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They’re Doubling Down on Their Lies!!

This article is for anyone who is still unsure about why it is so important to share the message as widely as possible that there is no evidence to support the idea that any ‘virus’ – or any other so-called ‘germ’ — is the cause of any disease.

I would like to ask those of you who ARE aware to please share this article with anyone you know who is not aware, so they can gain a better understanding of the propaganda being used by the ‘would-be controllers’ to make them believe in lies.

I often use the BBC website as my go-to resource for the establishment’s fear-mongering propaganda, and recently discovered an article I thought deserved some attention; it’s entitled Porton Down: Can this laboratory help stop the next pandemic?

New vaccine research centre in UK to help scientists prepare for ‘disease X’

Where do I start with this article? There’s so much wrong with it!!

Here’s how it begins,

“One of the UK’s most secretive centres of scientific research – Porton Down – is aiming to stop the next pandemic “in its tracks”.”

The idea that any organisation can ‘stop’ a pandemic is fundamentally flawed from the outset. There is no such thing as a ‘pandemic’ because there are no ‘diseases’ caused by ‘infectious agents’ that can be transmitted between people – or between animals and people.

The article states that the scientists working on this project are based in the ‘Vaccine Development and Evaluation Centre’, which is reported to be shiny and new; in other words, a lot of money has been spent on this centre. The emphasis on vaccine development demonstrates the key measure they propose to implement to ‘stop the next pandemic’.

The use of vaccines is based on the idea that ‘germs’ cause disease; but, as I and many others have stated since at least the beginning of 2020, and much earlier for some of us, this is an unproven theory.

The organisation responsible for the Porton Down laboratory is the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). Prof. Dame Jenny Harries, the chief executive of UKHSA is quoted to have said that Covid is not a ‘one-off’; she added that,

“We say it [Covid] was the biggest public health incident for a century, but I don’t think any of us think it’ll be a century before the next,” she adds.

Presumably she is suggesting that the last ‘public health incident’ was the 1918 Flu; but this was never proven to be caused by any so-called ‘germ’ nor was it ever proven to be contagious, but clearly the UKHSA isn’t going to be swayed from their agenda by any facts!

The above is an extract from an article entitled The State of Science, Microbiology, and Vaccines Circa 1918 that shows quite clearly that disease transmission was never proven.

And here’s where the agenda rears its ugly head; here’s how they are ramping up their efforts to cast blame on what they want us to be afraid of,

“The combination of climate change, urbanisation and people living closer to animals – the source of many new diseases which transfer to people – means we’re facing a “rising tide of risk”, she says.”

I’m not going to address these alleged ‘risks’ in this article, although I have discussed in previous articles the lack of evidence for both ‘climate change’ due to CO2 and the idea that animals are the source of disease. These are topics that I am likely to return to because of their prominence within the agenda narratives.

The BBC article is clearly intended to make people believe that the answer to the alleged ‘rising tide of risk’ is to be found in ‘vaccine research’. But the injury and death caused by the Covid-19 vaccines since they were first introduced in England in December 2020 has made many people justifiably wary of vaccines, so how can the ‘would-be controllers’ think they can persuade people to keep lining up for more of them?

It would seem that the strategy is to capture those who work in the medical industry and make them believe in and trust the vaccines,

“The aim is to work with the pharmaceutical industry, scientists and doctors to support all stages of vaccine development.”

There are clearly many people who work in ‘vaccine research’ who absolutely believe in their work and think it is saving lives; but how many more people need to be injured or even killed by vaccines before these researchers also start to question it all?

Fortunately, more people are becoming aware that we have been subjected to a psychological operation for the past 3 and a half years and counting. So the establishment is inevitably going to increase the pressure to make people retain a belief in ‘authority’ and discourage them from ‘doing their own research’. Fortunately, there are ever-greater numbers of people who are resisting the pressure to comply.

The article adds that,

“At the other end of the process, vaccine effectiveness is evaluated.”

As a result of not believing in authority and actually doing my own research, my evaluation is that vaccine effectiveness is zero! No vaccine can prevent any so-called ‘infectious disease’; the theory on which vaccines are based is fundamentally and fatally flawed!

According to the BBC article, there are 3 types of threat that we face:

  • known infections that are getting harder to deal with, such as antibiotic-resistant superbugs
  • potential threats that might cause a problem, including bird flu and new Covid variants
  • and “Disease X” – something unforeseen, like Covid, which takes the world by complete surprise

The reality is that none of these alleged ‘threats’ exist. They are all based on an idea that has never been proven to be true.

Below is a great article for anyone who would like to read a more in-depth analysis of the problems with virology and the lack of evidence that so-called ‘viruses’ cause disease.

ViroLIEgy Newsletter
Where’s the “Virus?”
“No virus has been obtained in an absoutely pure state. Not even the washed granules of vaccine virus can be accepted as representing only virus. Therefore it is impossible to say that virus alone is being filtered rather than virus attached to aggregates of protein or particles of degraded cells…
Read more

Just imagine how powerless this propaganda would be if a significant proportion of the world population became aware that there is no evidence that any so-called ‘virus’ – or any bacterium, fungus or parasite for that matter – is the cause of any disease! And just imagine how empowered those people would all feel as the result of this knowledge!

Another reason for highlighting the BBC article is with respect to the reference to Porton Down. For anyone who is not familiar with Porton Down, it is located in the English county of Wiltshire and is the oldest chemical warfare research installation in the world; but it has a very dark past. A May 2004 article entitled The past Porton Down can’t hide discusses various experiments that have been conducted there and refers to the damage those experiments have caused to the health of participants. The experiments referred to in particular involved a nerve gas to which 3,400 human ‘guinea pigs’ were exposed between 1945 and 1989.

Interestingly, but hardly surprising, the UK government thought fit to make an effort at damage control and published a ‘news story’ in 2016 called The Truth About Porton Down which states under the heading ‘The Truth’ that,

“The UK’s chemical and biological weapons programme was closed down in the 1950s.”

This comment is rather interesting considering the statement in the 2004 article that experiments involving nerve gas exposures continued until 1989!

The UK government ‘story’ does, however, admit that certain ‘tests’ were conducted beyond the 1950s,

“During the cold war period between 1953 and 1976, a number of aerial release trials were carried out to help the government understand how a biological attack might spread across the UK. Given the international situation at the time these trials were conducted in secret. The information obtained from these trials has been and still is vital to the defence of the UK from this type of attack. Two separate and independent reviews of the trials have both concluded that the trials did not have any adverse health effects on the UK population.”

On the basis that the information is considered ‘vital to the defence of the UK’, I very much doubt that we will ever be able to access those reviews to find out the real nature of the aerial trials.

The story continues with the statement that,

“Since then Porton Down has been active in developing effective countermeasures to the constantly evolving threat posed by chemical and biological weapons. To help develop effective medical countermeasures and to test systems, we produce very small quantities of chemical and biological agents. They are stored securely and disposed of safely when they are no longer required.”

It is abundantly obvious that this is all intended to support the idea that there are ‘biological agents’ that are either natural or can be manufactured in a laboratory and that these ‘agents’ can cause people to become ill or even die.

This is also why it is so important to expose the propaganda about so-called gain of function research and ‘lab leaks’.

With reference to my comment above about gain of function research being propaganda, I recommend people watch the 2 videos on this topic by Dr Sam Bailey, in conjunction with her husband Dr Mark Bailey, that I have listed in the references below.

The key point to emphasise here is the continuing effort to promote the idea that the ‘next pandemic’ is inevitable. Promoting this idea is not a recent phenomenon, there have been efforts to condition people to believe that ‘infectious diseases’ have become more prevalent and more dangerous for many years. For example, the WHO’s World Health Report 2007 includes the statement that,

“…infectious diseases are emerging at a rate that has not been seen before.”

The WHO claims to be responsible for ‘public health’; unfortunately though, their policies are not formulated from the basis of a true understanding of human health.

The WHO web page entitled Prioritizing disease for research and development in emergency contexts indicates that the priority is being given to research for those diseases that are deemed to pose the ‘greatest public health threat’, but this is all based on an unproven theory that ‘germs’ are disease-causing agents,

“Worldwide, the number of potential pathogens is very large, while the resources for disease research and development (R&D) is limited. To ensure efforts under WHO’s R&D Blueprint are focused and productive, a list of diseases and pathogens are prioritized for R&D in public health emergency contexts.”

The list of the current ‘priority diseases’ includes ‘Disease X’, which is defined as follows,

“Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease. The R&D Blueprint explicitly seeks to enable early cross-cutting R&D preparedness that is also relevant for an unknown “Disease X”.”

In other words, they can claim to have ‘discovered’ a new pathogen that is the cause of ‘Disease X’ and create yet another ‘pandemic’, which, like Covid-19, will be yet another psychological operation; yet another pandemic of fear.

The abstract of a January 2023 article, entitled Which Virus Will Cause the Next Pandemic? begins,

“One of the most pressing and consequential problems in infectious disease research is to better understand the potential of viruses to cause a pandemic, or, in simple terms, determine which virus will cause the next pandemic.”

Under the heading, Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (PHEIC) and WHO Priority Diseases, the article states,

“In 2005, the WHO established the International Health Regulations (IHR), a formal framework for countries to promptly respond to Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (PHEIC), defined as “an extraordinary event which is determined to constitute a public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease and to potentially require a coordinated international response”.”

It should be noted that the acronym PHEIC is pronounced exactly like the word ‘fake’. Talk about hiding in plain sight!!

There is so much more evidence that I could provide to demonstrate that any narrative promoting ‘the next pandemic’ is utterly false, but I think the above will suffice to make the point.

However, hopefully next time – if there is another attempt to initiate a ‘pandemic’ psychological operation – more people will better understand that it is all a lie and consequently, the ‘would-be controllers’ will face an informed public who do not hold a blind belief in authority. This informed public will not be quite so willing, if at all, to comply with any of the proposed measures because they will have ‘done their own research’ and learned that their health, or lack thereof, is not related to ‘germs’ of any description.


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