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The Jewish Vaccine: The Truth ‘Truthers’ Ignore

I personally cannot stand, for the life of me, witnessing these people who call themselves “truthers” using the “evil-Nazi” boogeyman card any longer.


This could be one of the most important videos on the subject of “vaccines” I have found recently. The overall quality is not that good, but the whole clip down below is still watchable enough, so much so that I think people really should start making this thing viral (no pun intended).

I personally cannot stand, for the life of me, witnessing these people who call themselves “truthers” using the “evil-Nazi” boogeyman card any longer. This has to stop. It is about time to turn the tide towards real truth and real facts.

There is a very good reason why recently the current governor of Florida Ron DeSantis went straight from dining with top pro-Israel GOP megadonors (among them Miriam Adelson), during his trip to Jerusalem, to sign a new oppressive “hate crime law” to jail critics of Israel, which obviously affects the state of Florida particularly. Needless to say that this “law” is all about so-called “antisemitism” (oy vey!). I cannot help imagining that creature Greenblatt wallowing gleefully in this nefarious pool of lies and jewish privilege/victimhood.

Thanks a lot Ron for setting the precedent.

However, this is what DeSantis should be aware of: You do not go to a foreign country to sign a law that affects -very severely- Americans and their First Amendment in the American Constitution, and then pretend you are an “anti-discrimination hero,” buddy. This is high treason.

The saddest thing is that I do not see any Americans calling out this traitor whatsoever, quite the contrary. Stupid ass American conservatives still think this guy is on their side… give me a break!

And yes, I know that the whole thing involving the “American Constitution” and “The Founding Father” is a big Masonic fraud, but let us be honest, what else do people have as a shield against these tyrants? Do people here know that the WHO has recently partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation to override sovereign nations’ laws in an effort to “expand global pandemic preparedness in an era of climate change”? [sic]

This agenda’s implementation is around the corner by the way… and it is not small matter. I do not endorse these people whatsoever, but I would certainly recommend watching this video for detailed information on this very important subject.

These jews know the whole thing is on them. Time is running out. They must act quickly before everyone smells the coffee and start talking about the jewish problem involving the vaccine debacle too much and too loud for their comfort. They need to pass these “anti-semitism” laws ASAP all over the world and they need this to happen NOW.

Enter the “evil Nazi” boogeyman and so-called “Nuremberg Code”

I ignore if lawyers like Reiner Fuellmich are really decent people or not. I have not found the time to investigate them as much as I did with all the phony characters related to the Academy of Divine Knowledge (people know which characters I am referring to – no need to hammer on the same thing once again).

To make a long story short: Fuellmich and company are still using the so-called “Nuremberg Code” as a “legitimate” base to use against those who have committed obvious crimes against humanity with the “Covid-19” psychological operation, when in reality, from a true historical perspective the whole event known as The Nuremberg Trials” was a shameful farce of epic proportions. Remember Rudolf Höss?

On this particular respect I am also very disappointed when seeing no one calling these people out when they raise the subject (“The Nuremberg Code”), at least I have not seen many people doing this in any comments’ section anywhere. I suppose many comments get conveniently “unapproved” by such types, right?

The whole “Nuremberg Code” is an obvious scam designed to camouflage the real culprits in question, which as per usual, are the usual suspects. The following video (which I hope people will watch) puts things in their right context. After watching it nobody will be able to come out and shout “evil Nazis” again… will they?

They will because many of the people who call themselves “truthers” on the internet make a living out of this deception, by ushering people to a certain level of “truth” in order to finally veer their attention towards the ultimate historical lie, thus obstructing people from finding out who the real culprits of mass-genocide really are. It is called gatekeeping.

Just in case some people might wonder “who is this guy on Earth referring to when talking about these truthers?” I could mention the very obvious agents like Alex Jones and the deceptive David Icke, also the cretinous Paul Craig Roberts, the vociferous Maria Zeee and the boring drone James Corbett to name a few, take your pick. People will have to get to their own conclusions on this particular regard.

It is just a matter of time people find out. Let us make this transition quicker before it is too late:

The Truth ‘Truthers’ Ignore (May 17th, 2023) by Gemma O’Doherty


Still in doubt?…

Those who do NOTHING to stop this genocide are part of the problem. It is up to folks reading this to play their part in order to save young lives, and at the same time shed some light on historical truths. Do not allow these liars and deceivers to get away with it all. Time’s running.Source:

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