March 4, 2024

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The experts!
Its not like mainstream media havent had time to review their covid ‘experts’ and access their various levels of potential conflicts of interest…
These experts, favoured by media, are all completely and utterly conflicted…
They are:
Prof Robert Booy MBBS (Hons), MSc, MD, FRACP, FRCPCH
Dr. Paul Griffin MBBS, B.Sc. (Hons)
Mary-Louise McLaws PhD, MPH
Dr. Ginni Mansberg MBBS
These ‘experts’ are all on the board of the Immunisation Coalition:
The Immunisation Coalition is funded by CSL, PFIZER, MERCK, SANOFI and GSK! Scroll down on the above link for confirmation…
CSL and Pfizer are obviously heavily financially invested in the covid19 vaccines…
Is it appropriate or inappropriate that mainstream media rely on ‘experts’ that are funded by pharma, principally in this situation, CSL and Pfizer?




  1. “Is it appropriate or inappropriate that mainstream media rely on ‘experts’ that are funded by pharma, principally in this situation, CSL and Pfizer?”

    I don’t have a PHD but I understood that twelve months ago. Absolutely inappropriate that these fucking pretend intellectual imbeciles should influence edicts and laws over us.
    Yes… the funding from the Pharmaceutical Corporations has influenced the Media, Medical and Government; this must change but it will not until we make it change.
    The ball is in our court?
    OMG I pray for Karma.

  2. The alleged conflicts of interest/corruption is systemic and widespread in Australian Vaccination Policy and there has NEVER been anyone who has been able to hold them to account and put a stop to the cesspool of alleged conflicts of interest/corruption – the revolving doors from industry to governments a bloody disgrace as independent researchers have established but we in Australia also have a mainstream media up to its\’ back teeth’ in alleged conflicts of interest/corruption so many of the population remain unaware of the stench of this alleged conflicts of interest/corruption and revolving doors from industry to Governments. See more alleged revolving doors>

    Victorian Partnership Produces Global Health Solutions
    15 July 2021
    An innovative Andrews Labor Government partnership with industry and academia has been extended, with Victorian medical researchers and early-stage medtech entrepreneurs producing results that are changing lives.
    Established in 2018, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Partnering Office is a public-private collaboration between the Government, Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC and Monash University.
    One of only three Partnering Offices in the world, it enables Victorian researchers and early-stage companies to work with experts from Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC to deliver novel healthcare solutions as part of the Government’s work to grow our medical technologies and pharmaceuticals sector.
    The Partnering Office works with emerging pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare companies and academic researchers across Victoria to provide commercialisation training and networking support at no cost, to accelerate life-science research towards commercialisation.
    Since 2018, it has provided a platform for collaborative projects, including a multi-year Alzheimer’s disease research collaboration between St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and the QuickFire Challenge competition, which creates opportunities for local medtech entrepreneurs and is jointly sponsored by the Government and Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC.
    more >

    Global Victoria Government – Victoria\’s capabilities
    Industry sectors Current page: Overview
    Medical technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
    …… Melbourne’s capabilities are supported by the strength of its medical research and tertiary education sector which attracts over 40 per cent of Australia’s total competitive medical research funding. Melbourne is one of only three cities in the world to have two universities in the global top 20 biomedical rankings and one of these, Monash University, is ranked as the second best university in pharmaceutical sciences in the world.
    Victoria’s world-class research and development facilities are open for access by academic researchers and industry. These investments provide a range of exciting opportunities for international businesses looking to benefit from our global leaders in the medical technologies and pharmaceuticals sector.
    Highly competitive clinical trials setting
    Melbourne is an attractive location for fast, cost-effective and high-quality clinical trials. It has a streamlined multi-site clinical trial network, fast ethics approval and Australia\’s Clinical Trial Notification system together with Australia\’s research and development tax incentive for companies, that provides up to a 43.5 per cent cash refund.
    …..Fast facts
    A skilled and innovative workforce that includes around 23,000 people employed in the commercial sector and 20,000 researchers working across universities, hospitals and research organisations.
    In 2016, Victoria exported about 47 per cent of Australia’s total pharmaceutical products worth just over $1.5 billion.
    Access to global markets from Melbourne is convenient as the time zone bridges North American and European business hours. This has encouraged a growing number of trans-Pacific partnerships such as those with Merck and Astra Zeneca. Melbourne is an Asia Pacific gateway for industry collaboration and excellence.
    Discover how your business can import from Victoria
    Our network of Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) offices are located around the globe and provide tailored market intelligence, insights and guidance for your import business and investment in Victoria. VGTI\’s can also connect you with Victorian exporters and industry partners.

    BioMelbourne Network – Progressing BioIndustry
    What we do
    BioMelbourne Network’s mission is to foster the development of an advanced, innovation driven and sustainable health industry. As a for-purpose, industry led membership association, we encompass biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and health innovation companies in the state of Victoria.

    We connect business, research, finance, health and government to support and promote the sector’s growth and facilitate the development and commercialisation of new drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies in Victoria. Since 2001, we have championed an environment that enables Victorian organisations to innovate, commercialise and improve the future of healthcare both locally and internationally.
    We do this by:
    Aligning with Victorian and Federal Governments, supporting key sector priorities and promotion of relevant programs and initiatives
    Providing Victorian and Federal Governments with feedback and advice to support optimisation of policy, tax and regulatory settings
    Delivering a high-calibre event program that provides access to members, key stakeholders and decision makers, local and international industry intelligence and networking opportunities
    Collaborating with industry associations and other peak bodies to advocate for the sector, promote engagement and foster links to networks across the world
    Promoting Victoria as a unique health industry ecosystem and engaging with local, national and international sector leaders
    Growing and supporting the start-up and scaleup ecosystem, and delivering programs to develop local talent and provide pathways to upskill and generate business acumen
    Offering facilitated introductions for members to drive collaboration and partnerships
    Providing access to international industry leaders and sector representatives
    Supporting the development of sector advanced manufacturing capabilities in Victoria
    Listening to our members to identify and prioritise projects and initiatives to support industry transformation and growth

    JUST LOOK at their Member Directory !!!! alleged conflicts of interest ? !!!!

    We need to inform the world.
    We have to rise up and do what we can. We have to spread the
    truth far and wide. That takes effort. Please don\’t sit down and complain, but rise up and take
    action. This report is made with great effort, to be a tool for awakening the world. Please use it.
    More information about the New World Order, the plan to shift humanity into becoming
    programmed mindless cyborgs, and information who is behind all this, and what is
    happening around the world to stop this diabolical plan, can be found at

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