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Trans Biden Administration Says Changing Kids’ Genders Will Soon Be Fully Embraced


This sickening piece of garbage, featuring the mentally ill “Dr.” Rachel Levine, is of course “news” on March 16. The man, living the delusion of being a “woman,” was allegedly born on October 28, 1957, and this attack on our children comes on March 16, exactly 32 weeks and 2 days before his birthday, as in 322, Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry.

And we know that Freemasons embrace this disgusting inversion as they (although they deny it,) like the Church of Satan, worship Baphomet, the male goat with female breasts — the representation of Satan once worshipped by the Knight Templars and later adopted and illustrated by Eliphas Levi and the Church of Satan. That is why most of Hollywood and many artists on the world stage are inverted, and why the first-born child often is transgender among celebrities (something most shills and controlled opposition is too afraid to talk about, same as the fraudulent modern medicine and virology.)

Remember, Satanism is not about worshipping a guy with horns. Satanism means taking anything that is normal, natural, and righteous and inverting it. Most of our society today is satanic, and most people are totally clueless, simply going along with the madness as they’ve been programmed and conditioned since childhood by TV, education, movies, and music.

Also, be aware that 99% of all these inverted ideas, such as homosexuality, transgenderism, radical feminism, and veganism, is mental illness in combination with brainwashing manifesting from extreme hormonal imbalances produced by toxicity and nutrition deficiencies. This is simply common sense if you at least have the crudest idea of nutrition, endocrinology, and physiology. Also, this has been covered in a multitude of (hidden and blacklisted) studies, still they are pretty easy to find if you know how to look. However, this truth is another beast to tame, and most people are not ready for that yet. Heck, most people still believe you can catch an illness from being close to another human being. The majority of the sleeping masses are so out of touch with reality that the only thing you can do is to plant some seeds and hope for the best. Perhaps a few will blossom during the years to come.

This statement from Levine was all about praising the “gender-affirming care” out of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. And what else is located in Connecticut? Yes, the headquarter of Skull and Bones Freemasonry out of Yales, New Haven, as coded in the days to his birthday.
This praise about “gender-affirming care” made the news on the 16th of March, like 16/3, or 163.

On 16th of March, as in 16/3, like 163

Gender-Affirming Care = 163

Fox News calls the administration ‘trans Biden,’ and while Levine’s statement came 32 weeks and 2 days before his birthday, it came 16 weeks and 4 days after Biden’s birthday, like 164. Again, this piece of garbage was about “gender-affirming care for minors.”

Trans Biden = 164
Devil Worship = 164
Gender-Affirming Care for Minors = 164

And note that the “highest support” offered by the Biden Administration is set in quotes. Of course, they offer the ‘highest support’ for their master’s idea of satanic inversion.

Highest Support = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

And, counting forward, it’s 8 months and 4 days until Biden’s next birthday, like 84, connecting the date to the Freemasons once again, and their masters the Jesuit Order – the satanic military order of the Catholic Church in the Vatican.

Masonry = 84
Jesuit = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84

And as for the quote in the headlines, the evil Levine claiming that “wheels will turn on this,” when it comes to “changing kids’ genders,” is a coded message for the agenda.

Wheels Will Turn on This = 97
Changing Kids’ Genders = 97
Inverting Children = 97 (and 101)
Destroying Children = 97 (and 101)

Note that ‘inverting children’ and ‘destroying children’ has the same value in the same ciphers in gematria, because that is how you truly destroy a child, by inverting it.

And who will turn the wheels?

Wheels Will Turn on This = 110
Trans Biden Administration = 110

As you can clearly see, this whole satanic concept is tightly coded to the Freemasons and the Jesuit Order, and it’s being pushed in the media all by the numbers. And keep in mind that the “resistance” by the “right wing,” as in the DeSantis-backed ban on transgender-affirming care for minors is simply part of the conditioning, normalizing the vocabular and the idea. They always play both sides and stage fights and “push-backs” until the side pretending to protect anything natural, normal, and decent, finally cave in to political correctness and the overwhelming voices from crisis actors and mentally ill people on the opposite side. It’s only theatrics and they’ve played the same script for centuries. They decided long ago on the plan to invert everything in our society, and the only thing we can do is to resist and to de-program our children.

Make sure you cut out all the sugars, limit the carbohydrates, eliminate all the processed crap and seed oils, and feed your children real species appropriate food from animals. And as importantly, talk to your children daily about the evil agendas pushed onto us. Ask them what they saw on TV and on social media, ask them what they talked about in school, and ask them how they feel about all these conflicting and disturbing things. Talk to them about nature, what is normal, and about family and values. Only you can save the future, or at least your own kids.


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