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Tolerance Is A Sin


10.15am Wednesday 17th of May. It’s just over 3 hours into my shift at work and my manager lets me know they have someone to cover for me and I can knock off early. The request has been granted literally in the 11th hour and I’m free to jump in my car and take the 3 hour trip to Perth to protest Drag Queen Story hour at the City’s main Library.

As I’ve said before, protests can be effective, you just need to know where to protest and how to protest. Once there is a protest going on that had the chance of achieving something, you should move heaven and earth to be there. You’ve got about 4 sickies you can take at work in a year. Let that be your benchmark for how many you should commit to attending. But better to square it with your boss rather than just take the day off.

All around the country Libraries had been cancelling drag queen events on this day, because of the pressure XYZ readers had been putting on staff and councils, but Perth City having a much bigger building and the responsibility in WA of upholding the globohomo agenda, was standing firm. By the end of the day I expect they were cursing the fact that no politician or council member dared to publicly show their face to support them. Mark McGowan is a lot more cautious than Dan Andrews.

For a last minute protest in the middle of the work week I was quite pleased to see roughly 100 people turn up. Lots of them remembering me from the days when I was speaking at the anti lockdown rallies.

It’s been two years now since I wrote an article saying how I couldn’t trust Avi Yemini because he’s a Jew. Two years since I was asked to take the article down because it was going to taint the freedom movement with antisemitism. Two years since I chose to walk away from giving speeches to big crowds, rather than self censor.

The Cuck

The camp, fat, flamboyant, libertarian cuckservative who took over the MC role after I left, was at the drag Queen protest too. Along with One Nation candidate wannabes. People whom I have done online content with in the past. Nice people for the most part, but together they are the face of weakness and compromise.

The fat one gets my uttermost contempt, though. After he took over hosting the anti-lockdown protests and as the vaccine mandates were being threatened, the protests grew in size. At the biggest protest of them all, he stood up in front of 50,000 people and told everyone “freedom of choice”. Don’t “bully” or pressure people who choose to take the vaccine to keep their job. It’s okay if you make that choice. We need to be tolerant. We need to differentiate ourselves from the…. blah blah blah!

It is because of people like him that I stood nearly alone against my employer, instead of with nearly 20% of the workforce by my side. It’s because of people like him that 50,000 people achieved nothing. 49,000 of them going home and deciding that they had a mortgage to pay, a job to lose and that it was better to just tolerate the situation and roll up their sleeve.

So it was especially sweet when he decided to virtue signal in front of the much smaller crowd who were heckling a transvestite. “This person has a right to speak too” he began.


I began screaming at him at the top of my lungs. It was my highlight of the protest to hear the majority of the men and quite a few of the women immediately take up the chant and shout the bastard down.

The National Socialist

The award for the most based man at the event belongs to Dennis who trolled Drag Queens and cuckservatives alike with the Roman Salute. The sight of a beta male Librarian and a 130kg gym junkie squaring up to Dennis to tell him he should “fuck off” only to be met with “make me” was absolutely priceless. Especially when the big lunk slunk away.

“But why are you doing this?” One cuck bemoaned.

“Because I fucking hate faggots!” Was the reply.

What a legend. Not an ounce of tolerance left in him.

The cuckservatives were even more dejected when I loudly told the librarian as he was trying to tell Dennis what a bad person he was that “if it’s a choice between Nazis and drag Queens I will side with the Nazis every time”. This was then followed up by dozens of guys who arrived over the course of the day who greeted Dennis, shook his hand and we all generally hung out with each other.

I consider myself a Christian and am ambivalent to National Socialism as a movement, so I have no desire to do any Roman saluting myself, but I have no problem being associated with anyone who is, or being on TV standing beside someone who is in the process of giving a salute and shouting “Sieg Heil!”

The System Pigs

The police appeared to have been given orders to not separate the protesters from the transvestite counter protestors so that the media could get some footage of violence. The transvestites were outnumbered 5 to 1, so they weren’t about to start hitting anyone and we on the Right are peaceful and don’t initiate violence. Which of course left the media people very sad and they eventually went home.

I found myself on TV on Channel 9, 10 and on the ABC in Perth. Probably because I’m so handsome and because I have such a deep manly voice that booms “Pedophiles, pedophiles” so majestically. They decided not to show any Roman salutes from Dennis. Which is a shame, because he did them so well. I expect the footage of Tom’s guys doing so in Melbourne hadn’t been getting the response they wanted and they decided to “not give them a platform”. At least until they think there is an issue that normies find less offensive than Nazis. Drag Queens don’t fit the bill.

At one point someone handed me a megaphone and asked me to make a speech. I was roughly half a dozen sentences into making a speech, when I was swarmed by a dozen police and told I needed a permit to use a megaphone in public. So ended my shortest ever speech. My most embarrassing part of the day then occurred as the crowd started chanting at the police “freedom of speech, freedom of speech”. Embarrassing because I simply don’t believe in freedom of speech anymore. If everyone is allowed to express themselves in public, the next thing you know, there will be Drag Queens reading stories about anal sex to 5 year old children!

Right to Life Protest

The protest against child grooming transvestites ended at around 3.15pm. Plenty of time for a beer and some food with friends before making it down to the second protest of the day which is was the annual right to life protest at Parliament House which is organised by Christian Lobby groups.

This protest has been ongoing for about 10 years now and has achieved absolutely nothing. It has grown from small beginnings to an event of a few thousand Christians filling the public square in front of the WA Parliament every year.

I attended two years ago and though it was completely useless as a way to change government policy, it was an amazing Christian event. Unlike most protests, especially from the Left, which are identified by the chanting of slogans and making lots of obnoxious noise, the Christian, right of unborn babies not to be murdered, protests, stand out for how quiet they are. Prayers for the millions of dead babies, a minute of silence, speakers telling of their sin and their repentance at the murder they took part in, delivered to a silent tearful crowd. It was a truly moving event when I attended two years ago.

Then last year, some feral baby murdering sluts, gatecrashed the event and flashed their tits at everyone.

Finally the event was newsworthy. A couple of intolerant whores can achieve much more than 2,000 tolerant Christians.

This year, perhaps realising that no one other than Christians were even aware that protests against abortion in Australia is a thing, organisers decided to meet in the city and march up to Parliament House, so that people other than politicians might notice their presence. Having a three hour drive home still to make, I decided to park at Parliament and wait for them to arrive.

There were about 50 people with the same idea as me, plus 100 police and 25 counter protestors. Instead of transvestites, we had University left wing sluts and the beta males who were hoping to have sex with them afterwards (of course we all know that every single one of them will be friend zoned and that the women will have a one night stand with an African instead).

Police formed two lines with a gap in the middle to face both sets of protestors. The feral, kill babies on demand, feminists pressed hard up to the police line, the Christians milling around the square and generally not near police.

It was time for the boys to have some fun.

Soccer Chants

As their speaker (who must have had a permit for their microphone and loudspeaker) went through the usual communist drivel, my friends and I heckled back:

“We are standing on stolen land!”

“Give back your house then and go back to England!”

“We stand for worker’s rights as well as women’s rights”

“You’ve never worked a day in your life.”

“We demand access to healthcare”

“Try putting an aspirin in between you knees and holding it there. It’s cheap and effective and means you won’t have to kill any babies!”

I felt it was time to break into song:

“Close your legs for Jesus
Then you won’t have to cry
Close your legs for Jesus
So no more babies die!”

It was then that I saw that the man, the legend, Dennis was with us and holding up a sign also telling the women to keep their legs closed and giving them another Roman salute to trigger them into hysteria.

This protest was organised by people such as ex Federal Conservative minister Peter Abets though. I suspect he, or someone of his ilk had a word to the police, because Dennis was promptly given a move on notice. Dennis did nothing illegal (at least it’s not illegal yet), but freedom of speech has always been a lie. It’s never existed and never will. It’s only about who gets to decide which speech is acceptable and which speech isn’t. “Fuck off Nazis” is okay in 2023, but raising your right arm in the air is “hate speech”.

By 7pm the square was filled and my presence became irrelevant to the event. It was time to head home. I had to be up at 6am the next day to get back to work. One of my colleagues told me they saw a guy on the news who looked suspiciously like me. I guess I must just have one of those faces.

Of the two protests I attended yesterday, one was effective and one wasn’t. One targeted politicians and was tolerant and respectful. The other targeted the people involved in what was being protested against and was intolerant. The tolerant protest had over 2,000 people in attendance. The intolerant one had 100. One made the news, the tolerant one might as well have not existed. Babies will continue to be murdered, Drag Queens are being shut down.

Tolerance is a sin. It’s a sin because it allows evil to persist.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his own books here.


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