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The mandate to overthrow mainstream news

By Jon Rappoport

Pick just one global issue—vaccination.

There is an elite movement underway to install universal shots for everyone, and the voices of major media are relentless and brutal in demanding this, while attacking those who know something is terribly wrong and harmful in the program.

The media are voices of, yes, anti-science. They do what they do best—fake it. On a grand scale. They are the lunatics, leading generations to their toxic doom. They are urging humankind over a cliff. They are the Final Solution to health—as in: destroying it.

Take the issue of expanding the number of shots given in a short period of time. NO proper studies have been done to assess the safety/danger of injecting children and adults with multiple toxins, such as aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde.

Any reasonable human would insist that such studies be done, prior to increasing the toxic load on the body.

The media conveniently overlook and ignore this obvious necessity. At what point does their blindness pass from being depraved indifference to active participation in a universal crime? We are long past that point.

And still, the media pretend they are “the friends of humanity.” That attitude has always been the tactic of tyrants. “Take this poison. It is life-affirming and life-giving.”

That pose is sufficient to warrant a mandate: overthrow mainstream news. Expose it, gut it, shine a light on its liars and fakers. Don’t let up. Don’t give up.

Media leaders and apparatchiks have sold their souls to the vaccine cartel. They are the faceless bureaucrats of a death machine. Recognize them for who they are. Depict them for who they are. Men and women with blood on their hands. No amount of posturing and primping and claims of authority will change that.

The media say—“experts at the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization assure us…” More posturing. The experts are trained liars. They are no more qualified to offer advice than monkeys living in trees.

You could say the entire explosion of independent media is based on one insight: why should we believe the so-called experts? From that flow thousands of discoveries.

In my 35 years of working as a reporter, I’ve seen the faces of mainstream journalists who have left the fold. I’ve seen those ugly and self-entitled faces riven with decay come back to life. I’ve seen the deep guilt and grief lift in a new dawn.

I’ve seen those men and women pick up the sword of truth, finally, and turn into heralds of a new era. You want magic? This is magic. This is the turning of the tide.

—No longer playing defense. Instead, going on the attack—

For several of these reporters, the turning point was the 14-year smallpox eradication campaign waged in Africa, with a highly dangerous and destructive vaccine even “the experts” were nervous about.

The experts knew the vaccine, given to people whose immune systems were already compromised, would cause smallpox and death—and they knew many of the 100 million vaccinations in Africa were given to people whose immune systems were, in fact, already teetering on the edge of oblivion.

The reporters also knew that, after the World Health Organization celebrated the eradication of smallpox in Africa, the searing truth came out in a secret meeting in Geneva. The vaccine must never be used again. It was causing smallpox.

One reporter told me, “There was no coming back from that. Once I found out what happened, I had to get out of the news business.”

He “went independent.”

Some years ago, a reporter told me no amount of “negative information” would ever convince him to stop defending vaccination.

I wrote to him: “Someday, up the line, it’s going to hit you like a ton of bricks. You’re going to listen to the people who really know—the mothers who watch their health happy babies fold up and leave the world after getting a shot. You’re going to experience something you never thought possible. And yet, in contrast to the mothers, it will be nothing. You’ll feel like a fish yanked out of the water and forced to breathe air. One thing will save you. The truth. Pick it up. Use it…”


3 thoughts on “The mandate to overthrow mainstream news

  1. Hi Jon,

    “There is an elite movement underway to install universal shots for everyone” / all the peoples of planet earth.

    To stave off the inevitable:
    The elite persons who run wild & free on planet Earth – are losing their ground.
    No one is interested in an 80 year old fart who has so much BOTOX injected into his / her body that he looks like Mr. & Ms. Marshmallow.
    We the people of planet Earth have wise up – their not for profit charities & organisations – run by their former “we have kissed & if you don’t see me right I will tell” sown wild oats – no longer fool us.
    Mainstream media is losing their position on the market floor – MONEY is channelled in the direction that we the people point.
    We are bored with re-runs of re-runs of re-runs of Seinfeld – a show we never watched in the first place.
    Alternative Media is where the real money is.
    Alternative Media is the future of global viewing.
    Investment trillions have been pulled from mainstream media companies to be channelled into – Alternative Media – money making ventures.
    The goon can only come up with goon like ideas on how to keep their obsolete rubbish running.
    Desperation has set in Jon & we are in for a fine time in fighting their advances off.

    1. Where do non-profit organisations get money?

      They typically receive funding from the general public.
      Some also receive funding from government.
      Some receive funding from private organisations.
      Some receive funding from all 3.
      They may perform public services.
      But primarily raise funds & provide grants to other non-profit organisations, that provide direct services.
      You can find many such grant-making public charities in your area.

      I do hope that this non-profit charity caper is regulated & policed by government bodies – as it seems like a great way to launder ill gotten money.

  2. “You are old father William,” the young man said.
    And your hair has become very white:
    And yet you incessantly stand on your head –
    Do you think, at your age, it is right?

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