February 25, 2024

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The Chemweb With Robert Deutsch

Killing Me

I’ve watched them poison land and sea for far too many years.
I watch as people walk on past with blue screen blank-eyed stares.
I thought I’d be ok in life, but now it’s plain to see.
The ones who say that they know best are now killing me.
I watch as whales wash up on shore and birds fall from the sky.
I feel so helpless to even stop what is right before my eyes.
I try and try each waking moment to undo what wrongs I see.
As the ones who say they know best are now killing me.
I realise I’m not alone even though that’s how I walk.
I try to do with actions what so many do with talk.
I thought I’d be ok and live just how I please.
Without fear of the ones who know best that are now killing me.
By: Robert Deutsch





Music By Ashra



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