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The Electronic Firestorm With Jim West

join Adam & Jim West for the crazz files podcast to discuss & break down the system around us.

Jim West has been acclaimed globally by many independent authors and researchers. His work has been used by medical critics to review the properties and politics of disease paradigms. West has virtually no detractors who are able to debate him in any forum that could be made public. Mainstream responses to his simple and civil arguments include closing forums and threads.

Adam & Jim West 

Disclaimer: This conversation asserts and explores hypotheses regarding apparent contradictions within, for example, the field of medicine. For medical advice, see a medical professional without delay. For other advice see the appropriate professional without delay.

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1 thought on “The Electronic Firestorm With Jim West

  1. In my opinion, blaming these weird @ss fires on smart meters is illogical. A smart meter isn\’t going to cause a steel and asphault bridge to catch on fire. A smart meter isn\’t going to cause a fully sprinklere\’d K-Mart building surrounded by concrete parking lot in all directions to catch on fire and burn completely to the ground.

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