February 24, 2024

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The Unwarranted Scare Of The New Variant Requires Calmness And Rational Thinking

A scare of a new COVID-19 variant is developing with the potential implementation of pandemic- related restrictions, with news such as “New York on high alert over new COVID variant detected in the U.S.” (link)

“State health officials say they are on high alert over a new COVID-19 strain, identified last week in the U.S., that is markedly different in structure than previous iterations of the omicron variant.”

“Virologists are concerned about the new variant, which they say appears to be the most genetically different strain to descend from the original omicron variant that first emerged in November 2021. Significant mutations may allow the virus to evade prior immunity, health experts said.”

The basis of such (variant) findings is the sequencing (or genetic sequencing) technique. For example, from the article “ … according to a detailed genetic sequencing analysis conducted last week by the Wadsworth Center at the state Department of Health.”

Experts and scientists should use caution in making such claims, which are scientifically false, as they are based on the underlying faulty testing and monitoring approaches.

COVID-19: The virus does not exist – it is confirmed!

As per the site Wadsworth Center at the state Department of Health (link), under the section “Are variants determined for every positive COVID- 19 test?” it is described that,

“Not all positive COVID-19 tests proceed to sequencing for a variety of reasons. To determine which variant has infected an individual, a sample from that individual needs to be sequenced. Sequencing means performing additional techniques to determine the genetic makeup of the virus after initial detection.”

This section is certainly not correct or at least misunderstood. The lab claims to be doing sequencing. However, at present, sequencing cannot be done, and it has not been done because it requires the virus’s RNA specimen, which requires the isolated virus sample that no one has. Therefore, any sequence claim must be considered invalid and false. One of my articles explains this in detail (link, more here link).

Therefore, it is humbly requested that authorities, in particular State Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald, reconsider the view of existence and spread of the new variant and the analysis of the viruses and their variants in general.

Source: https://www.drug-dissolution-testing.com/blog/files/New-Variant.pdf


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