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The Milkman Returns: NZ Approves Raw Milk Sales and Delivery



Bowing to strong public pressure about the right to buy and drink raw milk, the New Zealand government has unveiled new rules which permit farmers to sell this most basic, probiotic rich and nutritious of foods directly to consumers.

Direct farm sales include home deliveries of raw milk to both rural and urban consumers, paving the way for the return of the beloved milkman.


The new policy requires raw milk farmers to register with the Ministry for Primary Industries, meet hygiene requirements, test milk for pathogens, keep records of sales, and label the milk correctly.

Food Safety Minister Jo Goodhew said that the New Zealand government has “worked hard to find the right balance between managing the risks to public health while recognising the demand from rural and urban consumers to access raw milk.”

It seems that despite the forward thinking decision, New Zealand government officials are sadly still in the dark about how safe raw milk really is compared with other foods as gleaned from data provided by the Centers for Disease Control.

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1 thought on “The Milkman Returns: NZ Approves Raw Milk Sales and Delivery

  1. I grew up with pure milk and cream from cows who were pasture fed in farms without the modern Monsanto antibiotics and the rest of the chemicals fed to these unfortunate animals to induce unnatural supply for increased profits at the expense of nutrition.
    We live in a sick world of profit…… can we survive?….. Gus

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