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Thousands rally against TPP across New Zealand


Extra police were called to help security as protestors tried to move up the steps of Parliament on the same day thousands of people turned up to protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.

Wellington Police area commander Inspector Chris Bensemann said protestors pushed through barriers at the front of parliament in an attempt to move up onto the steps.

“These protests have been mainly peaceful in the past but on this occasion a small group tried to move up the steps of Parliament before being stopped by police and security,” he said.

“Police were called to help security staff and were able to contain a small determined group of protestors to the bottom of the steps.”

He said protestors eventually moved on and no arrests were made.

Meanwhile, an estimated 5000 people joined the rally at Aotea Square at 1pm, to then march on the US Consulate building.

Armed with banners and signs, they called on the Government to “walk away” from the TPP agreement.

Placards read, ‘don’t trade our needs for corporate greed’; ‘enough is enough’; ‘TPPA locks in climate change’; and ‘Aotearoa is not for sale”.

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