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The jewish Assassination of Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd: The Day White South Africa Died, Part One



Dr. Verwoerd’s assassination was a bloody coup with the intent of replacing a truly racialist and visionary leader with someone more suitable in the eyes of the world jewish conspiracy.

September 6th, 1966 was a beautiful day in South Africa. Very warm, but not too hot, with a nice ocean breeze which was common in the beautiful coastal city of Cape Town, South Africa. Besides being notorious for having some of the world’s prettiest and cleanest beaches, Cape Town was home to South Africa’s House of Assembly (known in Afrikaans as the Volksraad, or “People’s Council,”) which was the lower house of the Parliament of South Africa.

South Africa’s renegade Prime Minister Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd was scheduled to speak before the House of Assembly, since this was shortly after the 1966 general election in which Dr. Verwoerd won in a landslide, especially among Boer/Afrikaner Whites.

Then, at 3:15 PM, shortly after entering the House of Assembly chamber, Dr. Verwoerd was ambushed and stabbed in the neck and chest four times before his attacker was subdued by other members of the Assembly. His assassin was a 48-year-old parliamentary messenger named Dimitri Tsafendas, who managed to get the job despite being a fanatical communist who had engaged in revolutionary activities and terrorism for decades.

The last photograph of Dr. Verwoerd before he took his final breaths.

While blacks were not permitted to work in the House of Assembly at the time, Tsafendas fell under South Africa’s racial category of “Coloured” which granted him permission to work on government property.  Supposedly a mulatto of Greek-Mozambican origin, born in Marques, the capital city of Portuguese Mozambique to a Greek father with anarchist leanings and a mulatto mother of Portuguese-Mozambican heritage. His childhood history is very murky; as a small child his family settled in Egypt before moving to the Transvaal while South Africa was still under full British domination. Due to his parent’s involvement in radical politics, they were forced to leave South Africa for Portuguese Mozambique, before being ejected from the Portuguese colony for the same reasons previously mentioned. By age 16, Dmitri was a fully radicalized communist. He lost several jobs due to his overtly Marxist leanings and his trying to recruit coworkers to his cause. At age 20, in 1939, he entered South Africa as an illegal alien and joined the South African Communist Party. For two years his whereabouts are unknown, before arriving in the United States of all places in 1941. Once in the States, Tsafendas became a seaman in the U.S. merchant marines where he served aboard American ships during the Second World War.

Newspaper clipping showing Dmitri’s mugshot shortly after the assassination.

In 1947, due to his increasingly radical communist views and activities, U.S. Immigration Authorities deported Tsafendas to Greece, which was in the midst of a bloody civil war. Once in Greece, he immediately enlisted in the Democratic Army, the military wing of the Greek Communist Party, to fight against the Royalists who were loyal to the Greek monarchy. In 1951 he ended up in mainland Portugal, which was governed at the time by the corporatist and fervently anti-communist Estado Novo government of Salazar. While in Portugal he was imprisoned and interrogated over his communist activities in Portugal’s African colonies and provinces. After his release, he became a stateless wanderer. In 1962 he eventually made it back to Greece, where he was most likely recruited by the KGB. He was taken in by veteran communist partisans in Athens who Tsafendas introduced to an unnamed Russian man who bragged about having tortured to death several Waffen SS POWs and trained him in tactics such as sabotage and bomb making. Sometime after that, he returned to South Africa under a false identity and went underground for several years. The curious thing about Dmitri Tsafendas, is the older he has gotten, he looks far less mulatto and far more jewish.

Jailhouse photos taken of Tsafendas towards the later end of his life sentence. The older he got, the more obvious his jewishness had become.

Enough about the assassin, now we will move on to who Dr. Verwoerd really was, and not the evil demonic image of Verwoerd that has been sold to the masses via the jewish-controlled global press.

Dr. Verwoerd is almost always referred to as the architect of apartheid, which is certainly a true statement. While racial segregation was commonplace under British rule, during the Commonwealth era these policies were signed into law in 1946 after the electoral victory of the Afrikaner Nationalist Party. Dr. Verwoerd can be credited with institutionalizing these racialist policies on all levels and stressing the preservation, self-reliance, and advancement of the Afrikaner/Boer people above all else.

Funny enough, by far South Africa’s most nationalist head of state was the only foreign-born leader of post-1946 South Africa; Verwoerd was the only head of state who was not raised in a traditional Boer upbringing. Dr. Verwoerd was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1901. Hendrik was the second child of Anje Strik and Wilhelmus Johannes Verwoerd, a shopkeeper who in 1902 decided to move his family to South Africa due to his deep sympathies for the Afrikaner nation in the aftermath of the brutal and genocidal Second Boer War. By the 1910’s, the Verwoerd family moved to Rhodesia where his father attained a lucrative job. Dr. Verwoerd attended and graduated from Milton High School with several honors the Beit Scholarship and top marks for English literature in Rhodesia.

By 1917, his family resettled in South Africa, constructing and operating a prosperous farm in the Orange Free State. At this point Hendrik was of university age and studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. At such a young age it was clear that Hendrik was a brilliant man, he was fluent in Dutch, Afrikaans, German, and English. Around the mid 1920s, he became fascinated with Germany’s WW1 struggle against the British, partially due to his own anti-British sentiments. In 1926, he traveled to Germany and expressed his deep admiration for the German Freikorps in his diaries and began to study eugenics during his time spent in Germany, which is said to have greatly influenced his racial views and policies down the road.

Once he returned to South Africa, he became involved in social work among poor Afrikaners and Boers. This is where he got his start in politics, while serving on several community councils and welfare committees. Afrikaans politics from 1910 to 1948 were divided between the “liberals” such as the traitor Jan Smuts who argued for a reconciliation with the British Empire vs. the “extremists” who expressed anti-British sentiments due to the Boer War. Both the “liberals” and the “extremists” believed that South Africa was a “White man’s country”, though the latter were far more committed to racialism. Verwoerd belonged to the anti-British faction in Afrikaans politics who wanted to eventually oust all British influence from South Africa. In 1936, Verwoerd organized a protest alongside several Stellenbosch University professors against the immigration of German jews to South Africa. Verwoerd became chief editor of the Afrikaner nationalist magazine Die Transvaler, which was instrumental in The Nationalist Party’s rise to prominence. In his articles he protested South Africa’s involvement in the Second World War and expressed a sympathetic view towards the Axis powers but Germany in particular. He was extremely unpopular with the British English-speaking press in South Africa, often accused of being a Nazi propagandist. Most of the British English-Speaking press in South Africa was jewish-owned and operated. 

Shortly thereafter, once the Allies won WW2 and the White race lost, Verwoerd got involved in South African politics. He rose in prominence post-1946 when an Afrikaner nationalist party was elected to lead South Africa, sparking the birth of the National Party’s almost 50-year reign in White South Africa, which by 1946 had become the Union of South Africa with a new flag but still a part of the British Commonwealth.

The National Party was made up of the so called “extremist” faction of Afrikaans politics that I previously mentioned. During this period in the early 1950s, Verwoerd was instrumental in securing a full pardon for the South African boxing legend and Olympic champion Robey Leibbrandt, with whom he exchanged letters with during his incarceration and visited him on numerous occasions.

In 1942, Leibbrandt was arrested, starved, tortured, and imprisoned by the British Empire’s authorities in South Africa in for daring to oppose the foreign entity ruling over his homeland. He greatly admired Adolf Hitler and attended the 1936 Olympics as an honorary guest. At the outbreak of war, he organized a group of proud Afrikaner men in the Orange Free State for guerrilla warfare inside of the British colony to hinder their jewish war against the Third Reich. He was trying to recruit a Boer SS legion before his arrest.

British imperial authorities initially sentenced him to death, before Afrikaner traitor and jewish puppet, Jan Smuts commuted his sentence to life imprisonment. When he was handed his sentence, he threw up a Roman and said he proudly did it for “Volk & Fuhrer.”


Robey Leibbrandt, boxing champion and Afrikaner racialist

The jewish-controlled English-speaking press in South Africa was furious about his pardon, and particularly Verwoerd’s role in securing his release.

We all know about the jewish hand behind the ANC and the destruction of White South Africa as a whole, even British race traitor and Marxist, George Galloway admits this. Nazbol Keith Woods loves Galloway and once suggested forming a Red-Brown alliance with him.

However, many people do not understand the jewish role behind Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd’s slaying. His assassination pretty much sealed not only the fate of White South Africa but other European outposts in Africa such as Rhodesia and Portuguese Africa.

Dr. Verwoerd was a tough man, who had survived a previous assassination attempt in 1960, when a British communist and anti-apartheid agitator named David Pratt shot Verwoerd in the face at point blank range. Verwoerd miraculously survived and fully healed within months. Pratt was sentenced to life in prison where he committed suicide by hanging.

Pratt being put into police custody after the assassination attempt.

A pivotal event happened in South Africa in 1961. The British Prime Minister Harold Macmillian came to Cape Town and made his infamous and hypocritical “Winds of Change” speech.

He basically denounced Verwoerd’s ‘racist’ policies and demanded that the black Africans attain political power in South Africa. It is obvious that since the jews’ no longer needed the British Empire, they would have their puppet Macmillian try and convince the people of South Africa to accept the Judeo-Bolshevik de-colonization agenda.

This made Verwoerd furious, and understandably so. He helped a referendum on whether not South Africa and should remain in the Commonwealth. The vote was cast in and South Africa left and became a Republic, which greatly benefitted the Afrikaner race but further isolated South Africa internationally.

One of the biggest jewish intrigues that would want a man like Verwoerd gone was banking. Stephen Goodson, who worked for the Reserve Bank of South Africa wrote an excellent 2017 book on the topic of Verwoerd titled Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd: South Africa’s Greatest Prime Minister.

Throughout this excellent book, he goes into Dr. Verwoerd’s secret war against the banksters.

An excerpt from the book:

The English Press and the four main English language universities painted Dr Verwoerd as a petty racist. Even today, they remember him as the “architect of apartheid”, by which they mean that racism was his first principle of government – the protection of White people and disrespect for the aspirations of Black people…

Why was Dr Verwoerd’s vision attacked in the Press and the universities of the country’s most influential component, the White English-speaking South Africans? So thoroughly did the English language Press poison the minds of its readers against Dr Verwoerd that no record can be found of his ever having spoken at an English language university.

It was the Money Power at work, says Stephen Goodson, whose special interest is banking. The “winds of change” were not intended to liberate the people of Africa, but to replace one form of control which was honest with another form of power exercised dishonestly through puppet regimes.

“The colonial powers would save on the expense of having to subsidise and develop these colonies…while the international bankers led by the Rothschild syndicate would plunge these hapless territories into irredeemable and permanent debt. They would be ably assisted by the economic hit men of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.”

Dr Verwoerd was an implacable foe of the Money Power, Stephen Goodson tells us, and wanted to achieve independence for South Africa. He commissioned the Hoek Report from Professor Piet Hoek of Pretoria University, and the report showed that the Anglo American Corporation controlled the English language newspapers and 70% of all companies in South Africa, while paying 10% of the tax.

The Anglo American Corporation also controlled the English Language universities. 

Its [jewish] Chief Executive, Harry F. Oppenheimer, was chairman of the South African Institute of International Affairs, and his corporate subordinates occupied the Councils of the English language universities. Pretending to be an honest enterprise, the Institute promoted the interests of international corporations, and still does. The political message taught to the students was controlled by Oppenheimer and his associates.

Helen Suzman (a jewish immigrant), the “lone voice in Parliament” of the Liberals, was in close communication with Harry Oppenheimer and both were counted as leaders in the English language universities…Suzman, supported by the Money Power on the Opposition side of Parliament, advocated immediate overthrow. On the Government side, Prime Minister B.J. Vorster, bribed by the money power, worked for the same end….

Dr. Verwoerd’s assassination was a bloody coup with the intent of replacing a truly racialist and visionary leader with someone more suitable in the eyes of the world jewish conspiracy. Oppenheimer certainly can be pointed as one of the culprits in the plot to kill Verwoerd. Verwoerd wanted to put the interests of the Afrikaner/Boer race above all else as he believed that is the race that makes the nation and that the state should by all means serve the race. To do this, Verwoerd wanted to reduce the black population via deportation and repatriation, aside from the native Zulus with who’s Tribal leadership got along with him fairly well. He was not afraid to enforce law and order, even if it meant deploying the Armed Forces to quell riots and other acts of terror.

In a second article I will be going into some of the many other jewish intrigues behind Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd’s assassination.

To close this out, here is a beautifully done video of the brave men of the South African Defense Force during their racial struggle in the South African Border War. I know you guys tried. To all the fallen men, Verwoerd included your memory and honor lives on forever.


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