April 17, 2024

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The vaccine industry sponsors vaccination education for doctors

Yes, really… The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is in bed with the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition…


The Australian public might be surprised to discover that doctors receive ‘continuing education’ on vaccination from the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition, sponsored and supported by the likes of Pfizer, moderna, GSK, CSL Seqirus, novavax, MSD (aka Merck), sanofi and others:

The vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition currently boasts on its Home page that it’s officially approved by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) “to offer accredited CPD education to General Practitioners (GPs)”

Who is the Immunisation Coalition?

The vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition is “Advocating for immunisation across the lifespan”.

The Immunisation Coalition describes itself as “the leading voice in whole-of-life immunisation in Australia”, collaborating with “like-minded organisations such as Primary Health Networks (PHNs), Public Health Units, Government health departments and other groups that fight vaccine hesitancy”.

So the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition is fighting against ‘vaccine hesitancy’, and conscripting the General Practitioners for the fight, using them as the frontline soldiers to press vaccine products upon the community.

It’s startling to discover the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition considers itself “an independent not for profit organisation”, and is a ‘registered charity’, supposedly providing “health promotion to individuals and health care providers”.

Health promotion? Shouldn’t that be vaccine product promotion…?

On the charity registration history page, the Immunisation Coalition is described as an:

“Institution whose principal activity is to promote the prevention or control of diseases in human beings (Health Promotion Charity)(HPC)”.

Really? Why doesn’t the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition admit what it really does, which is promote lucrative vaccine products, and ‘educate’ health care professionals to press these ever-increasing products upon their patients. (TV advertisements promoting diseases also urge people to ‘see their doctor’, e.g. most recently ads for Shingles and RSV seen on Channel 72.)


The vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition brazenly states:

“Our website does not host any form of advertising.”


The Immunisation Coalition website is all about beating up diseases and promoting vaccine products to ‘health care professionals’.

How does the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition get away with describing itself as a charity?!?!?!

The section on ‘Guides for Health Care Professionals’ is all about promoting “immunisations for various preventable diseases”.

Members of the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition are forever in the media, promoting vaccine products, for example Paul Griffin, Robert Booy, Margie Danchin and Raina MacIntyre, seldom disclosing their conflict of interest in being associated with a vaccine industry-sponsored organisation.

It’s astonishing that the vaccine industry-sponsored Immunisation Coalition is educating doctors about vaccine products! There is a massive conflict of interest!

How on earth has the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners allied itself with this vaccine industry-sponsored organisation, and compromised its objectivity and independence?

How can we trust doctors/health care professionals who are effectively being educated by the vaccine industry?

Are General Practitioners/health care professionals remembering their legal and ethical obligation to obtain voluntary informed consent for injecting vaccine products?

Or are they now fully in thrall to the demands of the vaccine industry and governments to get lucrative needles into arms, even collaborating with coercion, intimidation and mandates? And thereby trashing voluntary informed consent…

The medical profession, the vaccine industry and governments are collaborating to exploit the population with a never-ending pipeline of lucrative vaccine products.

There is much to investigate, particularly conflicts of interest, and the unknown cumulative effects of the ever-increasing ‘womb to tomb’ vaccination schedule.

Source: https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/the-vaccine-industry-sponsors-vaccination

5 thoughts on “The vaccine industry sponsors vaccination education for doctors

  1. Well, duh! Big Pharma sponsors doctors and dieticians and their “continuing professional education” events. Not news.

    And, no, these “charities” and corporations are not in the business of promoting health – only their products.

    All the while over 65% of Australian adults have one or more chronic diseases.
    You would think that with all the doctoring, all the drugs and vaccines being taken up by patients, they’d get healthier some time, and that this 65% figure (last time I checked with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare was about 7-8 years ago) would undoubtedly have dropped to 20-30% . – Anyone care to check today’s figure?

    1. Not news for us but it might be news for visitors of the website or that blog who don’t know about this or have wasted time putting trust into this medical system. We are in times of sharing as much info as we can and waking the zombies from their deep sleep.

  2. Facebook Demanded my I/D – Facebook suspended my account and may permanently disable for posting expert information about the damage from the covid injections, the WHO, WEF etc..
    Something should be done about bringing the public’s attention to just how disgusting this facebook censorship has been since the beginning of the covid fraud.
    Today I was posting a lot of expert reports on the horrific damage from the covid injections and the corruption of the governing bodies etc., and that with the mainstream media conflicts of interest etc., the truth is not being told to the people etc. etc., how else are we supposed to get this information to the population ?? the entire internet has been hijacked – you can’t even do an independent unbiased search, anything you search is controlled and they give you the search results they want you to see unless you have specific websites that you know have the information you need – and tonight at about 9.25 pm Thursday 4 April, 2024 facebook suspended my account. This has happened to COUNTLESS TRUTH TELLERS and they say I have 180 days left to appeal or we’ll permanently disable your account. They then made me do an ID check to prove this account is mine by sending us a photo of your ID.
    First it wouldn’t accept photo, it had to be marriage certificate/Driver’s license, which I am furious at having to do and very concerned – the tyranny of this Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook etc., is absolutely criminal.
    Then I got a message that I submitted an appeal and check back for the result. your account is not visible to people on facebook and you can’t use it.
    They they say, what happens next.
    It usually take us just a day to review your information.
    If we find your account does follow our community standards, you’ll be able to use facebook again.
    If we find your account doesn’t follow our community standards it will be permanently disabled and you won’t be able to appeal again.
    This Tyranny is absolutely criminal – what on earth are we going to do – when you have an allegedly totally corrupted mainstream media with deep conflicts of interest, facebook was the only way to get some truth to some people – mind you me and so many other people have been on ‘restricted news feeds’ since the covid fraud began.

    I pray we can do something about this because those traitors who voted for the Digital Identity and when Albo’s Misinformation Bill comes in we are all toast – absolute Tyranny/Totalitarianism and we are all scared to death.
    I am worried about facebook having my certificate of marriage and driver’s license scan also – what do they intend to do with that ? and who made the complaint to facebook about all the truthful vaccine injuries and deaths I was posting out on facebook ?

    1. UPDATE > Everyone in Australia and the world should be deeply concerned about what is happening – countless groups, individuals, Medical Experts and other Experts and even Politicians have been censored/banned previously since the start of the Covid ‘thing’ – all our freedoms, rights and choices are being killed off and we are headed for permanent Tyranny/Totalitarianism UNLESS all Australians stand united for Total Freedom.
      Please note that as at Friday 5 April, 2024 Facebook DISABLED MY FACEBOOK PAGE/ACCOUNT as they say I still don’t follow their Community standards on account integrity and authentic identity).
      To not be able to express differing choices, opinions, views, Information, Research about all different topics (differing from the Official “Narrative” / ‘Agenda” ) is called Dictatorship/Communism.
      Good God, who can stop this absolute evil ?

  3. AUSTRALIA – Censorship of Academic Research:
    A critical analysis of the Australian Government’s rationale for its vaccination policy – Judy Wilyman, University of Wollongong
    Vaccination policies in Australia need to be researched and scrutinised extensively, as their use in the prevention of infectious diseases has serious health and social implications. In fact, prior to the use of most vaccines becoming widespread in the mid-20th century, deaths and illnesses by infectious diseases were significantly reduced due to environmental and lifestyle factors!
    My PhD thesis ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ published by the University of Wollongong in 2015 was a culmination of years of work on the control of infectious diseases in Australia.
    Yet since its publication, it has been ridiculed, denigrated and censored by the mainstream media, the Australian government, and medical industry representatives.
    It explores the necessity of independent research into whether the vaccines being recommended today are safe, effective, and necessary for the protection of the community.
    It also reiterates the importance of having comprehensive evidence that it is safe to combine multiple vaccines in the developing bodies of infants.
    The government’s claim that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks cannot be trusted due to the gaps in the scientific knowledge and the inadequate monitoring of adverse events after vaccination.
    Follow the link to read my abstract or the full thesis to draw your own informed conclusion.
    continue >
    https://ro.uow.edu.au/theses/4541/ Download >

    Vaccination Decisions Dr. Judy Wilyman
    Your Medical Freedom and right to decide what happens to your own body and your childrens’ is being taken away
    I set this site up to assist the public to make informed decisions about vaccination.
    Governments globally are recommending the use of multiple vaccines in infants to prevent infectious diseases yet the long-term health effects of the combined schedule of vaccines has never been tested for safety. The proof that vaccines have not been adequately tested for safety and efficacy is provided in my PhD thesis published by the University of Wollongong.
    ……….The forum was titled Questions and Answers: No Jab No Pay/Play Policy.
    This presentation explains how this policy is a danger to human health and how it breaches fundamental human rights – including the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention and the Rights of the Child.
    It also shows how government’s have reversed the precautionary principle to protect industry interests in government policies and not the health of the population.
    A policy that does not include empirical proof that vaccines DO NOT cause the chronic illness that is directly correlated to the use of vaccines cannot protect human health.
    [Read more here https://www.vaccinationdecisions.net/welcome/
    Source >

    Note > This was a relentless and disgusting persecution campaign by Governments/Industry/Pro-Vaccination Lobby Groups to stop Judy Wilyman’s work – these Government and Industry Activists even attempted to have the University of Wollongong rescind her doctorate (PhD) in 2016.
    Vaccination Decisions Dr. Judy Wilyman
    Your Medical Freedom and right to decide what happens to your own body and your childrens is being taken away
    A critical Analysis of the Australian Government’s Rationale for its Vaccination Policy
    “I have studied issues of intellectual freedom for many years; never have I heard of a campaign against a research student more relentless and abusive than the one against Judy”.
    Emeritus Professor Brian Martin, University of Wollongong, Supervisor to Judy Wilyman’s Doctorate.

    Vaccination and the Media – Conflicts of Interest in Australia by Elizabeth Hart Independent Researcher
    Comment > Many of you will recall during the alleged Covid Fraud starting a few years back, Channel 9 flashing up their Channel Nine Logo telling everyone to GET VACCINATED and now in April 2024 the Authorities along with their alleged massive Conflicts of Interest) sent Covid (cold & flu Virus) on holiday and brought back the flu from it’s holiday and they are now on about CSL Sequirus Flucellvax quad vaccine claiming deaths, infections, hospitalisations from people getting flu (which they allegedly hid all the damage, deaths and destruction AS A RESULT OF THE COVID VACCINES !!!
    The AMA has the alleged disgraceful gall to talk about people with vaccine hesitancy and fatigue (and they allegedly certainly have not told the people the potential for catastrophic side effects from the flu vaccines either – see some information hereunder) – how dare they !
    Every person in Australia and the world has the right to decide what is or is not done to their own bodies and what is or is not injected into their own bodies.
    Vaccination and the Media – Conflicts of Interest in Australia – very important to see the connection with Mainstream Media and the most atrocious Conflicts of Interest
    Around the world there’s a constant barrage of articles in the mainstream corporate media berating ‘anti-vaxxers’ and hindering citizens asking legitimate questions about vaccination policy.
    In Australia recently The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have published a series of articles with an ‘anti-vaxxer’ theme – what is the motive behind the labelling and marginalisation of people who ask questions about vaccination? This is especially important to consider now as research on questionable coronavirus vaccines is being fast-tracked around the world.
    Conflicts of interest are clouding this issue. For an Australian perspective, see below independent vaccination campaigner Elizabeth Hart’s challenge to former politician Peter Costello. Costello is now Chairman of an Australian government investment fund which includes over a billion dollars’ worth of vaccine company shares, while he also chairs a media company which publishes articles demeaning and marginalising people who question the ever-increasing number of lucrative vaccine products being added to the vaccination schedule.
    There’s a murky story to uncover about relationships between the media and vaccine industry…and connections with government. We the people have to work on exposing this scandal ourselves…
    16 June 2020
    For the attention of:
    Mr Peter Costello
    Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Future Fund
    Non-Executive Chairman of Nine Entertainment Co
    Dear Mr Costello,
    It appears you have alarming conflicts of interest in your roles as Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Nine Entertainment Co, and Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Future Fund.
    Nine Entertainment Co’s media promotes biased articles on vaccination, which ignore citizens’ valid concerns about vaccination policy and the burgeoning number of vaccine products being added to schedules without consultation, while the Future Fund has over a billion dollars invested in companies which inter alia manufacture lucrative vaccine products, i.e. CSL, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck.
    Consider below recent articles published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and other publications, which are generally couched as attacks on ‘anti-vaxxers’, and fail to provide critical analysis of complicated matters relevant to taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, i.e.
    ‘Dangerous’: Researchers note ‘massive uptick’ in anti-vaccination activity. Wendy Tuohy, 14 June 2020
    Government must counter misinformation on vaccinations. The Herald’s View, 14 June 2020
    Experts warn of new strains of misinformation as COVID-19 seeds conspiracy theories. Tim Biggs, 8 June 2020
    ‘Slap them down’ or hear them out: How to handle misinformation ‘superspreaders’? Wendy Tuohy, 31 May 2020
    ‘Act now’: AMA urges health education to combat ‘growing’ anti-vaxxer movement. Max Koslowski, 25 May 2020
    Federal ministers flooded with unprecedented level of anti-vaccination mail. Max Koslowski, 24 May 2020
    Queensland bans NRL players who refuse flu jab on non-medical grounds. Laine Clark and Scott Bailey, 12 May 2020
    Flu-jab duo face potential pay freeze as NRL, Titans brace for courtroom showdown. Michael Chammas and Sarah Keoghan, 11 May 2020
    Anti-vaccination activists use coronavirus to push resistance to inoculation. Peter Jamison, 6 May 2020
    Vaccination-sceptic political party wins name change despite heavyweight objectors. Zach Hope, 2 May 2020
    ‘Anti-vaxxers stay home’: Health Minister issues warning, announces new flu vaccine program for all primary school children. Lauren Pilat, 27 April 2020
    ‘Absolutely insane’: Anti-vaxxers promote coronavirus conspiracies. Caitlin Fitzsimmons and Tom Rabe, 20 April 2020
    Meanwhile, CSL/Seqirus receives product promotion and endorsement courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald, i.e.
    ‘There will be enough’: CSL to hit record flu vaccine production. (Emma Koehn, 19 April 2020.)
    Did CSL/Seqirus pay for this flu vaccine product promotion in The Sydney Morning Herald?
    Mr Costello, the Future Fund has invested over a billion dollars in companies which inter alia manufacture vaccine products – it appears you have a conflict of interest in also being Chairman of a corporate media group which discredits and marginalises citizens who question taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, reflexively labelling them as ‘anti-vaccination’. CSL shares valued at $674 million, plus Pfizer shares worth more than $265 million, $251 million of Johnson and Johnson shares, and over $134 million of shares in Merck were equity holdings of the Future Fund Board of Guardians as of 30 June 2019.
    $310 million worth of Facebook shares are also listed in the Future Fund portfolio, and it is notable that Facebook is now hindering citizens’ free discussion of matters relevant to vaccine products and policy with its self-appointed ‘fact-checkers’.
    Mr Costello, many groups around the world are now working on fast-tracking coronavirus vaccine products, being led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and with taxpayer-funding from many governments, including at least $352 million from the Australian government. Please note more discerning citizens will be demanding transparency and accountability for the lucrative vaccine products being pressed upon the global community. Corporate media groups such as Nine Entertainment Co will also be held accountable for biased reporting which provides unquestioning promotion for vaccine products.
    In Australia, News Corp also promotes biased coverage of vaccination matters, without disclosing its own conflict of interest in being a corporate partner of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, an organisation which is involved in vaccine product research and development. Rupert Murdoch’s mother Dame Elisabeth Murdoch was involved in the establishment of the original Murdoch Institute, and today Sarah Murdoch is a member of the Board and the Ambassador for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. News Corp tabloids were behind the No Jab, No Play media campaign, which was obligingly adopted as policy by politicians across the political spectrum in Australia, and enacted as the coercive No Jab, No Pay law under Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister in January 2016. Members of the coercive vaccination lobby groups SAVN and Friends of Science in Medicine, e.g. John Cunningham and David Hawkes, were influential at the Senate Committee hearing re the No Jab, No Pay Bill in November 2015, which was attended by SAVN supporter Senator Richard Di Natale.
    Mr Costello, biased corporate media groups in Australia have failed to provide critical analysis of taxpayer-funded vaccination policy, an area which is awash with conflicts of interest, a situation that has been allowed to fester under both Liberal/Coalition and Labor governments, including during your tenure as a Liberal Member of Parliament. Likewise the taxpayer-funded ABC and SBS have failed to provide critical analysis of vaccination policy, simply acting as unquestioning promoters of vaccine products via their news articles and broadcasts.
    I have recently written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison requesting transparency for the various committees and organisations influencing vaccination policy, e.g. the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation; the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee; the National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance; the TGA’s Advisory Committee on Vaccines; the TGA’s Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee; the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; the Telethon Kids Institute; the Working Group and Oversight Committee for the Australian Academy of Science publication The Science of Immunisation: Questions and Answers; and any other group or organisation influential on Australian vaccination policy.
    It’s also notable that members of the industry-funded Immunisation Coalition are very influential in the media and on policy, but seldom disclose that this organisation is funded by vaccine manufacturers Seqirus/CSL, Pfizer, Merck (MSD), GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. The Immunisation Coalition is also associated with the Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and other medical organisations, and is also sponsored by Google and others. Dr Tony Bartone, the current President of the Australian Medical Association, is an Immunisation Coalition member, a fact which is seldom disclosed in media articles. Other members of the Immunisation Coalition who are frequently provided with a soapbox in the media include Professor Robert Booy, Associate Professor Margie Danchin, Dr Katie Attwell and current Chair Dr Rod Pearce, but they seldom disclose they are associated with a vaccine industry-funded organisation.
    I have repeatedly brought many matters of concern about vaccination policy to the attention of journalists in Australia, including at The Sydney Morning Herald, and the taxpayer-funded ABC, but there appears to be a determination to ignore conflicts of interest in vaccination policy, and emerging problems with vaccine products.
    Mr Costello, please be aware of your conflicts of interest via the Future Fund, and in your position as Chairman of Nine Entertainment Co, and ensure that its media interests fulfil the ideal of the fourth estate and provide balanced and considered analysis of matters relevant to national and international vaccination policy.

    I request your response on this matter.
    Elizabeth Hart
    Independent citizen investigating conflicts of interest in vaccination policy and the over-use of vaccine products

    Information Paper – link hereunder > see Corruption/Conflicts of Interest items all through this
    Information Paper. This is the Tip of the Iceberg !
    Note >> From Page 40 Why You are not getting truth from Mainstream Media Empires
    Page 51 Censorship of Academic Research – A Critical Analysis of Australian Government’s rationale for its
    Vaccination Policy – Dr. Judy Wilyman – University of Wollongong – A Disgusting, Relentless and Abusive
    Campaign against Dr. Judy Wilyman to stop her.
    Page 52 International Medical Council on Vaccination
    From Page 29 Information – The Truth on the Flu Vaccines/vaccinations – Absolutely ATROCIOUS DAMAGE/SIDE EFFECTS
    Also, please in particular, see the information on Victorian Government > Revolving Doors > Big Ties >
    Big Pharma > Big Medicine et al but as stated, the entire system is corrupted with systemic and extensive
    conflicts of interest – please look all through this Information Paper for Corruption/Conflicts and I have only
    scratched the surface herein !

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