odd synchronicities and they are aware that their mind is being controlled or “remote neural monitoring,” while some targets get the gang stalking as well as directed energy weapons assaults, sleep deprivation, synthetic dreams, voice to skull and many other abuses. 

If every target was undergoing the same same torture protocols, then there would be far less suspicion among targeted people online and more cooperation and people would be less isolated.

And with different people getting different harassment tactics, it makes things all the more confusing because when it comes down to exactly what the goverments and corporate contractors are doing behind the scenes-we can not be 100% certain because of the libraries worth of online disinformation, dead ends and other distractions which only serve to complicate things for peopel being targeted.

In other words, not much in the way of black and white straight answers for traumatized and terrified people.

Why do some get mostly gang stalking and other get hard hit by DEWs, gang stalking and other assaults?

From my experience in nine-years of research and observation of targeted individuals online, I have seen how many of them have been isolated from friends, family members and neighbors-Of course, not all TIs are fully isolated from society, but most of their family do not believe what they are going through because these programs were designed to make the target sound mentally imbalanced-All intelligence agencies, the military, the police, the mental health and medical profession and the media have ensured that gang stalking and electronic harassment remains an open secret, just as its an open secret that 9/11 was not a terrorist attack from the Middle East-Most of the world believe the government’s/media’s account of 9/11 just as most of the world could not imagine that governments, corporations and civilians are psychologically and physically torturing innocent people.

Targeted individuals are isolated by the false accusations that they are a pedophile, a drug addict, a suspected domestic terrorist or someone who escaped the justice system and has to be watched and psychologically tormented.  

Its also probably true that many TIs are accused of being mentally ill so that they have to be stalked and watched for this reason, even though when you stalk and harass anyone, over time they will develop very real paranoia, anxiety, depression and some form of complex PTSD-So this excuse makes no sense.

And in the U.S., its most likely someone from homeland security, the FBI/Infraguard or the local police who begin the smear campaign on the target amongst their co workers, neighbors, employees in stores that they frequent, and sometimes their immediate and extended family are told these lies, all behind the target’s back.

Targets rountinely have the following interfered with: Emails, text messages, phone calls, and United States postal mail or “snail mail.”

They are often black listed from getting decent jobs or if they have a skilled trade.

Back to the isolation of targets-Its done for several reasons:

To demoralize a person by isolating them which is a form of open air solitary confinement.  

To control their beliefs and perceptions as is done to cult members so that in time they become easier to control.

To create very real physical and emotional sickness due to the sleep deprivation, brighting, the stalking, the noise campaign, break-ins and tampering and much more.

One of the obvious goals of the targeting is try to drive a person to suicide as in “no-touch torture” with zero obvious connections to the civilians, government and corporations involved in the stalking campaign-To make it clear, this is a beast, so its not just military contractors, govt and civilians-Organized crime and churches are also involved in the targeting-Think of Scientology for example-This is human trafficking.

Targets might also be isolated because of the human experimentation aspect of it in which their reactions to the gang stalking, DEWs and remote neural monitoring are being recorded and possibly mapped.

Targets are isolated from allies because when you have one or more witnesses to what you are going through, they can not get away with as much harassment and you might have credible people to submit a real complaint that the cowards in law enforcement could not ignore or play dumb about.

Then there’s the purely sadistic reason of keeping someone isolated and most likely, when a TI is alone in their apartment or house being physically and emotionally tortured, the pay-per-view scum who view targets through possibly fiber optic cameras and very possibly by a direct brain to brain connection to the victim’s body (where the target is not aware that they have an audience) get more out of it if the person is by themselves.  

These programs have been called “the hidden evil.”

A quick note to anyone who is a targeted individual and is listening right now: Although no one should be put through these tortures, you are under no obligation to befriend someone just because they say that they are a targeted individual because many targets are covert Narcissists, selfish, emotionally unstable, hypocrites, liars, and adult children. 

There is no “espirit de corps” or loyalty among TIs and there is no online TI community because it they are well-known they are usually working for the enemy, and this includes many TI websites, blogs, forums, social media and many of the videos that you find online are fake targets, fake insiders, and fake activists. 

If you are a targeted individual, please do not call yourself this because it makes you believe that you are an outcast, a victim and that on some level you stalking might have some kind of logical reasoning behind it-Try not to call the program “gang stalking” either-The less that you use this slave language the easier it will be for you to not feel like a victim.

I do not think-I know that all TI activism is a complete waste of time because the governments of the world and the corporations that they work with (as in Fascism) control the public’s perceptions of the state of the world as in they will never broadcast how possibly hundreds of thousands or perhaps a few million innocent civilians have been tortured by gang stalking and the dozens of individual psychological tortures that it uses, directed energy weapons and tha they have had their minds subliminally controlled and read-That people have been driven to mental illness, suicide, bankruptcy and so much more because of members of the police, intelligence agencies, the military, from their neighbors and sometimes some of their family members.

It would be analogous to President Biden giving a state of the union address and telling the people of the U.S. that there has never been a virus, that all of the suffering from the illegal lockdowns was based on a lie, and that the Covid vaccines have maimed and killed millions of people across the world. 

There is a podcast that I have linked down in todays show notes from an online truther radio show called ‘In Other News Radio’ that has a few dozen interviews with targeted individuals and aside from fakes such as Richard Bruce, John Hall and a couple of other guests, there are some very insightful interviews on this podcast so please check it out but always think critically when you’re consuming any form of information and use good discernment.

In one of my recent You Tube livestreams and in and one my videos, I went into the reasons why you do not want to tell your family that you are being targeted.

First off, you want to ask yourself if your family is open-minded and receptive to alternative or truther-type views of the world meaning that they question the official narrative that the news gives them.

If your family believes that their government and most people are essentially good, that doctors want to make people healthy and that vaccines prevent disease and save lives, that the military and police care about the wellbeing of the people, then they will never believe that you have been selected to be stalked, experimented on and tortured. 

A common question that most TIs get from their friends and family members when they tell them they’re targeted is: 

“What’s so important about you that you’re harassed?”

If by some chance your family is open minded, before you tell them anything about your targeting, first and foremost, do not say one word about voice to skull, synthetic telepathy or remote neural monitoring-you can tell them this later on if they believe you about the other stuff.

Before you say one word to them, put together a presentation as you would for a college or univeristy paper that they can view online with links to websites and articles that can back up every one of your claims such as Ted Gunderson’s work (he’s controlled but there’s some good stuff there), Cheryl Welsh, Havana Syndrome, in your face stalking of civilans by local police, sheriffs, the FBI and so on-There is the intelligence program called “predictive policing”  run by the Pasco County Florida Sheriff’s Office which uses arrest histories and information from police reports to determine which residents are most likely to break the law. 

Deputies then make repeated visits to those individuals’ homes, even when there is no warrant or evidence of a crime-Articles like this will lend credibility to your statements.

BUT if your family does not believe you, do not push them away or think that they are “in on your targeting,” because thats what those behind your targeting want you to believe to isolate you from allies.

If your family cares about you and supports you in everything else in your life, but does not believe that which designed to not sound credible-Do not push this on them just as you would not try to convert a loved one to your political party or religion-You can not force people into your belef system.

I think that all targeted individuals eventually develp someting called complex PTSD which is also called complex trauma or C-PTSD, results from persistent, repetitive abuse over time. Unlike traditional PTSD, which can develop after a single traumatic event, such as witnessing an act of violence or surviving a tsunami, the abuse leading to complex trauma is ongoing. 

Moreover, it almost always takes place at the hands of another person. 

Children of physical, sexual or emotional abuse are some of the most common victims. Tragically, the perpetrators are usually trusted caretakers. Survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking, war, cults, and refugee camps are other common examples.

In each of these scenarios, the victims are exposed to trauma in an environment from which they cannot escape. Victims of domestic violence, for example, are often financially dependent on their abusers. 

Cult members may fear retribution or physical harm if they leave. Veterans of war have no means of “turning off” their high-stress environment. 

This inability to escape leads to mindsets and behaviors that are distinct from traditional PTSD. 

People with complex PTSD have an overly sensitized (or dysregulated) nervous system and if someone is on the Autistic spectrum and is also a targeted individual then those behind their targeting take full advantage of the fact that most people with ASD already have a very sensitive nervous system, dislike confrontation, sometimes have low self-esteem, have some form of anxiety and/or depression as well as other vulnerabilities (if you will).

I mentioned this in my first Crazz Files interview on targeted individuals-Please take a few onine tests to see if you have high functioning Autism and/or ADHD because if you do, it is 100% that those behind your specific targeting protocols have been using all of your strengths and all of your weaknesses to try to break you down.

I think that most TIs have some form of trauma years or perhaps even decades before their pre-planned targeting goes live.

Its also a fact that partial reinforcement (or intermittent reinforcement) is used on targets to keep them responding to the emotional triggers which they have been sensitized to-Think of classical stimulus response conditioning. 

Every single TI is subjected to gas lighting which is a form of psychological abuse in which a person or group causes someone to question their own sanity, memories, or perception of reality. People who experience gaslighting may feel confused, anxious, or as though they cannot trust themselves.

So avoid talking with your harassers as much as possible-You have every right to tell them to F off or better yet, do not even talk with them-They are always using their skits to try to get us to interact with them; To give them an excuse to speak to us.

Another way in which psychological operations are used on TIs is the creation of learned helplessness which is a phenomenon observed in both humans and other animals when they have been conditioned to expect pain, suffering, or discomfort without a way to escape it. 

Eventually, after enough conditioning, the animal will stop trying to avoid the pain at all—even if there is an opportunity to truly escape it.

When humans or other animals start to understand (or believe) that they have no control over what happens to them, they begin to think, feel, and act as if they are helpless.

This phenomenon is called learned helplessness because it is not an innate trait. 

No one is born believing that they have no control over what happens to them and that it is fruitless even to try gaining control. 

It is a learned behavior, conditioned through experiences in which the subject either truly has no control over his circumstances or simply perceives that he has no control.

Please think over what I just read about learned helplessness and ask if this describes you in any way-The more insight that you gain into your true self, the better that you will be able to counter what they have been trying to do to you.

From a Linked In article, 

‘Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency’

Electronic mind control is about forcing thoughts into your brain using invisible radio waves (this can be done from long ranges). Your attackers can make you think about a certain person at a certain moment, force a song into your brain (so you will start humming/singing it). Your attackers can also make you stand up and walk to your kitchen. If you do not know about this then you will be just following the thoughts that were planted into your brain. In other words: you are robotized.

Electronic mind reading is about reading your thoughts using invisible radio waves (this can be done from long ranges). Already it has become ‘easy’ to decode received brain signals into words spoken to oneself without talking. At the moment they also make progress with decoding images from what you look at (as seen by you through your eyes).

Mind control technologies are weapons which use electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and/or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system. The development of these methods and technologies has a long history. 

Electromagnetic mind control technologies are weapons which use electromagnetic waves to hijack a person’s brain and nervous system and subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.

The brain is composed of neurons (wires) and is powered by low electrical currents. Much like insects communicate with non-contact antenna, humans can communicate with radio transceivers.

Remote Neural Monitoring is a form of functional neuroimaging, claimed[to have been developed by the National Security Agency(NSA), that is capable of extracting EEG data from the human brain at a distance with no contacts or electrodes required. It is further claimed that the NSA has the capablility to decode this data to extract subvocalizations, visual and auditory data. In effect it allows access to a person’s thoughts[ without their knowledge or permission. It has been alleged that various organizations have been using Remote Neural Monitoring on US and other citizens for surveillance and harassment purposes.

Just like each of us has a unique genetic code (DNA), each of has our own distinct radio frequencies-Some might call this our unique “bioresonance.”

Find the frequency of a person’s body, and a  technician can communicate directly to the brain and control every single function in the human body including inducing pain by hitting the exact part of the brain that will cause pain.



Synthetic telepathy refers to a technology that can make you hear real people’s voices broadcast in your head, as if you were hearing a cell-phone conversation.  Perpetraitors can listen to your thoughts too, and you may not be aware they are doing so.

It is possible to direct waves at a person’s electromagnetic field and, using a microphone, to speak directly to their inner hearing function, bypassing the ears.  It may be that several types of radio waves could be used for this including infrasound – considered by some to have higher health risks – microwaves, and ultrasound, which has its origins in sonar.  The sound waves may resonate via the bones in the skull, or it could be that the waves are converted to audible speech by the earth, acting as a transducer.


Communicating sounds from one person to another is possible over distances in the same way as with a cell phone, using microwave and lasers/masers.  

Just as each person has a cell phone number, each person has their own unique electromagnetic field frequency, which can be identified by sound wave devices of many types, in a similar way to television, you have a transmitter and a receiver, and for long distances, satellite may be necessary.

This technology can also influence people to move into a specific apartment complex or house and they can have everything in place ahead of time as far as total surveillance, and DEWS, neighbors getting text message alerts when to pull a same time exit/entry, street theater or directed conversation skit on the targeted person-Ironicially, every single person’s movements are monitored on whatever surveillance grid that we live on-Targets, their civilian harassers, gang members and the members of the corporations involved in the targeting programs.

In my first interview on The Crazz Files, I covered remote neural monitoring as I learned it online and it goes into how our brainwaves are amplified from a distance, read and interpreted by a super computer or possibly a quantum computer at the speed of light whilst we do not notice a thing.

A friend of mine has told me that instead of a super computer, the government might be using an actual human brain or more likely many brains to process the petbytes of data coming in from each person being monitored-Or they are only mapping a small part of our brain or are observing only some of our thoughts-There are far too many unknowns, so we have to make educated guesses, as other than the information that we can find online in the form of patents, science news on using microchips and nanotechnology to wirelessly analyze and track people-Its even possible that the government had a human like brain fully mapped years ago.  

Yes.  There are plenty of science fiction movies which show us how people’s minds and bodies can be taken over by computers (or supernatural entities).

Its also very possible that they are using several modalities of mind and body control on each person: For example, perhaps they are using radio waves while a person is indoors and they use more microwaves when they are outside.

I know that TIs are also subjected to  infrasound and ultrasound but I am not  sure when and how it is deployed-There are too many variables.

For me, what this comes down to is unless there is a proven way to 100% protect our minds and bodies from outside EMF and sonic interference, then all of the research into TV and movie symbolism means nothing because people are in a lot of physical and emotional pain.

And it is very possible that nanotechnology plays a huge part in controlling us as it ties into Transhumanism-Then there are those who have some kind of microchips which would make the brain to computer communication that much easier-As I’ve said many a time now, there are too many unknowns as to exactly what is being done to us-I do not trust any whistle blower and there are no high level insiders that go public and tell the truth about secret government programs-Every single one of them such as William Binney, John Hall or Robert Duncan are actors, regardless of their profession, they follow their orders to the letter.

I just covered some of the bare bones basics of EM mind control-Whether or not you are openly targeted, everyone’s mind is being manipulated and controlled and being aware of this can be a game changer as far as you having more direct control over your life.



What Can Be Done – There are two things you can do. First, you can learn to better cope with these signals. The more you are in control of your own mind and emotions, and the more observant you are about your own behavior, the less influence these signals have upon your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Knowing is half the battle. Second, you can take additional steps to reduce the level of EM radiation in your home, by blocking these signals.

At the moment, Targeted Individuals do not have a lot of choice, because of the costs of shielding. 

There is no point in covering just our ears or head, because our whole body is enclosed in an electromagnetic field that operates like a TV satellite dish.  We need to be in a shielded environment.  Solutions do exist, and clearly where  government and state operations are involved, specialist security equipment must provide appropriate shielding. 

Here are some examples of shielding materials:

Acoustic or silent glass, available as double glazing  https://quietliving.co.uk/acoustic-glass/

Leaded glass https://www.qwant.com/?client=ext-chrome-sb&q=leaded+glass+shielding&t=web

Silicon / plastic-based materials in walls, roofs and windows 

Metal sheeting and wire such as used in microwave ovens. https://www.qwant.com/?q=metal+shielding+used+in+micowave+ovens&client=ext-chrome-sb&t=web (I am assuming that it would have to be the right size to block any incoming wavelengths.

A Practical Survival Guide To OSEH


 The perpetrators main goal is steal your sanity. They want you to know they are there. They want your undivided and constant attention. In short, they want you to be paranoid and delusional. You have to learn to block them from your consciousness. Do not give them gratification. 

Take Charge of your Thoughts – It is your brain, It is your thoughts. They are going to whisper ideas, commands, visual pictures, all masquerading like your own thoughts. They will eventually informed you that it was them who put these pictures, ideas, commands, in your brain. Ignore them. Own it. Its your brain, it your thoughts. 

While this may take some time to practice, your “core beliefs” and mantras (see the list above) will help you figure this up. Take charge, take the credit, own it. Own the positive. Own what you think is yours. Own what will make you feel happy. Own what will benefit you. And then give away all the trash, the filth, the negative thoughts. The one that will harm you.  

Control your thoughts, once they starts the  negativity, stop! If you find yourself starting to  think fearful or have negative thoughts, fight with  pleasant thoughts.

For this podcast I am not going to go into directed energy weapons very much.


 Directed Energy Weapons are focused, highly energetic, ranged weapons that damage targets, including lasers, microwaves, sound beams, and particle beams. This technology includes weapons that can target personnel, missiles, optical devices, and vehicles.

Directed Energy Weapons are an umbrella term used to signify all technologies that can produce a “beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy or atomic or sub-atomic particles”. A Directed-energy weapon is a DE-based system to destroy, damage, and disable all adversary facilities, personnel, and equipment.

Havana syndrome is a constellation of symptoms that have been experienced by members of the American diplomatic and intelligence communities in Havana, Moscow, and Beijing — and also on the streets of Washington DC.

Multiple countries, including Moscow, Russia, Georgia, Poland, Taiwan, and Australia, have reported cases of the Havana Syndrome.

The symptoms seem to be similar to the complaints of some people in the USA who regard themselves as “targeted individuals”.

In 2020, a report from NAS concluded that microwave radiation is one of the plausible causes behind the Havana Syndrome.

As another target recently told me, the reasons that Havana syndrome has been downplayed so much in the media is because the sickness the the diplomats and spies spoke of match that of some targeted individuals who have been hit with DEWS including 

nausea, severe headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and sleep problems but some of these symptoms have causes other than pulsed microwave weapons-

The intelligence community put out in the MSM and alternative medias that sonic weapons may have been used on the personell inside of the Cuban embassy.

Do neighbors have DEWS?

Most likely if they are ex-military or ex-law enforcement.  Its doubtful that civilians have these weapons, but its possible.

I have heard accounts of targets having new neighbors move in around them be it an apartement or house and this is done to have as much control over the person as possible.

I think it was my last Crazz Files interview in which I went into how we do need some plant foods, but in the months since that interview, I’ve learned a lot more about plant toxins and how they inflame all parts of the body including the brain.

A carnivore diet consists of eating of 100% animal foods. No fruits or vegetables. No bread or grains. No nuts or seeds. Strictly foods sourced from animals. Some even say, only animal flesh. But most admit there’s some flexibility for dairy, eggs, and the like.

This way of eating stems from the idea that our ancestors primarily lived on a diet rich in meat and fish.  

The removal of potentially irritating plant-based foods that you may be sensitive to will immediately decrease inflammation levels.

Elevated insulin levels promote inflammation. So minimizing blood sugar and insulin spikes have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Omega-3 fatty acids have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  

The carnivore diet supports a healthy gut, which plays a crucial role in mitigating inflammation.

The carnivore diet’s ability to decrease inflammation is one of the key factors that make this way of eating so powerful.

Quick note: Some people do not thrive on dairy and it can be inflammatory for some people-If you know that you are lactose intolerant or you just have a lousy reaction to dairy products, do not use them if you go full carnivore keto (or ketovore) until a couple of months into the diet to see how you feel.

And the carnivore diet satisfies your hunger so that you do not have the up and down blood sugar mood swings or the “hangry” that makes some people angry when they’re hungry.

The carnivore diet has been proven to literally cure anxiety, depression and mood disorders-It helps people focus and concentrate much better so those with ADHD benefit from it-I have heard of people with obsessive compulsive disorder and complex PTSD get better on this diet and there are cases in which people with schizophrenia have been cured when they begin this way of eating.

Go on You Tube and look up success stories of people on the Carnivore diet who cured incurable illnesses including cancer. 

The carnivore diet helps people sleep deeper and better.  

It allows them to be calmer under otherwise stressful circumstances. 

It gives people far more energy and endurance than they have ever had and speeds up the healing of wounds.

The healthy fats and proteins from the carnivore diet gives your body the raw material it needs to create the hormones and tissues that you need to function at your best.

As I mentioned earlier, on the carnivore diet, people with depression become much happier because they are getting the right fuel to help create seretonin and other neurotransmitters that help to boost their mood.

I have heard many accounts of people with severe gastrointestinal issues such as celiac, crohn’s and/or ulcerative colitis go into full remission on the carnivore diet because there is no irritating fiber, no lectins or other plant toxins-Meat is converted into a liquid by our stomach’s low PH and is perfectly absorbed in the duodenum, the first part of our intestinal tract.

So for a targeted individual, going zero carb and eating only animal products would enable them to get far more done with their lives because they will handle stress better than ever.  

Their mood will become lighter and they will be less anxious, so this alone will defeat some of what their harassers are trying to do to them.

For those who get hit with DEWs, their bodies will better withstand and heal from the radiation and other oxidative stress damage done to them.

Their minds will work clearer, and they will be able to more respond than react to the many emotional triggers that they are hit with from their harassers.

I would not recommend this diet if I thought that it was a fad or dangerous.

Fossil evidence proves that we at mostly animal products before the first agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago.

The carnivore diet shows that we do not need fiber for a healthy gut microbiome because a diet based on all animal products will allow the gut to heal and we will produce all of the seretonin and other neurotransmitters that our body needs to function optimally.

Then there’s the ugly fact that Alzheimer’s is a form of insulin resistance in which the cells of the brain can not access the glucose that they are surrounded in-Alzheimer’s such as dementia is a living death-Avoid carbohydrates and you should never have to worry about it.

Then there’s the fact that on a decent carnivore diet you will not need to go to the doctors as much and you should also be able to avoid the dentist because you will not get as much plaque as you did from carbs and there should be zero tooth decay without sugar in your diet.

Every single personal account that I’ve heard from someone on the carnivore diet includes their mind being shaper, calmer and more focused than ever.  

People on the carnivore diet lose weight fast, safely and permanently. 

I have heard of people getting off most or even all of their medications on the carnivore diet.

Your body will also detoxify chemicals and metals in them on its own because as you lose weight and your body is working better with its optimal fuel (clean-burning ketones), you will automatically lose a lot of poisons from your body and you will be far better able to withstand the pollutants that we are all exposed to because your body is now working like a fine-tuned engine.

The do not overeat because when you eat only animal fats and proteins, your body gives you the saitiety or the “I’m full” signal and you can not force yourself to eat more fatty meat when your body is satiated.  It is close to impossible.

If any of you are considering trying this way of eating please do some basic research including how to reduce the short-lived effects of what is called the “keto flu” in which your body transitions from using carbohydrates for fuel to using fat for energy in a process called “gluconeogenesis” in which your liver converts fats into clean-burning glucose.

There is nothing “moral” or “kind” about not eating animals.  Humans are apex predators and there is no such thing as a balanced diet or “everything in moderation” when it comes to all other animals on this planet, because all living beings have a species-specific diet and we are not ruminants with bacteria in our gut that turns plant foods into energy. 

There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

I’m assuming that most of you are not going to try to eat the carnivore diet.   I get it.

But I do strongly suggest that you cut out as much plant food as possible and increase your intake of healthy animal fats and proteins, starting with ruminants such as cows, Bison, elk, or deer-Get organic pasture-raised eggs-Get the cleanest pork prodcuts that you can afford-Try to find a farmer’s market in your area and if you can afford it or want to go in on it with a family member or friend buy a quarter or a half grass-fed, grass-finished cow.

Consider taking Bovine glandulars-There is a supplement company called ‘Ancestral Supplements’ out of New Zealand-its a bit pricey but there are some other companies that sell glandulars from New Zealand cattle-It goes under the “like treats like” or “like cures like” as far as taking a freeze-dried organ supplment such as Adrenal, Kidney, Thymus, Bone, Brain or Spleen (for example) to help with one’s health problems.

Cut out all seed and vegetable oils and only use tallow, lard or butter or Ghee.  Even olive oil and avocodo oil are not as healthy as we’ve been told.

I would not be pushing any of this information if I thought that it would not help you-I have done a tremendous amount of research into self-help advice for targeted individuals and most of the nutritional advice I have seen is dangerous crap about eating plants high in anti-oxidants and taking anti-inflammatory supplements, most which people woudl not need with a low or no-plant food diet.

And thus BS about people in China and other Asian countries thriving off of rice and soy is pure propaganda; They have a very high rate of diabetes. 

Then you have the high amount of lentils, rice and other carbohydrates that are consumed in India-The people there are not healthy.

It makes no difference if some cultures have been eating wheat, corn or soy for hundreds or thousands of years: It is not healthy-People settle for a level of health that is far lower than our birthright.

But even if you are on a carnivore diet you will still want to take some supplements such as vitamin C, Iodine, D3 (unless you get a lot of sunlight), a good methylated B-complex, a multi mineral supplement such as fulvic/humic acid-But the thing with the carnivore diet is that you should not need very much vitamin C as a supplement because when you stop eating carbohydrates your body does not produce as many oxidants and vitamin C is an anti-oxidant.  

Here are some more tips that targeted individuals can use to better their life: 

Reducing exposure to hypnosis in all forms-TV and computer screens can put you into a trance of sorts-There are patents for this-Avoid it as much as possible just as you should not watch any online fear porn videos because you will never find that one bit of vital information that will keep you alive if and when the S hits the fan-Yes.  Learn about how your mind and body are being made sick by our polluted world-Look into health and psychology.

Research your rights as far as not being a slave to this system legal-wise.  

Learn some good solid basic survival and prepping skills but as I have said many times in the past, Y2K never happened, nor did 5G kill hundreds of millions of people all at once-Then there’s the fake 2012 Mayan end of the world prediction, or how global warming was going to flood the shores across the world, or that we were going to run out of energy or that Niburi or planet X was going to hit the earth, or that Jade Helm in the United States was the takeover.

And the Covid vaccine is killing many people but I truly believe that its a slower process than we may think and that it is affecting fertility in both men and women.

We are in the totalatarian tiptoe in which most of the world is being conditioned to embrace, to love their servitude.

If you are a targeted individual and you are subjecting yourself to violent TV and movies and/or apocalyptic or brutally angry and fearful videos, then you are literally being your own worst enemy and you are making it easier for them to control your mind both wirelessly and through the intimidation tactics that have been designed and modified (over time) with your govt-created targeting protocols.

IF any of you have people coming into your house while you are gone, there are hologram security stickers that you can get from Novavision that you can place on all windows and doors, including when you leave your house or apartement-You can just replace them after you open a door or window.

I’ve included the link for these stickers in the show notes.

Also read up on situational awareness-Simply put, situational awareness is protecting your personal safety by knowing what is going on around you. It is paying attention to the details and how people are behaving in your environment.

For example, if you are somewhere everyone seems very happy, and someone obviously is not, you should pay attention to that person. If it is warm outside and someone is wearing a heavy coat, give that person more attention. More than likely, you want to avoid interaction with someone who is not behaving normally.

By becoming aware, you can adjust your behaviors to reduce the risk of injury, making adjustments based on real-time experience instead of past experience.

I have a video playlist on situational awareness in the show notes.

Your harassers must do exactly as they are ordered to.  No more.  No less.

I am not calling them “harmless,” but they are trying to get you to act out and do something violent.  

I do not do fear, but we live in an increasingly chaotic world, so learning to intelligently mind your surroundings and make it a habit to do so will give you more peace of mind.


1) Get Bi-Lock deadbolts to secure your doors. They can’t get through them or even have keys made.

2) Get shim proof window locks or use Jam Sticks in them.

3) Put up mirror window film, even a mild tinting one on all windows. Not only do they hate this, but it also blocks their Laser and Microwave technologies and bounces a lot of it back.

4) Keep your electronics in Tarriss Bags.

5) Use Signal Instant Messenger to replace normal default SMS app.

6) Switch to encrypted services like Protonmail, Tutanota, Mail Fence, etc.

7) Use Onerep to get all of your stuff pulled off of the internet (as much as possible)

8) Get your home images off of the search engines. It’s very easy to do and helps eliminate/reduce remove evaluation of your home and it’s potential defenses.

9) Get some Earth Pipes from Etsy and pound one into the ground at each corner of the home. Just under the surface so nobody can find them.

10) Get some real tower busters, dense ones (Black Sun, etc) and drop them all over your neighborhood and town/city. This is what the human resistance calls ‘Cooking’ an area of the out of towner presence

11) Get some low cost Amcrest cameras and install them around the house. At least one at the front and one at the back.

12) Put Defender Security U 10827 on each door. If you leave the house trip this on a door you don’t exit in, and it will completely cut off access through that door. However you should have Bi-Locks in place as deadbolts.

I have links for most of the things that I just mentioned in the show notes that Adam has under this interview.

From Gang-stalking in-depth Guide

January 27, 2021  Jess Brown


If you scroll down the page of TI’s Fight Back, Gang Stalking in-depth guide part II covers a lot of shielding options which are too numerous to cover here, but please check out the link for it in the show notes and do a lot of research before purchasing something just because it sounds good.

The book, ‘Wi Fi Refugee’ by Shannon Rowan also has many tips on how to reduce your exposure to EMFs and EMR.

Of all of the shielding tips that I read, this one stood out the most so I’ll give it some basic coverage and whether or not you are a targeted individual, this product might help you out-Again, do some basic research before purchasing anything, be it a supplement, shielding from radiation, or survival supplies-We usually make bad choices when we are in a state of fear and react with knee jerk survival response instead of coming from a well-thought out state of response. 

A fabric conditioner called AegisGuard LL, available from http://www.aegisguard.com 

(I added this to the links section in the show notes that Adam has) added to the final rinse cycle of the laundry while in the washing machine, results in your clothes being RF shielded. I use it all the time and feel much more comfortable during the day as a result. It costs about $4 per laundry load. 

AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series (LL, LS and LP) radiation shields safely deflect (reflect) unwanted RF and EMF radiation upon contact with shielded surfaces by safely scattering (breaking apart) the frequencies and fields they carry at opposite angles from their originating sources.

They feature unmatched EMF & RF shielding protection for homes, offices, hospitals and factories from devices, power lines, transformers, and every fixed and mobile terrestrial, satellite and sea-based wireless antenna and network in use globally.

All models are non-conductive, non-absorbent, contain no silver, copper, graphene, carbon, graphite, nickel (toxic), or other metal, and grounding unnecessary. 

They have been the #1 doctor recommended radiation shielding products protecting users worldwide since 2006, including electrohypersensitive (EHS, IEI-EMF, and ES) individuals suffering from adverse RF and EMF health effects. 

It is important to note the World Health Organization has recommended not to use shielding products claiming to absorb radiation since 1999, as do most telecommunication product manufacturers.

Incorporating proprietary deflection and discriminatory oscillating shielding technologies tested by independent laboratories, in live customer operating environments and in-house, they provide up to 99.998% shielding effectiveness from both high and low radiation frequencies, and the fields they carry, from 5 Hz. to 30 GHz., 120 GHz., 360 GHz, and 1.1 THz. at 25 Watt power levels measured at the contact point, exceeding all published testing standard safety requirements.

Based on my experience it is highly recommended if you can afford it! 

As everyone’s targeting is different no one countermeasure works for everyone so experiment to see which set of countermeasures work best for you. 

Try one thing at a time. Even if something doesn’t have much effect at first try it for a week as the beneficial effects may not be apparent initially. If things get extremely bad then discontinue but be aware it takes a while to adjust and sometimes sticking it out for a few days proves beneficial in the long run.

Try inexpensive countermeasures first before spending a lot of money on on elaborate versions — try $2 copper mesh before spending $30 for a shielded baseball cap, try $10 rubber mats before spending $150 for a blanket-sized sheet of rubber.

Other Tips

Use a negative ion generator (air ionizer) to improve the quality of air in your home. Keep the generator away from computer equipment. Negative ions improve your mood, and such generators also create EM noise which interferes slightly with monitoring device. Negative ions and the EM noise also counteracts negative astral and ethereal phenomena.

Avoid ingesting fluoride. Fluoride impairs willpower and clarity of thought, which makes one more susceptible to microwave mind programming signals.   Go to findaspring.com, or buy a countertop gravity filter-Get a whole house reverse osmosis system if you can afford it.

Get a toothpaste or toothpowder without foaming agents, glycerin or SLS.

if one has a choice, avoid spring mattresses. Use instead air mattresses, waterbeds, wooden cots, or futons. Platform beds made of wood are available to support a futon mattress. Springs are like antennas, and focus EM and ELF energy into your body while you sleep

Be in the moment and observe yourself. Question baseless thoughts or emotions you may have, especially negative emotions such as aggression or depression that urge you to act without thinking. Becoming aware of their presence is often enough to deactivate them.

Don’t let the means become an ends. Reducing mind programming signal influences should serve to increase your productivity and efficiency in what you truly desire to do, the goals you choose to follow. 

Do not let fear and paranoia stop you from achieving your goals.  Yes. There’s a of behind the scenes interference with our lives, but they do not control everything.  Keep in mind that the subliminal or V2K mind control can make you fear those ideas and people whom you otherwise would not fear-Your trauma plays a slight role in this, but most of this is technoligically based.

Resist depression.  One of the handlers’ ploys is to cause a target to commit suicide. Keep your life bright. Surround yourself with uplifting and cheerful décor. Let plenty of light into your house. Targets have a tendency to keep their houses dark, with the windows perpetually covered. A dark house encourages depression.  Take D3, a good B-complex, reduce or stop caffeine, seed oils, sugars and grains.

Look up why coffee and tea are toxic and find alternative ways to get energized-Ideally, we should not need anything to fire up our adrenals and give us energy.

If it is the winter in your part of the world, read up and buy a natural light booth or full-spectrum lamp which will boost your mood a lot.

Open your windows.   Even during the winter keep them open for a little while.

I do not even have curtains on my windows. And also use your good mind. Tell yourself how fortunate you are despite your electronic and mind control assault. Think about things that make you happy and that calm your mind.

Maintain your physical health. This is very important, as the perpetrators of the ESMC seek to make you a couch potato. They will whisper to your subconscious to binge eat, to watch more TV than usual, and to eat the wrong kinds of food.  And they CAN influence you to eat crappy food-I have experienced this and I have head other targets state this-And this includes getting people to drink alcohol.

Be receptive to making new friends. Many targets have suffered so many frustrations and disappointments because of their targeting that they have become suspicious of everybody. 

Do NOT think that every person you meet is an accomplice of the handlers. 

There are still many uncorrupted people with whom you can become friends. However, remember that to have a friend, you must be a friend.

Do not engage private investigators. They are often a part of the problem. Private investigators cannot ply their trade without the assistance of law enforcement. First, they have to register and get permission to operate from a state law enforcement office, usually the attorney general. 

Then, they have to be tied into the state police and other law enforcement agencies’ data systems to look up license numbers and auto license tags, search backgrounds, and even look for missing persons.

Moreover, many of the private investigators are shady characters who operate just inside the law, and they often even cross over that line. I believe that private investigators are part of the law enforcement network that probably participates in actual electronic stalking and mind control. 

Getting private investigators to look for a bug in your car is like sending the fox to the hen house. Even if they discover a bug, they will not inform you, for they would believe that it was placed there by law enforcement. In fact, they will have probably already been informed by law enforcement of the bug.

Do NOT visit a psychiatrist. Those behind the harassment want targets to go to psychiatrists, knowing that the doctors will diagnose targets as schizophrenic or paranoid. 

Once targets see a psychiatrist, their credibility is compromised.

Resist any effort on the part of law enforcement to make you submit to a psychiatric evaluation. In our system of justice, targets should not have to prove that they are sane. Indeed, the burden of proof falls on law enforcement to prove that targets are mentally deranged. That is why authorities want to send you to a psychiatrist whom they customarily use and can depend on to render a verdict that is in keeping with their accusations.

Know that mental incompetence cannot be proved by your words and actions alone, and that the state and local law enforcement have no power to act unless your actions have the potential of harming yourself and others. 

De-emphasize “self.” Many targets become obsessed with what the handlers do to their minds and bodies. That is quite natural and understandable. However, targets should train their minds to think beyond themselves and instead reach out to their pastimes, hobbies, and to others. Reducing their attention to “self” is a very important defense tool for targets.

Make special efforts to stay in contact with family members and friends, for the handlers concentrate on isolating you from society. Maintaining contact will not be easy. The handlers will fill your minds with negative thoughts about those people. 

Stay alert. The handlers will attempt to make you do irrational things by whispering instructions and suggestions into your brains. Know this. Give much thought to your actions because of that. 

Maintain the life style that is normal to you to the extent possible. Targets often let their targeting become their way of life. They relocate from place to place. They continually look for and experiment with shielding. They spend every waking moment on the computer communicating with other targets and writing to forums, phoning other targets, and thinking about their particular problem. 

They come to believe that every person and every action somehow relates to their targeting. When targets’ allow their situations to consume their total time, they sacrifice family and friend relationships, give up their hobbies and pastimes, and often neglect their appearance and their health. Indeed, no target asks for the electronic stalking and mind control activities that he receives. 

Yet, targets must try to balance their life to include activities other than those related to their targeting. 

Remember that every person with whom you are in contact is not a stalker. There are still wonderful people out there.

Do NOT allow the handlers to force you to move. They will often try to force targets to leave their houses and even their hometowns. 

I have never known a target who improved his situation by moving. Targets who do move will normally end up drifting from location to location, getting out of touch with friends and relatives along the way, and ending up alone in shelters or on the street.

Stay where you are.  Better to fight the enemy that you know.

Why no matter what you do you will be targeted so take some risks.

How having a black and white “line in the sand” will help you, keeping in mind that the tech can make you pay attention to and fear those who are otherwise not a true threat to your life.

Do not ever trust the authorities or tell them that you are hearing voices or anything else that you think might be used as an excuse to label you as “metally ill.”

If you are being Group (Gang) Stalked don’t go anywhere alone. Keep a pen and paper handy at all times or an electronic notebook that you can easily access to record, times, dates, and detailed descriptions of people, places, and events. Have a witness who can corroboration your story and provide supportive evidence to what you are saying will help greatly.

Along with the solutions presented in this book I have a few solutions based on my continued study about this subject and assistance provided to people going through this;

The leaders and other influencers in the online targeted individual community have been pushing activism, class action lawsuits, appealing to the same government behind the targeting programs and other criminal wastes of time for a very long time.

This has been done as a long-term strategy to keep targets under control by giving them the illusion of hope, of justice-Of getting their lives back.

 I have done an insane amount of research online for at leasts fifteen-years and I have a damned good idea how openly corrupt our system is. 

I’m going to go over a list of things that have been suggested to TIs to do in order to get their voices heard and to stop the torture. 

And I will point out why all of these options are a waste of time and they are mostly a form of begging.

Contacting law enforcement, like the FBI.  Infraguard, the fake domestic terrorist watchlist.  Hoax shooting events.  The FBI has never truly served the public and they play a huge part in torturing targeted individuals. Each and every one of them is a traitor.

Legal actions.  The targeting violates many laws, but no one has been held accountable, just as no one was tried and convicted after the MK Ultra programs were exposed-Judges are Masons and will do exactly as they are ordered to do.

In the United States, the Dept. of Justice is a part of the persecution of innocent people.

Letter writing, direct contact with legislators.  They are mostly impotent puppets and most are corrupt to the core and even IF they wanted to do the right thing, the press would do a serious smear campaign on them.

Appeals to human rights organizations. The ACLU is one of many human rights organizations which are government controlled from the top down;They are fully infiltrated and most of the issues that the address are not anywhere close to the most important human and civil rights violations in the United States.

Appeals to the press.  The mainstream media is fully controlled and this includes Russia Today, The Intercept Newspaper and The Guardian.  

The strongest influencers or all of the well-known truther names are controlled opposition and gatekeepers and when a well known source does cover gang stalking, its because they have been ordered to.  

There are agent channels on You Tube with as little as a thousand subscribers all the way up to Russel Brand’s six-million plus subscribers.

Appeals to churches, religious organizations and other groups who might be sympathetic.  They woudl not believe that law enforcement, the military, and intelligence agencies are capable of these atrocities and if they are a 501-C3 tax exempt status, they will do exactly as they are told by the govt, and many TIs have been gang stalked in church.

Teaching and educating the public.  People are more self-centered and Narcissistic than ever before.  And nearly everyone can not imagine the government torturing people as targets are.

Formal lobbying.  Again.  You can not appeal to politicians-They have far less power than you think, most of them are selfish, lazy egotistical scum and I guarantee that many of them are fully aware of the G stalking with some possibily participating in it.

Appealing to world opinion and international organizations.  Nils Melzer was the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, and he was supposedly going to raise awarness of what targeted individuals are going through, but it never came to pass.  Melzer has written about the suffering of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.  Assange is fake.  Melzer’s “job” at the United Nations was an act.  He was under orders.  He knew that he was never going to make any difference.  I guarantee that many members of the UN are somehow connected to human trafficking and although the United Nations General Assembly has significance as a political body, Its pronouncements carry normative weight but, as a rule, no legal force.

Michigan, Maine and Massachusetts have laws against using electronic harassment on another person, but the intelligence agencies, the military and law enforcement could care less about this-They routinely break the laws that they were supposed to oversee and enforce.  

Calls for boycotts.  Boycotts could be called against any companies known to be involved in producing mind control equipment or in covering up the ongoing atrocities. 

I copied this delusional statement from a website dedicated to targeted individuals. 

Boycotts on multi-billion dollar companies, most if not all that get funding from the federal government. 

A Fusion Center is a terrorism prevention and response center, designed to create information sharing at the federal level (horizontally, between federal agencies such as the CIA, FBI and Department of Justice) and at the state and local level (vertically).

The website, Targeted Justice actually advises TIs to go to their local fusion center and to speak with the wife of the director of that fusion center and to tell her all about the targeting programs and to convince her husband who’s in charge of it to stop targeting innocent civilans. 

This is how stupid these scum in the government think that targets are.  

In other words, it has always been impossible to try to appeal to the human side of the civilan and government harassers humanity because they are sociopaths and psychopaths.  They are self-loathing Narcissists who wince at the sight of their own reflection in the mirror-Essentially, they are the living dead without a conscience, witout empathy and without a semblance of compassion-They usually go through the motions of being good and kind people, but its an act.

And those behind your targeting want you to focus on these slaves-Look at each and every one of them as empty shells-I doubt that they are souless NPCs but to me, their lives are empty and meaningless.

The technology can literally make you pay attention to your harassers that you otherwise usually could block out.

If any of you who have been listening knows anyone who has told you that they are being targeted and harassed by civilians and/or law enforcement, chances are that they are as sane as you are.  All of you who are listen to The Crazz Files have an open mind and are curious as to what is really going on in this world, and it is not “science fiction,” but science fact that minds can be both controlled and read by the governments of the world-This goes right  alongside with the Transhumanist agenda.

We have all witnessed an in our face Communist/Fascist takeover of most of the world during the last three years of the illegal lockdowns-All of you have borne witness to not only the abuse of civilans by the police in Australia, but you have read and seen articles and videos of civilians turning on each other when it came to those who were not complying with the illegal mask mandates-Then there was the divide between family members and friends because some were not vaccinated and because some were terrified of catching Covid; You have all listened to podcasts, watched videos and read articles on how easily most of the population fell in line to follow the illegal orders of politicans and the health authorities-In other words, they did not question what these authority figures told them just as every single civilian involved in organized stalking does exactly as they are told.

If you know anyone who has complained about being followed by several civilians and/or law enforcement, workplace bullying, hearing voices, having things that they said or wrote in private spoken loudly in front of them in public, and many other things that sound “paranoid,” chances are that they are as sane and stable as you and that they are targeted individuals who do not know what is going on, so if any of you know people like this, please share my first Crazz interivew on gang stalking and well as this one, and send the links that Adam has down in the show notes.

People who are being targeted sometimes commit suicide, and most are terrified, depressed and confused-All of the human rights abuses which targeted individuals are subjected to are done on the basis of plausible deniability which means that the civilian and government harassers involved in the psychological and physical torture of the target can not be charged with any crime, because these programs operate with a military-grade level of efficiency designed to make the target sound “mentally ill” when they complain about the abuses they are being put through.

Not all, but many targeted individuals get hit with directed energy weapons, hardcore sleep deprivation which is in and of itself sheer torture-disturbing synthetic dreams are common-Thanks to the cowardly police smear campaign, most TIs are very isolated from neighbors and in many cases, most of their family.

And I’m jumping ahead a bit here, but as I’ve said many times now, whatever synthetic telepathy and remote neural monitoring truly are, this is mass mind control technology that is being used on every single person in this world as the mind has no firewall, the NWO/Transhumaniast agenda basically wants everyone to become one as in Communism as in the needs of the group always outweigh the needs of the invidual which is pure madness.

If any of you listening right now are being targeted, the links that are down below in the show notes will help you better understand what you are going through.

As I’ve said many times now, if someone on You Tube or a TI conference call is well known then nearly all of the time, they are government-trained and funded controlled opposition and gatekeepers;Literal psychopaths who have never and will never give people who are being targeted the information and insights that they need to truly better themselves-These are all things that I cover on my You Tube channel as well as my older Talkshoe conference calls under “Snitzer’s TI Self-Help Call.”

Oftentimes, knowledge truly is power, so please share the information that I covered today because the earlier on that someone who is being targeted finds out what’s going on, the more that they will be able to counter this assault on their life.

The directed energy weapons have not only been used on those who are called “targeted individuals,” but most likely people across all nations-The “common men and women” of this world have always been the enemy of those parasites who seek total and absolute rule or domain over this entire reality.

If any of you have not heard my first interview on targeted individuals with Adam, please check it out-because it covers a lot of territory.

And please think over what I’ve covered in this podcast because the targeting programs affect all of us-Targeted individuals have basically been the test subjects for what has been planned to be used on the entire population of this world: You’ve seen what damage directed energy weapons can do to people from the Canberra protests in 2022-Its common for targets and sometimes their residence to be hit by some form of DEWs.  

Then there’s what they call remote neural monitoring which violates the natural law of free will by controlling people’s thoughts at the subconcious level, and it makes no sense that a supposedly tiny percent of the world’s population referred to as “targeted individuals” have been the focus of hundreds of billions of dollars in research and development of these psychotronic weapons-Wireless mind control of the masses has been in the works for at least sixty-years.

Unless most people are indeed NPCs, I think that this remote control of the human mind is the ultimate divide and conquer strategy.

And the fact that millions of civilians have been recruited to harass and spy on their fellow citizen because an authority figure told them to, as in the Milgrom experiment clearly shows how easily people give into the chance to have power over another human being so the targeting program has been done to control and condition people while turning them against each other.

The parasites who run this world have been waging a war on all of our minds and bodies since we came into this place.  

Whether or not you have been targeted by your government, you owe it to yourself to do what it takes to sharpen and clear your mind while making your body as healthy as you reasonably can.

You want to be as brutally honest with yourself as you can, while getting to truly know who and what you are, your strengths and weaknesses alike, and once you identify these, you can work to improve your life and rise above the limits that we so often impose on ourselves.

The targeting has shown me just how malovelent and corrupt so many people in our world can be.

As people of conscience, character, and strength, you owe it to yourselves to rise far above the evil of this world and find what peace of mind and contentment that you can in whatever forms they take.

Never forget the cruelty, the indignities which you have been put through…Never.  EVER-give up.

Do not let them win.


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In Other News Radio; Podcasts about targeted individuals-Most of them are legitimate except for John Hall, Richard Bruce and a couple of others-Very insightful stuff:  https://inothernewsradio.com/organized-stalking/

Nova Vision hologram security stickers


Situational awareness video playlist


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Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons – [PDF Document]


Shielding: Remote Neural Monitoring


HOW TO DEAL WITH Remote Neural Monitoring


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TARGETED INDIVIDUALS: The Various Means of Attack, Abuse and Assault




I can not vouch for how accurate the following claims from a Reddit post called ‘Remote neural monitoring uses power line communication not wifi, cell towers nor satellites.’


Allen Barker’s Motives for Mind Control



A Practical Survival Guide To organized stalking and electronic harassment 







Detection of Electronic Harssmet Frequencies PDF




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