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The woke-left don’t just hate Australia Day – They hate Australia!!!

Fans Can’t Fly Russian Flags At The Australian Open Tennis Tournament In Melbourne But This Violent & Disgusting Behaviour is acceptable??? 


Their message is clear as day.

This morning, former national affairs editor for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, Mark Kenny, wrote that Australia Day “evolved from a low-key commemoration to a gaudy flag-waving celebration of all things ‘Aussie’ replete with fireworks, huge public events, and countless parties.Rising jingoism has transformed the character of Australia Day, simultaneously elevating its calendar importance while sharpening the sense that it is precisely the wrong historical moment to giddily proclaim unity.”

In other words? Here’s what inner-city elitist journos wish they could write:

“Australians who like to celebrate Australia Day and the Australian flag on the 26th of January over a barbeque and beer are dumb, backward bogans who are probably Pauline Hanson voting racists. They have no right to celebrate and be proud of who they are and the country they love.”

How wrong is that?

Meanwhile – outside of woke journalist la-la land – the vast majority of Australians love Australia and they love Australia Day.

New polling by the Institute of Public Affairs found that 62 per cent of Australians agree Australia Day should be celebrated on the 26th of January.

Only 17 per cent said it shouldn’t be celebrated on the 26th of January!

The issue?

Only 42 per cent of 18-24 year-olds agreed Australia Day should be celebrated on the 26th of January.

…and nobody should be surprised.

For years our education system has taught our kids that Australia was founded upon racism and genocidal colonisation.

Now that they’re voting age, they’re taking their misguided hatred of Australia and our history out on our national day.

The worst part?

When you ask most young Australians, they have no bloody idea what happened on the 26th of January, 1788! Most say it was when Captain Cook discovered Australia.


The truth?

It was when Governor Arthur Phillip – a man who love Australia’s Indigenous peoples – landed at Sydney Cove. Cook discovered Australia on the 29th of April, 1770.

That’s how bad our education system is…

As John Roskam from the Institute of Public Affairs said, “you can hardly blame young Australians for having a negative view of their country given they are continually told it is not worth celebrating or fighting for.

“Australia is a great country. We are the envy of the world with hundreds of thousands of migrants choosing to come to our shores every year because of our way of life, yet our governing elites are doing everything in their power to destroy our national day.”

Below is a few reasons why he’s bang on the money:

  • Australia was the first country to put a stop to slavery thanks to the incredible morality and foresight of our founding father Governor Arthur Philip – the man who colonised Sydney Cove on the 26th of January 1788
  • We have the highest human development index in the world outside of Europe
  • We have one of the highest per capita immigration intakes in the world after the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland
  • Our life expectancy ranks 7th highest in the world thanks to our generous public healthcare system which even international visitors have access to
  • We are destination #1 for immigrants trying to escape war torn nations
  • Australians have fought – and given their lives – in every major conflict since the Boer War which began in 1899 even though our shores were only rarely directly threatened

When it comes to Indigenous Australians, we have even more to be proud of:

  • Per capita expenditure on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is approximately double the per capita expenditure on non-Indigenous Australians
  • Hundreds of Aboriginals communities have been granted total ownership of vast swathes of land in recognition of their occupation before colonisation
  • Affirmative action policies and quotas give Aboriginal people opportunities most Australians could only dream of
  • At our schools and universities, Aboriginal history and culture is taught in almost every subject ranging from history to science to geography
  • Our national anthem has been changed to ensure Aboriginal people feel included in modern Australia
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags fly at every event alongside the Australian flag
  • “Welcome to country” ceremonies are now the norm whether it’s before the board meeting of a publicly listed company or an international cricket match

The short point?

Australia is not a racist country, and we have every right to be proud on the 26th of January…


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