February 25, 2024

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Trump Is In – Globalist Puppets Are Out


Donald Trump is the new President-elect and will take office next year. But what will it mean for the US and Australia?
By General Maddox.

(RealNewsAustralia.com) OK I admit it, my money was on Clinton being (s)elected America’s next top President in this carnival sideshow style US election. Could it be that Assange’s Wikileaks bombshells were hitting their targets and shaking the Clinton agenda to the core? There certainly was a huge impact via social media with all the news of Hillary’s shady dealings and emails going viral.

It appears the people of the United States were sick and tired of yet another globalist, big bank, big pharma, big agra supporting politician running for office and were left with pretty much one other option. The main thing Trump had going for him was that he was in fact not a politician and his first public office position is now as President. Quite an achievement if you look at it that way.

Trump is a successful businessman. Sure, he’s had his own ups and downs but to self-fund your own political campaign for president is an expensive task. As onlookers we’re going to have to look past his arrogant egotistical personality and judge him on what he actually achieves in his new role. You could look at it this way, what you see is what you get with Trump. There’s no denying it. He puts himself out there and speaks his mind. Whether he comes off looking like a buffoon or a saint you know where he stands. Unlike just about every single politician we know who puts on their game face and panders to the camera and crowds and speaks in politically correct Orwellian terms to mask their hidden agendas.

So where to from here? What does this mean for the ol’ US of A and us Aussies down under?

First of all, STOP BELIEVING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!! The day after Trump won the presidential race we had our Sydney Morning Herald pumping out the fear porn propaganda. Seriously, don’t fall for their propaganda.

Had you even noticed that leading up to the election everything we saw in the mainstream media was pro Clinton and anti Trump? All election coverage was horribly bias. Obvious to our readers though. But to the public it was the gospel truth.

For America, the outlook doesn’t look too bad. After all, their decline is majorly linked to disastrous trade deals likeNAFTA and others which lead to the closure of almost all of their manufacturing power and shipped it offshore leaving Americans without jobs and spiraling into heavy debt. Let’s face it, people who have paying jobs spend money in their economy which benefits local businesses and so on. It’s basic economics and Trump knows this. He also wants the US out of the TPP which will help greatly.

Part of his agenda is to build major infrastructure projects which will lead to improved employment figures. The trickle down effect is more money flowing internally through their economy.

Another thing Trump plans on doing is lowering the company tax rate which is lucrative to American businesses leading to greater expansion and of course more employment.

One thing we need to remember is that Trump isn’t a politician and he doesn’t think like one. He thinks like a chauvinistic billionaire businessman. His ego and business acumen can’t help but drive him to perform at his best to show up his detractors.

How is the Trump presidency going to affect Australia? 

Well if it’s security here at home you’re worried about like the media pundits are crapping on about it’s not Trump you should be concerned with. Former trade minister Andrew Robb who signed us on to the TPP as well as giving a Chinese company a 99 year lease over the Darwin port is a much bigger threat.

According to economist Ross Greenwood the markets are in good shape with the news of Trump’s election because Wall St knows a Trump administration will be business friendly. The effects of which will again flow on as we’re all tied into their markets.

All-in-all there does appear to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s a hell of a long tunnel.

Source: https://realnewsaustralia.com/2016/11/10/trump-is-in-globalist-puppets-are-out/




1 thought on “Trump Is In – Globalist Puppets Are Out

  1. Trump not being a politician .. being quite an achievement ..
    Q: Will the Establishment Bosses be able to exact obedience from Trump ?
    Q: Will the Establishment Bosses be able to control Trump ?

    Hysterical Hillary is gone .. It’s like a bad smell wafted away .. Phew ! .. & she is soon to be forgotten I hope.
    I feel that Hillary being a woman was her downfall .. the machismo genera at the helm in the US .. were not willing to suffer the menopausal hot flush .. that a fem-fatal like Hillary would inflict.

    (S) ELECTED .. YOU WRITE ? .. i noticed.
    Was Trump selected by The Establishment Bosses
    Why on earth would they select Trump as their offsider .. (he is led to believe that there is a partnership .. it is an easy way of leading the lamb to the slaughter)

    “It appears the US was tired of yet another globalist, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Agra supporter”
    .. you mean yet another Organ Grinders Monkey .. but what is Trump then .. if not another chimp on show .. a fall guy .. man in waiting .. at the steps of the execution gas chamber ?

    Trump as a successful business man .. ran to HRH Alwaleed of the House of Saud .. to offload his boat in the aftermath of the 2008 GFC ..
    Then he did some PR work talking up Israeli war crimes ..
    SOLD .. to his creditors ?

    Trump is a loose cannon .. individualistic .. has he forgotten “those who were not his friends when he had to go crawling ?” .. Donald Trump is the president now .. it is by the will of the people that he is thus & not The Establishment Bosses .. will this wild card knuckle under & be the Show Chimp that he is expected to be ?
    Interesting times ahead.

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