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The Kazakh Holodomor: a jewish Atrocity You Will Never Hear About In Hollywood


The 1930s in the Soviet Union was one of the ugliest periods in world history. While Stalin’s jewish henchman Kagonovich was starving tens of millions of Ukrainians to death, another Bolshevik jew, Flipp Goloshchyokin, starved 38% of Kazakhstan to death in a man made “terror-famine.” You will never hear about this in Hollywood, nor from any mainstream historians. It has largely been covered up and many of the details are coming to light in recent years.

While a general estimate of around 1 to 2 million deaths was considered to be accurate, recently some Kazakh historians have given much higher estimates of victims who perished due to the terror famine and violence. Professor K.M. Abzhanov, Director of the Institute of History and Ethnology, stated that “Engineered starvation killed at least 3 million Kazakhs. One-sixth of the indigenous populations left their homeland forever. Of the 3.5 million Kazakhs in 1897 accounting for 82% of the region’s population, by 1939 there were only 2.3 million, their share in the population of the republic fell to 38%”.

There were two different Soviet censuses showing that the number of Kazkhs in the Kazakh ASSR dropped from 3,637,612 in 1926 to 2,081,320 in 1937. The brutal actions of the Soviet government made Kazakhs a minority in the Kazakh ASSR, and not until the 1990s did they become the majority in Kazakhstan again.

The jewish mastermind behind the terror famine and repression in Kazakhstan, Flipp Goloshchyokin, had previously gained notoriety due to his participation in the killing of the Romanov Family. On orders of Lenin, Sverdlov, and Trotsky at the Fifth Congress of Soviets, they all agreed that the Tsar and his family needed to be eliminated without delay. Goloshchyokin arrived personally as a representative of the Ural Soviet to direct the executions, however it does not appear that he physically took part in the shootings and mutilation himself. He instead remained outside while the Cheka carried out the ritualistic slaughter.

Unlike most prominent Bolsheviks from the era of Lenin, Goloshchyokin remained trusted by Stalin and survived The Great Purge.

To make matters worse and add insult to injury, jewish actor and Zionist activist Sasha Baron Cohen made an obscene film mocking Kazakhstan, depicting it as backwards and anti-semitic. Considering the horror the Kazakh people experienced under jewish rule, I would say they have very good reason to have negative feelings towards jews. To this day Borat remains banned by the Kazakh government, and despite requests they have never received an apology from Sasha Baron Cohen for the way he belittled and mocked them in his film.


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