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5 thoughts on “The Glory and the Catastrophe That was Rome – A Lesson For all Time

  1. DIVORCE ..? really .. Rome The great fell apart because couples did not stay together ..
    Dear God ..
    Holy Father in Heaven
    We are Doomed

  2. tell us that Israeli archaeologists have discovered an ancient door way to some shrine lost to us for millennia .. in fact it is the door they used on the Hollywood set for the making of the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    How Israeli archaeologists could mistake Hollywood for Israel is understandable.

  3. are we sure that Edward Gibbons doe not / or did not – at some stage of his career – work for The Australian Bureau of Statistics ?

  4. Rome was never civilized .. they were brutal self serving, lazy & superstitious & not religious.
    Religion & superstition are 2 different things.
    Civilization do not die by suicide they are murdered by the slothful aristocracy who own all the guns & hire thugs to use them on the population.
    Because they fear freedom & equality.
    Because they know they cannot survive in a free & equal society & would not survive.
    A: NOTHING .. we are still in the same leaky boat today.

    1. this story is the same old, same old, machismo rubbish told to us by those who believe ua to be cretins waiting to be had, those who are looking to pull a fast one on us.

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