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THE VOICE OF DECEPTION: How The Voice will be used for the Globalist Invasion of Australia


Originally published at Stephen Reason’s Substack.

By Stephen Reason

NOTE: this is the third piece in a current sequence of three. This series of articles aims to expose the hidden agenda behind the ‘Voice to Parliament.’ It is not necessary to read each piece in published sequence, but it may benefit the reader to read each piece for a thorough overview, and to establish interconnecting context. The first piece, and the second piece can be read here.)

On January 26th, 2023, Senator Lidia Thorpe addressed a crowd of Melbourne “Invasion Day” protestors. They had gathered at Victoria’s State Parliament to hear her latest racially-divisive diatribe. It was all characteristic and predictable Thorpe — a multiracial 1 woman divided in her own ethnicity, yet ironically consumed by a crazed-monomania to achieve racial division. Incapable of reason, and fueled by discordant emotion, she is a prime example of the perfectly programmed “useful idiot.” The modern Left is dangerously riddled with them. 2

She is undoubtedly being used to advance an agenda that lies beyond the scope of her present awareness. Brandishing a traditional ‘battle stick,’ and podium-flanked by her red-haired multi-raced children, Thorpe theatrically declared, “This is WAR!” 3 Indeed, it surely is, but not as she knows it, and certainly not as the cheering throng might have hoped.

Senator Lidia Thorp declaring “This is WAR!” on January 26, Australia Day.

The “war” is neither as Thorpe has defined, nor as she has shallowly proclaimed; it is not between White “occupiers” (everyday Australians of all ethnicities) and the “Blak lands occupied” (our Australian land); it is not between the Marxist-inspired ‘Oppressor versus Oppressed’ that has been programmed for decades into the minds of University graduates and our culture at large; it is not between the present generations of “Colonisers of yore,” and the “Colonised of now” — no, it is not so easily delineated between Black and White. Rather, it exists and lurks in the nuanced-shadows, a shadowy threat, acting from the Darkness, empowered by ignorance and division, as it wages war on ALL humanity.

The actual war is terrifyingly real: the true warmongers are the Transnational Globalists (Corporatocracy: rule by corporations helmed by billionaire oligarchs) using the United Nations to pivot by subterfuge for the complete conquest of our country, and its peoples.

It is a psychopathic war on us: on human freedoms, human potential, human consciousness, and the human soul.

The ‘Voice to Parliament’ is their “secret weapon” against the Australian people — a deceptive Trojan-offering (stuffed with Globalist-inspired United Nations agendas) to be wheeled within the walls of our Federal Parliament to ultimately rape, pillage and overthrow our lands and nation from the inside.

They need the Australian people to naively consent to being conquered.

The Globalist Warmongers and their UN-inspired Strategy for Conquering Australia: UNDRIP: Voice, Treaty, Truth

The Warmongers are the Apex Predators of global-spanning megacorporations, and they deftly use division tactics and calculated chaos to succeed on the battlefield.

They aim to divide us amongst ourselves, to weaken and to confuse — so they may eventually divide the spoils of their division amongst themselves.

They know our psychological vulnerabilities and how best to manipulate, fragment and program psyches; they pit man against woman, woman against “trans-woman,” culture against culture, nation against nation, ideology against ideology, disinformation against information, lies against truth, religion against religion, race against race, Left against Right — as they debase and debauch every aspect of our society and culture. They control our media, our entertainment, our education, our monetary system, our food production and distribution, our medical, scientific and religious institutes — poisoning and perverting us in a myriad of ways (physical, mental and spiritual) to disempower and assert control. They parasitically control all governments and their policies; dictate mind-warping University and school curriculums; and oversee and interpenetrate every civilian institution to steer ‘the present,’ reimagine our “history” and limit the possibilities of our future.

If they succeed, for the war is ongoing and fierce battles are being fought on many fronts — it will be their future: a technocratic tyranny achieved by Corporate Colonialism in which humanity has been reduced to digitally-controlled slaves.

A utopian dream for them, a dystopic nightmare for everyone else.

This Transnational Corporatocracy has masterfully used the front of the United Nations (and affiliated organisations) to insert certain policies into our Federal Government (and States) that will eventually be used to thieve land, and asset-strip private land ownership from everyone.

The ‘Native Title Act, 1992’ (UN Agenda 21), the pursuit of a constitutionally recognised ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament,’ (UN Agenda 2030) and the inevitable ‘Treaty’ (UNDRIP, The Great Reset: “You will own nothing…”) are the policies of this Transnational Corporatocracy.

These all fall under the nefarious UNDRIP agenda: The UN Declaration on The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples — pursuing ‘COLLECTIVE RIGHTS to land, territories and resources’ for the Indigenous of 80% of Australian Land, BUT NO PRIVATE LAND RIGHTS FOR ANYONE. 4

They are attempting to use the Indigenous to expropriate our land into their exclusive clutches — it will not benefit the Indigenous, and will be to the detriment of all. They want absolute dominion over our forests, waterways, coastlines and agricultural lands — full spectrum dominance over us! In every Western country where the Indigenous might be similarly exploited, they hope to similarly exploit. Indeed, the “Indigenous” are declared at ‘the heart’ of their agenda (Agenda 2030, aka The Great Reset, aka The Fourth Industrial Revolution of Transhumanism: humans integrated and controlled by technology), and will serve as ‘the fulcrum’ to achieve the New World Order they have envisioned. 5

During the height of the largely-manufactured “COVID-19 Pandemic,” the World Economic Forum (WEF) audaciously revealed that by 2030: “You will own nothing, and be happy” — they are brazenly telling you what they are doing, without telling you exactly how they will do it.

This is HOW they will attempt to do it in Australia:

  1. Instigate a token “return of land” to the Indigenous via the Native Title Act (already achieved, ongoing)
  2. Change the Australian Constitution to establish a controlled parallel parliament represented by an executive “Indigenous Voice.” (current agenda)
  3. Use the controlled Voice to literally divide-and-conquer by ratifying a Treaty, confiscating “stolen” and “sacred” land, and then re-allocating the carved-up country and its assets to the exclusive ownership of Transnational Globalists. (future project)

Canada, New Zealand, America, and Australia (and other New World nations with a colonial past) will all be subject to the same plundering UN playbook. The facade of the “Indigenous” will be used to first map-out alleged Native Title regions that will be nominally “repatriated,” or are deemed “sacred,” or will simply be “given back” in “atonement” for past colonialist injustice. With all land carved up by Native Title designations, the Indigenous will own all the land, but none of the land: a Communistic masterstroke of collectivism in which they will nominally own everything, but truly own nothing: they will be further disadvantaged, impoverished, and unable to privately own their own land. This is the true reality of all Indigenous Australians currently residing within all areas demarcated under Native Title. All Native Title lands can not be privately acquired by the Indigenous that reside upon them — no private land title is permitted to them. 6 It is all a monumental fraud.

Any forthcoming Treaty will simply be the transference of complete ownership of all Native Title lands to the Corporatocracy. The Voice will use a parliamentary “Blak facade” to achieve Treaty, and it will always speak in favour of their objectives to achieve unchallenged access to land and resources by foreign Globalists.

Battlefront Australia: UN Plans Revealed by Bad Actors on the Frontlines

It is not coincidental that Independent Senator, Lida Thorpe, chose Australia Day to demand ‘sovereignty’ achieved by Treaty for the First Nations Peoples, rather than a constitutionally-recognised Voice. 7 She has publicly denounced Albanese’s Voice (in that it does not go far enough), in preference for a Treaty to assert First Nation’s sovereignty …and then perhaps a Voice on her own hysterically outlandish terms.

Whether Thorpe is entirely aware, or being artfully played, she is partaking in a calculated ruse: it is always about The Voice. There is no Treaty without The Voice.

In effect, Thorpe is merely reversing the order in which things are required to transpire for the UN Globalist takeover. She and her similarly malcontent activists will surely be appeased when it is plainly presented that The Voice will achieve her stated demand for Treaty and support her “war.” However, The Voice comes first and then Treaty — this was always the order of things as specifically outlined in the UN script thrust into Albanese’s quivering hands. Thorpe, and her ideologically-possessed ilk, are useful on the battlefield. She is an instrument for galvanising and inspiring division. Her endless political theatrics, and low IQ antics, have revealed her to be the perfect “useful idiot” — advancing the NWO.

Thorpe also chose the eve of Australia Day to publicly advocate for the “grassroots” ‘Pay the Rent’ scheme 8 in which Australians are being asked to voluntarily (until Treaty) pay a percentage of their weekly income to the original “custodians” and “landlords” of all Australian properties: a race-based tax for residing on “stolen” land. 9

Upon the ratification of Treaty (in which a constitutionally recognised Voice is an absolute prerequisite) — all Australians will be obligated to ‘pay the rent,’ and many will be evicted. It has been suggested that such “rent” should be approximately 1% of every taxable income. Indeed, it will start at 1%, and will be incrementally increased as a double-taxation inflicted upon the Australian people by the Corporatocracy governing our government. Ingeniously insidious.

No single Indigenous Australian will stand to benefit from this endless skimming and siphoning of our collective wealth.

THE FIRST ACT OF WAR: Native Title Act 1993, and the United Nations Agenda 21: Using the Indigenous to capture Australia for foreign interests


On 15 November 1993, Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating, enacted the ‘Native Title Act 1993’ 10 in response to the High Court Mabo decision which recognised native title for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Upon signing, Keating effectively sold the promise of Australian land to the Globalists and their New World Order agenda. 11 Having first been a signatory to the United Nations Agenda 21 at the ‘Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests’ 12 in June, 1992, the decision in 1993 to sign the Native Title Act was a UN offshoot project. Both UN Agenda 21 and the Native Title Act work in unison to achieve their synergised objective — establishing the necessary groundwork to enable the future theft of Australian land (and all international lands similarly designated by Native Title and targeted for UN Corporatocracy acquisition).

Indigenous Australians are currently allocated approximately fifty per cent of Australian Land under Native Title, with seventy-to-eighty per cent projected to be returned to the Indigenous by 2030.

It is all projected to go to the Transnational Globalists (Corporatocracy) once The Voice legislates for Treaty.

On March 28, 2023, the Federal Court of Australia (undoubtedly courting corruption) made the first Victorian Native Title decision in a decade to the Eastern Maar peoples. The timing is undoubtedly significant — mere months before the forthcoming Voice Referendum. The ‘traditional owners were granted the right to access land stretching from Ararat to Warrnambool, encompassing much of the Great Ocean Road and the Great Otway national park.’ This is an area approximating the size of Melbourne.

The Eastern Marr Native Title: ‘…recognises the traditional owners’ rights to access, use and protect the land in line with their laws and customs, along with the right to be consulted on plans to develop the land and its natural resources.’ 13

All such future close-door consultations will inevitably, and invariably, benefit the Corporatocracy. If the Voice succeeds, a Treaty will transfer complete ownership to the Corporatocracy of the “Eastern Marr people’s land.” They will toll our roads, issue permits, impose a tax to “pay the rent,” remove the non-indigenous residents from the “sacred” areas by stripping their private property rights (and the Indigenous!); prevent access to coastlines, national parklands and possibly the entire Great Ocean Road region for all Australians. No single Indigenous person will benefit from such a Treaty, just as they do not benefit from the current Native Title “ownership.”

Tellingly, the “token Aboriginal” working on behalf of the Transnational Corporatocracy is Marcus Clarke – Chief Executive Officer – Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation. Corporations intersecting corporations.

In June, 2015, Australia’s largest Native Title settlement (320,000 hectares of Crown land) was re-allocated to a Noongar Land Estate in Western Australia. 14

Forty-six per cent of the world’s lithium, 15 (essential for the Green Energy agenda of electric vehicles and battery powered households) was mined from Western Australia in 2020. Tellingly, the world’s largest lithium mine just happens to fall within the Noongar Land Estate region. Should the Voice be recognised in Parliament, a Treaty will gift this Native Title Land to the Transnational Corporatocracy and advocate for the establishment of more lithium mines (as The Voice will speak on behalf of all the “Indigenous” everywhere, always, and only to benefit the Corporatocracy.)

THE FINAL ACT OF WAR: The Voice to Parliament: Using The Voice to ratify Treaty — gifting Australian land and resources to Transnational Globalists 

The process to utilise The Voice to ratify Treaty is well underway.

On March 10, SBS published an article titled, ‘Why is NSW the only state that hasn’t begun a treaty process?’ 16 Fifteen days later, NSW State Premier, Dominic Perrottet, a Liberal leader who managed his state’s pandemic response with a degree of empathy that was markedly absent in other states, was “punished” by his people. Perrottet suffered a humiliating election loss. Ironically, the despotic sadism exhibited by a trinity of Labor psychopaths: Dan Andrews (VIC) 17, Mark McGowan (WA) 18, Annastacia Palaszczuk (QLD) 19 bolstered their public standings, and guaranteed their improbable reelections.

Perrottet’s people assumedly “punished” him for the pandemic period, and his government’s response. However, he was truly punished by other shadowy actors. It should be apparent that his government was actually ousted by Corporatocracy selection, rather than election. The UN Agenda 21 (The Great Reset) must continue unabated, and Treaty (UN land theft by UNDRIP) is in the pipeline for all Australia. NSW had to be brought in line to begin the process of Treaty in unison with all other Australian States and Territories. Thus, Perrottet (and any conservative political presence), must be neutralised to allow the virtues of the Progressive-Left mindset to reign supreme over the political landscape of Australia. Indeed, a ‘Labor Australia’ is essential for the implementation of the Voice, Treaty, Truth agenda.

A constitutionally enshrined ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’ is the absolute capstone of their overarching plan for land theft — and they will relentlessly strive for it, even if they must literally rig the forthcoming Voice Referendum to achieve their ‘Yes’ vote. 20

No single Australian would ever consent to the forfeiture of their private land rights, and the dissolving of our Australian Nation into ridiculous cantons, or regions “owned” by the Indigenous under Native Title designation ratified by Treaty (but truly owned and controlled by the Global Corporatocracy). However, an awareness of the hidden agenda; uncompromising conversations in every cafe, every household, every workplace; relentless and brave social media posts and content sharing; and a general grassroots campaign that originates in the minds and hearts of every concerned Australian who speaks out — will act to counter the deceptive narrative. Truth will prevail against the lies: it will thwart, impede and hopefully derail this demonic Voice that hopes to carve-up our lands for Corporate consumption.

The actual forthcoming ‘Invasion Day’ will be the date that a potential ‘Voice to Parliament’ uses the current ‘Native Title Act, 1993,’ to declare Treaty over all Native Title lands.

The declared process is: Voice, Treaty, Truth

…And what a harrowing and catastrophic ‘truth’ it will be, should The Voice lead to Treaty… All of Australia will be lost to all Australians.

This is the current war, this is the scope of the present battle, and these are the aspirations of the Globalist Invaders — and we might fight!

This is WAR!

Originally published at Stephen Reason’s Substack.


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